Four men that must NOT be confirmed


hagel kerry brennan and lew

By: Diane Sori

Posted Jan. 12th, 2013

This week VP Uncle Joe ‘Bite-Me’ Biden openly stated to anyone and everyone that would listen that Obama will soon start on his quest to strip away at, and try to totally dismantle, the Second Amendment.  By his threatening to sign yet another one of his endless Executive Orders, this one calling for gun control, Obama is deliberately overriding Congress, because he knows gun control legislation will NOT pass the Republican majority House.

And this is just the beginning as Obama heads our beloved America down the path to totalitarianism or worse…communism.

This is clear for all to see as Obama puts together his new-cabinet and key administrative positions, for he has gathered together a group of leftover 60’s and 70’s radicals, traitors, and miscreants. This group makes Hillary and company seem tame by comparison.

Starting with Chuck Hagel…the man Iran has endorsed and Israel is NOT happy about…the man who views Israel as the ‘troublemaker’ in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict…the man who voted against designating Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization.  Chuck Hagel…the man who supports the Law of the Sea Treaty, which would undermine our sovereignty and require American businesses to pay global royalties for oil and gas development.  Chuck Hagel…a Viet Nam vet who wants to drastically cut our military budget, putting our troop’s lives in danger, especially in this day and age of the muslim terrorist.  Yeah, Obama made a real good choice with this one (gag) and shows just where his true allegiances are (as if we already didn’t know) when it comes to both our national defense, protecting our brave men and women in uniform, and protecting our country’s sovereignty.

Then we have Jack Lew, Obama’s choice for Treasury Secretary…a far left progressive on the issues of wealth disparity and programs for the poor (meaning he wholeheartedly supports redistribution of OUR wealth)…the man who in the 1980’s negotiated the exemptions from automatic budget cuts for Medicaid and other low-income programs…who in the 1990s again defended Medicaid from any the budget cuts.  Jack Lew…the man who was Obama’s budget director (yeah that worked out real well for ‘We the People’ didn’t it)…the man who was one of the spearheads in last year’s fight to raise the debt ceiling (our children and grandchildren will paying for that one)…oh what a wonderful choice to oversee our economy…Lew will help Obama completely flush our economy right down the loo!

And Obama’s nomination of John Brennan to head the CIA means the chief of our intelligence agency will be a man who called jihad a ‘legitimate tenet of islam’.  John Brennan…the man who in a 2010 speech called Jerusalem by its Arabic name, Al-Quds… the man who claimed that terrorists are the real victims of political, economic and social forces……the man who said that the Obama administration was looking for ways to build up ‘moderate elements’ of the terrorist group Hezbollah, and that talking to Hezbollah and Hamas is the ‘right thing’ to do.  John Brennan…the man who said that 20% of released Guantanamo detainees returning to terrorist activities is “not that bad”…who called water boarding of captured muslim terrorists torture…the man who as Obama’s counter terrorism adviser helped put an end to the ‘enhanced techniques’ that help save our troops lives.  John Brennan was also one of the men who met with Hollywood producers about the killing of Osama bin Laden, providing them access to classified information, including the identity of a SEAL Team 6 operator and commander…yeah, another good choice by our muslim-in-chief.

And all this leads up to the cream of the crop…the nomination of ‘Swiftboat’ John Kerry as Secretary of State…the very man who stood alongside ‘Hanoi’ Jane Fonda in calling our Viet Nam troops baby killers, murderers, and war criminals…the man who lied about the extent of his service and medals received in Viet Nam.  John Kerry…the man who said that Syria is an essential player in bringing peace and stability to the Middle East (Syria, whose President Basad is slaughtering his own people, yeah that will bring peace alright…when hell freezes over)…the man who was a diplomatic troubleshooter for Obama in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Sudan and we know how the outcome of those trips turned out.  John Kerry…the man who has said he will make the non-issue of climate change a top-tier priority (climate change is naturally occurring climate cycles that have happened since Earth first formed and will continue until Earth is no more), thus wasting our taxpayer money on a U(seless) N(ations) initiative in support of Agenda 21.  John Kerry…who a few weeks ago said this most dangerous of statements, “Engaging with (enemy) countries is better than having CIA operatives or military troops on the ground, as they are often perceived as destabilizers, invaders, occupiers, or infidels.”  You know what…who gives a damn what our enemies perceive…they’re called enemies for a reason and this shows John Kerry is NOT on America’s side…meaning he’s the perfect Obama choice for Secretary of State.

John Kerry recently said, “Our foreign policy does not always take into account the impact on the host countries…well guess what…these four nominations do NOT take into account the impact and damage these four men will do to OUR country as all four are traitors to one degree or another…all four are sympathetic to America’s enemies…and lets NOT forget that all four are in favor of gun control.

Need I say more…didn’t think so