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The Democratic Party are masters of deception and illusion. When something sounds too good to be true it usually is. That is how the modern day Democratic Party operates. The left is very adept at hiding their true intentions by misnaming legislation. They can take an unpopular bill and soften its image by giving it a more appealing and inviting name. It is the equivalent of wrapping a piece of coal in a fancy box and putting a bow on top of it.

Here are a few examples of deceptive pieces of legislation:

The American Tax Payer’s Relief Act, also known as the Fiscal Cliff bill does not provide any real tax relief. The way this bill is named one would think it provides tax relief to all Americans. It does not. This bill actually raises taxes on the middle class and adds four trillion dollars to our already 16 trillion dollar deficit. Moreover, it is filled with pet projects and paybacks to people who helped Barack Obama get reelected. This bill does not address the nation’s biggest problem which is spending. For more on this bill please see this article: http://www.examiner.com/article/house-republicans-cave-on-spending-cuts-and-embrace-higher-taxes

The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare makes you think that health care will become more affordable. Unfortunately for the American people that is not the case. In fact, most experts agree that not only does it raise health care costs but it strips away competition and will ultimately lead to a one payer system which was always its original intent. If that wasn’t enough it has had a negative effect on the economy by making it harder for small businesses to succeed due to the mandates, regulations, and new taxes. For an in-depth look at how Omamacare effects small businesses please see this article: http://www.examiner.com/article/obamacare-is-bad-for-business-and-bad-for-your-health

The Employee Free Choice Act, also known as Card Check leads one to believe that employees will be given more choices. Once again, the devil is in the details. This bill actually would restrict a worker’s right to choose whether or not they want to join a union. Right now if a company and its employees want to unionize it is voted on by secret ballot. This bill would eliminate a worker’s right to vote in secrecy. By removing the secret ballot process you invite undue pressure from outside groups and union representatives. A more appropriate name for this piece of legislation would be the forced unionization act. For more on Card Check please see this article: http://www.examiner.com/article/amnesty-and-the-employees-free-choice-act-on-obama-s-wishlist-second-term

The Respect for Marriage Act once again sounds like it would be respectful to traditional marriage however it is anything but. This bill would completely repeal The Defense of Marriage Act in its entirety. The Defense of Marriage Act states in no uncertain terms the definition of marriage as a “union between one man and one woman.” The Respect for Marriage Act not only changes the definition of marriage, but it also voids other states legislative actions in regards to protecting traditional marriage. It should be named the disrespect for traditional marriage act instead. For more on why The Defense of Marriage Act must never be repealed please see this article: http://www.examiner.com/article/why-the-defense-of-marriage-act-should-never-be-repealed

These are just a few examples of how the left uses deceptive bill naming to trick the American people. We need to expose this trickery and make sure people are aware of how they operate.

The Democratic Party has remained in power not because of their good ideas or that they are the better choice for America; they have remained in power because they present bad ideas in a good light. They are also much better than Republicans when it comes to political warfare. They are masters at vilifying Republicans as evil, out of touch, and uncaring. They have sucessfully launched a disinformation campaign and convinced enough Americans that they are the party of the working class. The left goes around telling Americans that Republicans want to restrict individual freedoms while they force you to pay for health insurance and restrict your health care choices. They sold Americans on taxing the rich while simultaneously raising taxes on the middle class.

The Democratic Party survives and retains their power by using scare tactics and made up crises. They are not concerned with the middle class; they are only concerned with winning their votes. They want an uninformed electorate full of yes we can zombies. The more we allow the left to operate in this capacity the harder it will become to defeat them and save the country. They have become harder to expose due to a blatant and dangerously biased media at their side. It is up to us the freedom loving people of this great nation to find a way around the biased media and launch a successful counter attack.

Sometimes if you try to reason with a bully you just get punched in the nose. It is time we start hitting back. The time for the moral high ground is over. We have been trying that approach for years and look where it has gotten us. You can’t go to a gunfight with a switchblade and expect to win. We need to become more verbally brave and aggressive and never apologize for our beliefs.

