Barack Obama’s Banana Republic



Written by: Bill Colley

Some years ago I read a story about Barack Obama’s team of Davids cutting their teeth on politics in banana republics.  David Plouffe and David Axelrod worked the Central and South American circuit creating cults of personalities for aspiring dictators.  We all know the type of leader; the champion of the people.  The man or woman with the Robin Hood promises.  It initially wins votes and when the promises fail you deflect blame.  British ownership of the Falklands, large oil companies and English speaking Caucasian businessmen are generally the fall guys.  The threats posed by these designated ogres generally require rule-by-fiat and suspension of any constitution.

I guess we’ve already got rule-by-fiat and the President is being egged on by confidantes and fellow travelers in media to altogether bypass Congress.  As for the Constitution the whispering campaign was already well on its way when I came across this:

Does the man in the video strike you as devious?  Of whom does he speak when he talks about “we” and just what will replace a scrapped U.S. Constitution?  The guy is a stalking horse.  The Obama campaign appendages in media have been belittling the founding fathers for several years and calling the document a living and breathing entity.  The bananas from the new republic will grease the slippery slope, I suppose!  And don’t tell me slippery slope arguments are exaggerated.  When women were given greater roles in our military late in the Carter Administration we were sold because we were told women would never be in combat.  Now to answer the call of political correctness and further weaken a potential obstacle in the President’s desire to rewrite the American cultural software, the nation’s military readiness will be greatly compromised.  A friend and Navy veteran is an unabashed liberal but even he’s worried.  He tells me the military’s prime directive is to smash things.  Not anymore.  Now it bows to fashion and ensures nobody will have feelings hurt.  Taken to its endpoint in another generation the troops will be urged to smile and shake hands with battlefield enemies.

I was living in Vermont the year civil unions became law and objectors were called alarmist bigots for even suggesting the slippery slope.  The media amplification machine insisted there would never be a need for same-sex marriage with civil unions in place.  No matter how you feel about this subject it’s clear the politically correct were lying.

The self-appointed high priests in American media tell us gun registration won’t hurt a bit and claim respect for the Second Amendment.  Then some joker shows up on CBS and suggests shredding the entire U.S. Constitution in an effort to confiscate firearms and leave a population defenseless.  I’m not sure about all of you but I’m reminded about the story of the high school girl buying the claim that the hormone drenched panting prom date loves her.  After he didn’t return her morning telephone calls she should’ve learned a valuable lesson.

The media priests deflect any dissent by chanting, “It’s the right thing to do!”  Really, where did they acquire this godly knowledge?  A whiskey bottle while riding the campaign bus?

These people are complicit in President Obama’s wanton seizure of power.  The high priests of media wholeheartedly support destruction of the Republic.  They knew what Obama, Plouffe and Axelrod were all about from the very beginning.  This is now the endgame.  Traditional America has its back to the wall and I’m not at all sure we can ever regain the losses.

A couple of years ago on You Tube I came across some old and grainy film of a prophet named Robert Welch.  Speaking 55 years ago he played the role of visionary:

Welch’s reward was to be vilified and rejected by not only the people he warned us about but by the mandarins of the conservative movement.  The conservatives denouncing Welch were more concerned about dinner party invitations and seats at the media table.  After a period of time they came to very much resemble the high priests.

Compare the two videos.  Ignoring Welch created the monster in the first posted video.  Call it incrementalism or slippery slope it doesn’t matter.  We’ve reached bottom.  Better to look up to His Excellency on the balcony of the White House.