Government officials get to keep their gun of choice but ‘We the People’ don’t



Written by Diane Sori

Oh the hypocrisy of it all.
While we know that Senator Dianne Feinstein’s ‘Assault Weapons Ban’ is going nowhere, and that for all intents and purposes it’s dead in the water as the saying goes (Republican controlled House and NOT enough votes in the Senate), still the hypocrisy of it all is totally amazing.
I mean really…assault weapons…what a misnomer those two words are as the gun control freaks conveniently forget that true fully automatic firearms, commonly referred to as ‘assault weapons’ (as in machine guns which fire continuously when the trigger is held down), have been strictly regulated since 1934. The firearms Feinstein’s misguided bill is addressing are semiautomatic weapons that reload automatically but fire only once each time the trigger is depressed, and these are NOT assault weapons NO matter how hard she and her loony buddies try to make them out to be.
And while many so-called ‘firearm experts’ agree that the previous assault weapons ban (that lapsed in 2004) was easily gotten around because it never actually defined what an ‘assault weapon’ was, Feinstein’s new bill does of course erroneously define ‘assault weapon’ by naming 150 specific types of firearms and broadens the ban to include any semiautomatic rifle, handgun or shotgun that can be used with a detachable ammunition magazine that holds more than 10 rounds and has military characteristics, including something as ludicrous as a military looking pistol grip.
Can you believe these yo-yos think that a grip makes a gun an assault weapon…geeesh…
But here’s the real kicker in this joke of a bill…NOT everyone will have to abide by the bill if it ever, heaven forbid, did pass. Guess what…as we expected…drum roll please…government officials, law enforcement, and retired law enforcement personnel would be exempt.
And while I understand why Feinstein would exempt law enforcement from her ridiculous bill (even she understands that you can’t strip cops of their weapons), why retired law enforcement who NO longer are in danger on the streets, and something I find extremely odd and quite unnerving is that she would exempt government officials. I mean really…like they don’t have enough protection as it is….what with their own firearms in addition to their armed with ‘assault weapons’ bodyguards…why do they need more…hmmm…maybe to protect themselves from furious citizens who vehemently object to having their Second Amendment rights taken away while the government fat cats selectively get to keep theirs…interesting huh.
And by the way…Senator Feinsein carries a gun herself…the woman who wants to take our guns away has a concealed weapons permit…oh the hypocrisy of it all.
These cowardly government officials, like Feinstein, get to keep their firearms of choice so that when the assault weapons ban suddenly morphs into an all out Obama ordered confiscation, the government officials stay armed against ‘We the People’ but ‘We the People’ NO longer have any firearms to protect ourselves from them.
And this, NO matter how hard they try to hide it, is their end goal objective…total confiscation of our firearms and repeal of the Second Amendment.
Nice…real nice (insert sarcasm here). Remember that Feinstein has freely admitted that her bill would be just a first step towards the total confiscation of guns from the American people. She has publicly stated that, “The purpose (of my bill) is to dry up the supply of these weapons over time…(and would be) a significant first step as part of a comprehensive program (of gun confiscation).”
Except from those fat cat government officials like her that is.
Oh the hypocrisy of it all.