While Obama looks away…North Korea plays games with nukes



Written by Diane Sori

While we’ve all been focused on the Benghazi hearings and Obama’s nefarious plans to disarm ‘We the People’, very quietly and under the
radar North Korea is getting ready to test another nuclear weapon. Making this worse is that intelligence sources believe it will be an
underground test, so we will NOT know about it until it actually happens.

Now ‘aint that a happy thought…until it actually happens.

And what is Obama stance on this newest development out of North
Korea…who knows for he hasn’t been heard from on this…which is par
for the course when our nation’s security is threatened, and believe
me with a madman like Kim Jong Il in charge of nuclear weapons we are
indeed threatened. Barack HUSSEIN Obama is decidedly ignoring yet
another threat to our country…by a country who shares nuclear
secrets with the ultra dangerous Iran.

Kim Jong Il, speaking through his North Korean National Defense
Commission, orchestrated last week’s very blunt and very pointed
threat to target the US for attack. Saying, “We are not disguising the
fact that the various satellites and long-range rockets that we will
fire and the high-level nuclear test we will carry out are targeted at
the United States” as they called the US “the sworn enemy of the
Korean people.”

Could the threat be anymore direct than this…I don’t think so.

And with this, Kim Jong Il continues defying and baiting us in
retaliation for punishing his government in the U(seless) N(ations).
Last week the Security Council (with even China, North Korea’s closest
ally agreeing), tightened economic sanctions against them even further
in response to December’s long-range rocket launch that boosted their
ballistic capabilities. North Korea, whose weapons program is quite
advanced when compared to Iran’s, proved that their successful launch
of a long-range rocket could, with fine-tuning, very well reach our
west coast.

A working nuclear bomb in the hands of a madman…a nuclear bomb small
enough to be placed on top of a rocket with the capability of reaching
either Hawaii or the western US mainland…NOT good…NOT good at all.
And see how well the U(seless) N(ations) economic sanctions are
working in stopping North Korea’s work on nuclear weapons…they’re
NOT…as madmen like Kim Jong Il could care less about how sanctions
affect the people who are suffering under his reign…all he cares
about is his own power hungry ambitions and wealth built upon the
backs of the people.

Hmmmm…sounds like someone we all know doesn’t it.

And remember, in a totalitarian state, as is North Korea, power to a
madman is defined through military strength and military strength
alone for he who posses nuclear capabilities is the epitome of
strength in the eyes of the world…and this is the goal of Kim Jong
Il…to be thought of as a man with great strength…to be feared and
respected NO matter how much he breaks the backs and spirit of the
North Korean people in order to get that respect.

Thankfully, we do know that even with this threat of an imminent test,
Kim Jong Il is really just a saber rattler of sorts, and that he
actually could be baiting us to see if we’ll jump through his hoops,
take the bait, and urge the U(seless) N(ations) to do away with some
of the sanctions as a trade-off for NOT testing his weapon. Just like
his father (Kim Jong-il) before him, Kim Jong Il could be playing the
pouting but manipulating child, because past events have shown that
when North Korea is being ignored on the world stage they always seem
to act up.

And right now they are indeed being ignored as focus is on Obama
trying to take away our guns, Hillary giving the performance of a
lifetime at the Benghazi hearings, and the Palestinian/Israeli
conflict heating up as Obama helps arm the Muslim Brotherhood by
sending F-16 fighter jets to Egypt. So this threat of a test could
very well be Kin Jong Il’s way of stomping his feet and saying, ‘don’t
forget about North Korea and the danger we pose to you.’

And we should NOT forget them as North Korea has conducted nuclear
tests before, one in 2006, the other in 2009. Both these tests used
plutonium as fissile material, but some think this next test will be
with highly-enriched uranium, making this test even more dangerous
than the two previous tests. And this is NOT something that should be
taken lightly by the Obama administration as it’s believed that North
Korea has enough weaponized plutonium for four to eight basic nuclear
weapons…some of which have America’s name on them for sure.

But with Obama, any threat to our country is considered a victory for
him and his agenda…an agenda that is unabashedly un-American and pro
anybody out to kill us.

Source: ThePatriotFactor.com