God Created Ants Too



The DNC ran an ad a while back that said government is the one thing we all belong to.  I’m sure I speak for all black people—you know, descendants of slaves—when I say that this message by the slave-loving DNC certainly got my attention.

I got all Sojourner Truth up in my head, and said in the voice of a 1970’s sitcom black maid, “I don’t belong to nobody, but myself!”

However, when I looked beyond what I want to believe, I realized the Democrat ad is correct, in a not-the-modern-definition-of-sick way.

The idea that we belong to government is antithetical to being American. This country was founded on quite the opposite idea. The fact remains however that America has a more tyrannical government today than the government our forefathers fought against over 200 years ago. We are in fact slaves to the government.

Consider that as of this writing, each American family owns $141K (and growing) of the national debt. And this debt was created on nonsense like paying for the sex-change operation of prison inmates and studying robotic squirrels. And let’s not forget Obama’s favorite “investment” of over $90 billion on green energy firms, most of which have gone bankrupt faster than butter melts over hot pancakes; boondoggles that were nothing more than paybacks for campaign contributions.

We taxpayers had little to no choice in how this debt was created, nor will we have a choice in how it will not be extinguished. One thing is certain however:  Half of us will pay for the debt, while the other half doesn’t.

The idea that you are born a free man and that our common bond is in our humanity has become the national joke. For Democrats, people are ants all made to serve the queen, which in our case is government. Our one purpose in life is the protection and preservation of the queen. Ants know their place, they know their jobs, and they are locked into…

their status, their class, their castes, for life. They mindlessly submit, and it eventually becomes part of their DNA. God created ants too, didn’t he?

There I go. Stupid conservative bringing up God, when there is a little god right in front of our faces! Liberalism can assign queen status to whomever it chooses, and ironically it has selected Barack Obama as its queen. {snicker}. Liberals try to convince us that Barack Obama would make a great god if we would only let him and submit to his will.

For Liberals, Barack Obama is a miracle of evolution. The 2-year old kid quoting Shakespeare, the 4-year old piano virtuoso, or the 6-year mathematical savant are not proof of God. Oh, and there are atheists in the fox hole.

You are here to serve Obama, but long before that your parents sold you into slavery. You are paying off their debts, and the fact that they sat on their hands during the auction. They let Liberal mock God and documents that were created with God in mind, documents that were created to remind you hundreds of years later that you are an individual. Our individualism is what truly makes us one, a collective. Individualism is the only thing that we truly share.

In individualism there is no class, no identities, only what you choose to be. The government on the other hand wants you to declare yourself. And there are two choices: elitist or one who serves the elite. You’re an ant, and thus part of the permanent underclass, or you serve the queen and maybe become part of the establishment.

It’s sad to think, but the Left in America dreams of the day when they can have total power and control over society. Your life, liberty, and property are subordinated to the whims and desires of power-hungry politicians and their suck ups. The Democrat Party, once only the party of physical slavery, is now the party of economic slavery.

As I said earlier, “God created ants too, didn’t he?”

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Kevin Jackson is a father of four sons, and an unlikely success story, given his background. He is a former management consultant having some of the world’s largest companies as his former clients. Interaction with prominent business leaders, as well as being a business leader himself has provided Jackson real world perspective to politics.