Joe Biden is America’s Number Two


VP Biden: Portrait shoot by Andrew "Andy" Cutraro. 459 EEOB Studio

Written by: Bill Colley

This isn’t the first time Joe Biden has told a whopper.  I was reading the Washington Times website when I came across this link about America’s Number Two, Vice President Joe Biden:

The Times story makes it clear Biden, like Hillary Clinton, is willing to lie to gin up a courage narrative.  Those lies about braving enemy fire in war time are typical political bloviating.  In some blue states it can enhance an opportunity while campaigning for U.S. Senate (Richard Blumenthal comes to mind), however.  The lie about being near the Amish schoolhouse shows willingness on Biden’s part to climb over corpses to get what he wants.  It’s not even the first time the man has used the dead for personal gain.  For decades Biden claimed a drunk driver killed his first wife and his daughter.  It simply isn’t true!

A caller to my radio show claiming inside details once even suggested the truck driver involved in the deadly crash wasn’t the driver drinking before getting behind the wheel.  The Gannett newspaper in Wilmington, Delaware could just as well be a wholly owned subsidiary of Biden, Inc.  In my neighborhood it’s affectionately known as the Wilmington Daily Bolshevik.  It isn’t just the editorial page in bed with the Democrat Party; the entire paper is soaked in fealty to the liberal establishment in the First State.  Yet this very same newspaper five years ago reported there were gaping holes in Biden’s account of the tragic accident.  The truck driver has been dead now many, many years.  He wasn’t drunk.  After Mrs. Biden ran a stop sign and collided with the truck the man behind the wheel rushed to the Biden station wagon to give aid to the injured and the dead.  He was sober.  After his passing Joe Biden was already a veteran U.S. Senator held in high regard by fellow travelers in establishment media.  Biden apparently felt there wasn’t any danger in besmirching the reputation of a dead man for personal political gain.  A man who tried to save the lives of Joe Biden’s loved ones.

Biden didn’t fare well in the2008 primaries.  Maybe voters in his own party can see through the smile of a sociopath and red flags pop out.  The story in the Daily Bolshevik was ignored by national media later fawning over the Obama-Biden ticket.  On Inauguration Day four years ago I watched Katie Couric in black evening gown gush sympathy for America’s Number Two.  She repeated his lie as if it was truth.  No further questions, please.  Mr. Biden is a heartbeat away from an Oval Office currently occupied by a nicotine addict.  The addict’s mother died in her early 50s after battling the ravages of cancer.

This is a conspiracy.  Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and Herman Cain were all probed with the media wand.  Repeatedly and candidates campaigning for President outside the system can’t even afford the plane fare out of Richmond.  This is a sick and twisted cabal and establishment media isn’t just propping it up but shills for the sociopaths.  The Washington Times provides somewhat of an alternative as does the Tea Party Tribune but our battle is the equivalent of the allies taking Monte Cassino and we’ve barely even mustered.

The other day I was reading a Cal Thomas column and the writer noted nearly 100 million eligible voters tuned out in November.  We called them uninformed and were glad they didn’t show up on Election Day.  We sneered when they told us the candidates were all alike.  It was an over simplification from our vantage point.  We told ourselves they were burying their heads in the sand.  We chuckled when they couldn’t even name America’s Number Two when they were handed his portrait but could tell you the latest American Idol. We, I believe, were a little too quick in our rush to judgment.  The media-political complex is a nearly impenetrable fortress and the average guy on the street is right when he says there isn’t much he can do to breach the walls.  Heck, even silence no longer brings security.  The Daily Bolshevik’s sister paper in New York State invades the sanctity of the homes of legal gun owners for no justifiable cause other than to shame.

As I close I’m looking at the clock on the wall.  In two hours America’s Number Two will once again take his oath for another term.  The bald faced liar remains a heartbeat away.


  1. Obama should be called the "Pied Piper" I am surprised someone hasn't created a caricature of him leading the blind and ill informed over the cliff.