It’s all about the photo-op…say cheese


obama and little kids

Written by: Diane Sori

And so it begins with the photo-op of all photo-ops…Obama signing 23 gun control restrictions by using Executive Order, all while a ‘rainbow coalition’ of children (one with a muslim sounding name) stand dutifully behind him smiling ever so sweetly.
Now any other president who was truly concerned about the safety of our children would have signed such Orders behind closed doors without the media paparazzi turning it into a ‘dog and pony show’…spotlight front and center on the biggest glory hog of all, while behind him stands children being used to ‘guilt’ us into what amounts to surrendering our firearms.
Obama’s wide-ranging plan for executive and legislative action to curb ‘supposed’ gun violence started with him saying that our ‘first task’ is to keep our children safe.  Keep our children safe…pretty sounding words, masking what he really means…I want to take away your guns….we know it, he knows we know it, and he doesn’t care if we do.

And by saying Congress must demand universal background checks on ALL gun sales, whether from a legitimate dealer or from an individual sale, Obama is really initiating a roster…a national gun owners database of all Americans who own firearms…a roster so Obama and his minions know exactly where the firearms are when he says the time has come for confiscation.

And this is an out and out assault on our Second Amendment right to keep and bears arms and NOTHING less.

And we all knew Obama would call for a reinstatement and strengthening of the lapsed ban on the so-called ‘military-style’ assault weapons, but calling for a ban on high-capacity magazines (a 10-round limit on ammunition magazines) went too far as these magazines had NO bearing whatsoever in the recent spade of shootings NO matter how much the msm lies and says they did.

The assault weapons ban…just another tactic to disarm the American citizenry.

According to Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla), “Making matters worse is that President Obama is again abusing his power by imposing his policies via executive fiat instead of allowing them to be debated in Congress.”

How right he is as by issuing these Executive Orders instead of securing Congressional consent, Obama has gone against the very intent of the Constitution…that being that no one, including the president, should have the power to act unilaterally.  Thankfully, Executive Orders can be overridden by a 2/3 majority of Congress, and they can also be challenged in court on the grounds that the Order exceeds the president’s constitutional powers.

And with the Obama-staged photo-op signing of NOT one Executive Order but 23 Executive Orders it now becomes imperative that Congress put each and every one of those Orders under the microscope, and take action to override them if any violate the Constitutional rights of ‘We the People’.

That is if those in Congress have the courage to put aside their fear of the race card to do what they know is the right thing to do.

And the bottom line is that all today’s press conference did was draw a line in the sand for an out and out contentious battle with the powerful NRA lobby and its supporters in Congress, including some Democrats, who will oppose what they see as an outright intrusion on American’s constitutionally protected gun rights.

So while Obama put on his best phony face of concern by surrounding himself with the innocence of children when he said “If we can save even one life, we have an obligation to try,” what today really was about was him and his minions using the Newtown tragedy as yet another step in his subversive plan to overthrow the Second Amendment of our Constitution…and this we cannot allow because the Second Amendment is all ‘We the People’ have left between us and a total dismantling of our country.


  1. I wonder if he's told these children that he is "proud for opposing the ban on partial-birth abortion" and that one shouldn't "be punished with a pregnancy".