Immigration reform…a necessary evil


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Written by Diane Sori

“Yesterday the ghost of immigration reform past reared its ugly head. In 1986 we went down this exact same road with amnesty for 2-3 million illegal immigrants. I heard the word “contingent” used often. Furthermore, the Senate Judiciary Committee is headed by Bernie Sanders of Vermont. The final decision on immigration could mean a permanent dependent class and a permanent electoral block for the next generation. One can only estimate where political loyalties would lie, and imagine what happens to job opportunities for those here in America legally.” – LTC Allen West

So said Allen West after Monday’s press conference where a bipartisan group of Senators announced a ‘Pathway to Citizenship’ proposal that would give legal status to the 11 million ILLEGALS currently in this country (three times larger than the amnesty plan passed under Reagan in 1986, which legalized about 3 million immigrants but did NOTHING about enforcement), and would include those students currently under auspices of the ‘Dream Act’.

And while Allen is one hundred percent correct in what he says (he usually is), and I might add that I personally believe ALL who came here ILLEGALLY are criminals knowingly breaking our laws, hence the term ILLEGALS, the fact remains that most people, conservatives included, do want some sort of plan that would lead to citizenship for the people already here, in addition to an overhaul of the non-functioning non-enforced immigration laws currently on the books.

And non-enforced is at the crux of the problem for the non-enforcement is what allowed us to reach the point we’re at now.

But at this point in time make NO mistake about it…an overhaul is needed because Republicans are sadly losing the Hispanic vote, a vote they once had, as witnessed by the November election where Hispanics ran from ALL Republican candidates like they were poison, sending a clear message that we must find a solution to the very real immigration conundrum.

According to committee member Florida Senator Marco Rubio (whose original plan this proposal is somewhat based upon), this proposal starts with the fact that our borders MUST be secured and sealed BEFORE any other measures move forward. And by ‘securing’ that also means that a better tracking of people here on visas must be implemented (especially to insure that they leave when their visa is up). Only after that’s been accomplished would ILLEGALS be permitted to apply for legal status by applying for a green card to earn a chance to stay, and a green card would NOT happen unless a thorough background check was done and proof of gainful employment along with an established work record is presented. Also, a fine and any back taxes owed would have to be paid before the green card was given, and the person receiving the green card would NOT qualify for any federal aid. Learning English and civics would also be a

After having a green card for a probationary number of years (still to be determined) ONLY then would they be allowed to apply for citizenship, but they would go to the back of the line BEHIND those who’ve come here legally and applied the right way. Also of note is that NO ILLEGALS convicted of crimes would be allowed to get a green card…they would be deported.

And no matter what the naysayers claim, this proposal is NOT blanket amnesty because as Marco Rubio says, “Amnesty is the forgiveness of something and nothing is being forgiven.”

Basically, when everything is stripped away, this ‘Pathway to Citizenship’ proposal is really just giving the ILLEGALS a chance to file for a green card as they should have done when they first came here.

In addition, when this proposal was presented, Rubio made it clear, and this is extremely important, the Democrats must at all costs be kept from passing a bill that gives these ILLEGALS the right to vote before they complete the so-called ‘Pathway to Citizenship’…meaning NO voting until they have become full citizens.

This one point is beyond critical because if allowed to happen we all know the outcome…a lock hold on our government by the liberal Democrats will be the rule of law for years to come and this, while the Democrats goal, is NOT the intended goal of this proposal.

But even with this proposal and the best of bi-partisan intentions, Obama can always be counted on to throw a wrench into the mix and to play politics, as witnessed yesterday in his speech in Las Vegas. While NOT outwardly challenging this bi-partisan Senate bill, Obama did NOT endorse it and in fact tried to sabotage it.

As expected, Obama wants a faster path to citizenship for ILLEGALS, that gay couples (who he called our brothers and sisters) living here ILLEGALLY to be included in any proposal, and said absolutely NOTHING about border security being implemented first before anything else goes forward. Of course he wouldn’t because if it was up to him he’d open all the borders…as in the more that come here and support Democrats the better it is.

But most importantly was Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s threat, and threat it was, and I quote, “If Congress is unable to move forward in a timely fashion, I will send up a bill based on my proposal and insist that they vote on it right away.”

Just who the hell does this man think he is to ‘insist’ on when or on what Congress votes. NO president has the right to ‘insist’…to demand…to dictate…when or on what Congress votes on. Talk about overstepping his bounds…but than again, Obama doesn’t see himself as president but as our supreme ruler and savior (gag).

And with statements like this, Barack HUSSEIN Obama has proven himself yet again to have committed crimes against America by NOT abiding by our system of checks and balances of power. So once the Senate proposal is passed (and I believe it will be), and according to its content, lets deport this Constitution hating ILLEGAL president back to where he came from…and it ‘aint Hawaii.

Oh, and by the way, he can take ALL his muzzie brethren with him.



  1. He will insist. Why insist when an executive order will suffice. We have no congress to oppose the executive poser. Boehner, the town crier, is a useless individual. The remaining congressional members are numb from the neck up. Eunuchs all.

  2. Where the hell do you get the information there were 2-3 million granted amnesty, in 86. That is completely false.

    As always; we were promised; the sellout would only amount to 2-3 million, & they would vote solidly republican (all 27% of them, in the last election). That was absolute crap.

    There were 12.2 million illegals granted amnesty, that the damn government admitted to. This means there were probably 50 million actually granted amnesty.

    Your 2-3 million figure is complete BS.

    Bob Fletcher

    • Remember though that Executive Orders do NOT legally apply to 'We the People'. Look it up and you'll see I'm right. That figure came from a Reagan site…if they got it wrong don't blame me.