Fleeing Fascism



By Mr. Curmudgeon:

When professional golfer Phil “Lefty” Mickelson expressed interest in leaving high-tax California, saying federal and state levies will consume 62 to 63 percent of his income, ESPN’s Rick Reilly Tweeted, “Phil Mickelson may have to leave CA because his tax bracket is too high. Also, butlers are talking about a union.” That crack supposes that America’s high-bracket wage-earners should just shut up and be glad big-spending, bankrupt states like California allow them to keep anything at all. Tiger Woods later admitted to leaving the Golden State for Florida to keep more of his winnings.

Whole Foods founder and CEO John Mackey offended the sensibilities of the “47%” by describing ObamaCare in an interview with National Public Radio as consistent with “corporate state model” programs once familiar to Italians and Germans – a.k.a., fascism.  “In fascism,” Mackey explained to America’s historical and economic illiterates, “the government doesn’t own the means of production, but they do control it – and that’s what’s happening with our health care programs and these reforms.”

Single Payer Action – a Progressive group favoring inferior, rationed socialized medicine – quickly organized a Whole Foods boycott, “Because Mackey has launched a public campaign to defeat single-payer national health insurance.”

So, it came as no surprise when this morning’s New York Post reported, “An increasing number of financial firms, especially private equity and hedge funds, are fed up with New York’s sky-high city and state tax rates and are relocating to the business-friendly climate in Florida’s Palm Beach County.” The reason? “There’s no state income tax in the Sunshine State. Compare that to New York, where the state and local governments took $14.71 of every $100 earned in 2010, according to state records,” said the Post.

I may be an hourly-wage working stiff, but I moved to Florida ten years ago for the same reason – no state income tax, and I get to keep more of what I earn. I don’t feel bashful or defensive about having more income to pay bills and make my monthly mortgage payment.

I also don’t have a problem saying that destructive high taxation is killing American small business and pushing investment capital to the sidelines or foreign shores. Socialism, whether of the Castro or Mussolini varieties, pales in wealth-redistributive power when compared to robust capitalism.

Sure, we get the occasional hurricane here in Florida, but storm shutters protect me from their destructive winds far better than Republican congressional leaders shield me from Obama’s higher taxes.

Now excuse me while I head to my patio to partake in a hand-rolled cigar I purchased in Key West with my own, hard-earned dollars.