When we allow the Democratic Party to paint Republicans as racist because we disagree with Barack Obama than we lose. When we allow the Democratic Party to paint us as extremists because we care about every human life and they don’t than we lose. When we allow the Democratic Party to paint us as uncaring because we would rather create jobs than dependents than we lose. It’s as though we allow the left to hit us over the head with a sledgehammer and instead of making them stop we ask for a rubber mallet so it doesn’t hurt as much?

Politics is a contact sport. If we are to defeat the left’s disinformation campaign we need to change our tactics. We have got to lose the label of compassionate conservatives and start acting like combative warriors. How do you stop a bully from hitting you? You punch him back harder.

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  1. This is hilarious. Really hilarious. Although I agree with everything you said, you are big fat hypocrite (that's just a saying, I don't care about your actual size at all. I can't stand people who act all inclusive and open minded, but it's all out the window when a fat person walks in the room.) You cry foul when the Democrats do what comes natural to them, which is lie, cheat, steal, and trample the Constitution, but Republicans and Democrats alike do the very same thing to everything that has ever come out of Ron Paul's mouth. Republicans hate Libertarians, Reform Party members, and Constitutionalists. You hate them and you know it, even though 2 of those parties are way mare conservative than spend like crazy Republicans if a Republican is the President, but bitch and moan, and get all high and mighty, and start clipping coupons when the Marxist is in the big chair. Although you were correct in your article, you are wrong in the aggregate and actually Republicans are a bigger problem than the Douchecrats. We know what they are, and what they are going to lie about. With Republiars, it's a different story. There are different subsets. If the Republican fools would come together and denounce Americas "World Domination Tour 1791-20??", and stay the hell out of other countries, and stop the freaking wars, and stop giving our technology to the Chinese, and stop giving billions of dollars to any country accept Israel, and stop forgiving the debts that other nations owe us, and COME HOME and grow a back bone and fight the snakes with our "assault rifles" that fire a single shot per trigger pull, and actually start calling the (D)'s liars and explaining WHY THEY ARE LIARS to the world. Then maybe we could consolodate the other parties back to 1 STRONG Republican party that cares for the citizens of the USA, and stops allowing illegal things to happen here like illegal aliens being allowed in the country, and illegals getting licenses and property and benefits and jobs, and stop letting any President who feels like it to go to war whenever they want, bypassing Congress's authority and impeaching anyone, even a Republican if they try it. Republican politicians DO NOT WORK FOR THE RNC, THE PRESIDENT, etc. They work for THE CITIZENS ONLY!!!!!! Stop allowing Presidents to appoint czars, once again bypassing confirmation. Republicans suck right now. How could anyone with a conscience vote for one?

  2. Absolutely spot on Josh. The only problem is, 90% of the media is a wing of the Socialist Party, and our charismatic Tea Party reps seem to be unable to get the coverage needed to get the truth out to a citizenry of dolts.

  3. I understand your anger, but I do not get your attack on the author, He is clearly angry about pretty much the same things and that is why it is the Tea Party Tribute and not a republican review, or MSNBC,,,, From where do assume his political affiliation?

  4. There is a lot if misinformation in this article but the one that stands out the most to me is this one
    "The Democratic Party has remained in power not because of their good ideas or that they are the better choice for America; they have remained in power because they present bad ideas in a good light."
    The Republicans lost ground because their message did not resonate with voters. Romney was a complete flop, and there were a number of Republican candidates that took extreme positions that were simply unpalatable to the American people. I think the writer underestimates the intelligence of the voting public.

  5. @Mark…I think you are a stinking commie. You might fool a few people but you do not fool me. "Their message did not resonate with voters?" What a holier than thou statement. This election was simply about whether or not America was going to be turned into a Communist Nation…AND YOU KNOW IT.
    "Intelligent voters?" Ha. So what is the average IQ of illegal aliens Mark? 12? Obama was elected by people like you who do not even know how many states there are in the Union. People like you make me sick. The internet gives people like you a venue to spout BS like never before because you would NEVER say that to someone face to face.