And little children all lined up in a row…


obama and kids

Written By: Diane Sori

How convenient is this…the day before Obama is to announce his new gun control plan, lo and behold two school shootings happen, this time in St. Louis, Missouri and Hazard, Kentucky. The shooter in St. Louis, while wounded by a self-inflicted gunshot, is alive and in police custody, while two have turned themselves in to police in Kentucky after killing two and wounding one.
The timing with this is just a little too close for comfort if you ask me, especially in light of Obama’s newest publicity stunt where at tomorrow’s press conference he will surround himself with schoolchildren from across the country when he unveils his ‘concrete package’ of gun control proposals. Claiming these children sent him letters begging for gun control measures so they could feel safe at school, this is a set-up if ever there was one…as in trot out the children for a major gun grab.
Using kids as a human shield, according to Rush Limbaugh.
Yeah, a shield of sweet faces to try and shame Congress into going along with everything Obama wants…and all a lead-in to his so-wanted repeal of the Second Amendment and disarming of the American citizenry.
Playing on the public’s empathy for the 20 children slaughtered in Newtown, and of course his NOT letting a so-called ‘good crisis’ go to waste, Obama will be using these children as props to push his gun control agenda. While we know this man has NO shame, what I don’t understand is how these children’s parents can allow them to be used for Obama’s political fodder to dismantle the Constitution. NO matter if these parents are pro gun control, allowing your child to be arranged on a stage like a background prop, to showcase a president who is unabashedly using them for the ultimate photo-op, is beyond me.
But then again these parents are probably part of the 47%, liberals all, whose votes he bought and paid for…and that would explain a lot. And there’s always the ‘I rubbed your back now you rub mine’…or else…scenario too.
As we all expect, Obama will most assuredly propose a stronger version of the assault weapons ban that expired in 2004, restrictions on high-capacity ammunition magazines, increased database tracking for weapons sales, a tightening of measures aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of those with severe mental illness, and a strengthening of federal background checks of people attempting to buy firearms, including those firearms that change hands in private sales…the infamous supposed ‘loopholes’ of gun-show sales.
Saying, “There may be some steps that we can take administratively as opposed to through legislation,” Obama plans to immediately implement some components of his proposal by executive action but there are limits to what can be done through executive action alone.  However, Uncle Joe ‘Bite-Me’ Biden and crew have identified 19 different options Obama could choose to implement with executive action, including more aggressively enforcing existing gun laws, beefing up national research on guns, ordering stricter action against people who lie on gun sale background checks, ordering tougher penalties for gun-trafficking offenses, and ordering federal agencies to make data on gun crimes more readily available.
Thankfully for we gun owners, the wide-range proposals he really wants requires legislation from Congress, and the House majority Republicans, as well as the blue-dog Democrats, are NOT likely to give him what he wants.
And the powerful NRA will be there every step of the way to make sure they don’t.
So today, on the backs of the Newtown tragedy and sweet, ‘used for sympathy’ schoolchildren, Barack HUSSEIN Obama will present his gun control agenda that he claims will reduce the possibility that something like Newtown will ever happen again…and if you believe that’s all he has in mind I’ve got some swampland you might be interested in.
Oh, and just a thought…after Obama uses these children for his anti-gun photo-op, maybe he could devote a bit of his time to explain to them the financial burdens he’s saddled them with…like I said, just a thought