Obama’s America D’Souza Style



By Dr. Phil Taverna

D’Souza’s book Obama’s America  is a very good read. I discovered more about the Obama family then I was aware of at the time. I do take umbrage with the notion of anti-colonialism. But I wouldn’t stand in the way of the argument. The reason is simple. The more people that become aware of the shortcomings of folks like Obama the better.


Dinesh the maker of the movie 2016 has put forth this argument that Obama is the anti-Christ against anyone or anything that lives or breathes colonialism. This also includes the notion of using other countries to benefit a colonizing country.


But as usual I see only socialism and stupidity.  The liberals have destroyed colonialism in this country not because of anti-colonial reasons but because they are stupid. They want to destroy the hand that feeds them! And colonialism per se is not about a country taking over another country. But more about capitalism taking over a country that lacks the no how or it can’t get past the corruption to prosper with capitalism. That is until the colonized country takes the resources back and this usually ends up in a failure. How many companies from the United States have invested in other countries to end up having the investment absconded by a well meaning dictator, who usually takes the money and proceeds for himself or herself.


D’Souza does point out a few interesting facts about Obama’s parents. The grandparents never get their just rewards or accolades. Maybe that is  because they were white. But most of Obama’s life was spent with his grandparents. Obama saw his dad for about a month. And his mother was a floozy, who sent her boy to live with his grandparents while she ran around with men in Indonesia. And in her later years she visited other countries as she worked on her thesis. Since Obama only spent about 5 years with his mom, maybe?  How much of an influence did she have on him? When she was dying, Obama couldn’t find the time to visit her. It would seem that Obama had some regrets or anger issues with a mother who never wanted to be bothered raising her gifted son. Nobody seems to write about the grandparents.  But they were kind and charitable in raising the son that was gifted to them.


Hawaii just like other areas of the country have folks that believe that Hawaii was not legally made part of the U.S. But since Hawaii may be the most  liberal state in the union, why not join the communist  party.


I believe for socialism to work well there needs to be prosperous capitalism.  Then you steal the money from capitalism to pay for the free stuff in socialism. It is a win-win situation. But the plan went bad. And part of the “plan” was to neuter all the white males in the United States. That is fine and dandy if the white males were a small group. But when you include their extended families, you are neutering over 65% of the country.


D’Souza refers to this as capitalizing on white guilt. He refers to Obama as the bargainer and Tiger Woods and Oprah as the iconic blacks. But white males have ruled the world for a long time. Why not take them down! The problem is that you can’t take down one part of the nation and expect the rest of the nation to prosper.  So if you can attack white males in America, you will have a great deal of other groups that can join the melee. But in the end most will lose when it comes to prosperity at a national level.


The liberals thought it would be great to send all the manufacturing jobs out of the country. This served 2 purposes. One,  it helped to neuter the white males who filled the spots in most of these manufacturing jobs, but magically the liberals were helping other countries. The same countries that were effected by D’Souza’s colonialism. Tell me again who colonized  the Chinese?


Cap and trade has the same motive. But it also looks like colonialism, doesn’t it. Idiots like Californians are going to require that their businesses buy carbon credits from foreign companies in foreign countries. This may sound stupid that is because it is. The way it is supposed to work, is that we send our money to foreign countries as a Roberts’ tax. They take our money and build factories that will cause more pollution then the American companies that sent the money. These factories will compete against American products in the global market. Whoops there goes another million or so American Jobs. And that is ok if they beat us at our own game. But if we have to send them money to subsidize their economy to beat the U.S. economy, then I would have to say anyone that believes in this stupidity should be offered a free ticket out of our country. This was voted in by the liberal Democrat House lead by Pelosi.  I am not kidding. And California will start this nonsense this year.  Maybe that is why thousands  of folks are leaving the “Great” State of California!


There is nothing that supports global warming. Nothing that supports carbon as being a problem. I didn’t see one liberal try to stand on the New Jersey shore and force Storm Sandy to go away. Yet the same idiots believe that carbon is the problem. And sending money to other countries as a tax on our people and businesses is going to solve the problem. It must be colonialism.


It is not colonialism, it is just plan stupidity. But follow the money. Follow the Al Gore planes and see who is standing at the end of the tunnel collecting your money and making a great living at it.


Look at ObamaCare, it wasn’t about healthcare. If they wanted healthcare for another 30-40 million folks all they had to do was expand Medicaid. ObamaCare is just another form of taxation on all Americans!  All the entitlements are disguised as another form of taxation. And there is no representation.


There will come a time when there will be no more money to give. There will be no additional businesses to make money to pay for all these foolish programs.


The United States deserves Obama. If they didn’t learn that he was a communist in the first 4 years, they will get a better handle on it in the next 4 years.


There is one big difference between socialism and capitalism. In socialism  bureaucrats like Obama makes all the decisions. Let me repeat that… All the decisions.  They are dumber than dirt but they think they have a better answer than you do.


Since the 1960’s the liberals have implemented all sorts of bad ideas. Are you better off today then you were then?


In capitalism, business and opportunity make the decision. And it is based on making money and prospering and not about taking money away from people for nothing. At least in capitalism you get something in return for your money.


In socialism you get to pay a lot of money and others get to enjoy its benefit and you get nothing in return.


So when Dinesch refers to Obama as this calculating busybody, I disagree. He is a liberal and a communist and he always will be. And he will make sure that the folks that contribute to his causes and party will make huge sums of money.  It sounds more like Obama is a colonialist. Obama is taking the resources of the American people and wasting it on useless expenditures that don’t result in prosperity or satisfaction for the average citizen.


Read the book, it has a wealth of knowledge about Obama.  And no matter how you characterize Obama, let’s elect people that stand in the way of Obama and his friends making money from the taxpayers. GM and the unions made a ton of money. Ask Obama why he also gave them billions of dollars in tax breaks.  First you save the unions by bailing out GM with taxpayer dollars at a great loss to the treasury. Then you give GM more money in terms of tax breaks so they can give it to the unions who will contribute to the campaigns of people like Obama.  Just keep electing the same kind of folks and see what kind of a colony you end up with?


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