Facebook’s Anti Social Assault on Conservatives


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By Craig Andresen

Posted: Jan. 7th, 2013

Facebook, as social media goes, has become decidedly ANTI social.

Not for all who use it but for those of us with a clear conservative leaning, Facebook has become the place where we’re NOT allowed to friend who we want, NOT allowed to share WHERE we want and NOT allowed to POST what we want.

It’s been getting way, WAY out of hand since socialists started openly talking about banning the 2nd Amendment after Sandy Hook, the “deal” on taxes and now, calls for unlimited presidential terms.

For instance, Facebook will “tell” you “Here is someone you might like to friend.”

So, you send that person a friend request and then, Facebook tells you…”You don’t have permission” to send that person a friend request” and because you DID, Facebook blocks you from sending any MORE friend requests for 30 days.


As a conservative, I belong to about 125 conservative groups on Facebook.

Facebook ALLOWED me to belong to these groups and the vast majority OF them ASKED me to join because they WANTED to see my articles daily.

For more than a year and a half, I have posted my article in each of them, every day…no problem.

NOW…All of a sudden…If I post an article link in 10 of them…I get a WARNING that…I’M GOING TOO FAST AND I MUST SLOW DOWN.”

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If I don’t heed the warning, as many, MANY of my conservative fellow bloggers have discovered…BLOCKED FROM POSTING FOR 2 DAYS!!!

As socialists get more vocal about eliminating our rights and conservatives get more vocal about PRESERVING our rights, Facebook has become more and more ABUSIVE towards conservatives.

Conservatives only?


Last week, the Examiner was alerted to the issue and THEY decided to test it out.

The Examiner tried posting an article to several groups.

THEY got the warning. Going too fast…

They then waited for 30 minutes and tried to post again.

That’s when the Examiner got THEIR 2 day ban.

So what did the Examiner do NEXT? Well, they went looking for LIBERAL bloggers and LIBERAL posters complaining of the same issue.


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But liberals?

Nothing. No complaints from the liberals.


What does THAT tell you?

Clearly, Facebook can do what they want. It’s Facebook. They can move the goal posts just like the Emperor. They can and do make their own rules and are actively trying to make it as difficult for conservatives to share ideas and communicate as possible but…

We, as conservatives, DON’T have to TAKE it.

Wouldn’t it be nice though, if conservatives had a social media outlet that DIDN’T ban or block them for being…social on social media?

Indeed there are other venues. Several of them.

I want to tell you about 1 in particular.

“Tea Party Community.”

I became a TPC Member in late November at the suggestion of a Facebook friend.

TPC is set up as close to the Facebook format as any site I’ve seen.

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It’s easy to use and it does, in fact, offer MORE than Facebook because it has been set up as a venue FOR Conservatives.

On TPC, “PAGES” offer the “group” meeting places and just like on the now ANTI social FB, Any TPC Member can start a page.

TPC is where we conservatives can “friend” as many people as we want.

WHAT??? Nobody tells you that you, at some point, have ENOUGH friends or that you’re being TOO friendly?

Nope. Not at TPC.

If you’re a conservative blogger…post away. Post your links, post in pages…shoot…Create your OWN blog right on TPC.

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You can’t do THAT on FB.

TPC has polls, petitions, forums, events, news, quizzes and then some.

I have been using TPC since I signed up in late November by posting there daily and using the blog function but, I wasn’t using it as a main driver for my conservative outreach.

That is now changing.

I have discovered MANY of my conservative Facebook friends on TPC and I have started inviting MY FB friends to come on over.

If there is a drawback to TPC it is this. Tea Party Community does not have the reach or numbers of Facebook.

Not yet.

When I signed up there were some 22,000 TPC Members.

Now, that number is up to almost 25,000.

TPC IS growing and they have Facebook and their FB police to thank for it.

Here’s the difference and I think it’s important.

Where FB has a billion members…You can only be friends with 5,000 of them. Of that 5k…How many are as active as YOU are?

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Maybe 10%???

That means, if you are or are becoming a conservative activist, on FB, you’re reaching maybe, at BEST, 500 people every day.

At Tea Party Community…MOST Members are ACTIVE members and as you grow your friend’s list at TPC, Your building it with ACTIVE and ACTIVIST members and remember…There’s no limit to the number of friends you can have at TPC.

You will NOT be warned that you’re posting too fast. You’ll NOT be banned for making friends or ignoring the warnings.

As I said before, there are a number of other good sites as well and I post on several.

Among the other sites I use are Freedom Works, WePloribUS, Web Commentary, Deer Valley Tea Party

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(A great Arizona Tea Party group kind enough to allow me to use there blog)

All Right Magazine and later this week, I will be posting on the Dryer Report. Some are set up like Fb in certain ways, other are just great conservative websites.

While I get nothing from Tea Party Community but hassle-free ability to post, communicate and meet fellow like-minded conservatives, TPC IS the closest thing I have found to Facebook as far as features and usage.

I invite ALL my facebook friends and others to check out Tea Party Community. Sign up. Become a Member. Look me up and also look up The National Patriot on Tea Party Community and help The National Patriot become the FASTEST growing page over there.

Now then…And this is VERY IMPORTANT…If YOU have complaints regarding Facebook and their hassles, banning, blocking and warnings…CALL 650-453-4800 AND PRESS 7 TO MAKE YOUR COMPLAINTS!!! THAT IS A FACEBOOK NUMBER!!!

I won’t be leaving FB but I AM establishing a 2nd home and…

Should I suddenly disappear from FB it won’t be of MY doing but, at least you’ll know where to find me.

At Tea Party Community…Come on over.

Urgent Update!!!

The FB phone number above has NOW been REMOVED!!!

It seems that FB would rather NOT hear from you regarding your issues with THEIR rules.

Source: TheNationalPatriot.com


  1. And….? I don't find this surprising at all. Was to be expected in fact. Destroying the enemies lines of communication in preemptive strikes is the first priority of any war.
    Americans should begin to prepare alternate communication in preparation for Obama shutting down the internet.
    It is going to happen….