‘A Permanent Political Environment’



Propaganda does not deceive people; it merely helps them to deceive themselves.

~Eric Hoffer


By Mr. Curmudgeon:

There are 15,196 radio stations in America. Where television is concerned, NBC, CBS and ABC have 670 affiliates that broadcast visual stimuli to 97% of American households. According to the Radio Advertising Bureau, the average American spends two hours and eight minutes listening to radio or watching television each day. And the Pew Research Center reports that 55% of the nation gets its news watching television, while 33% listen to it on radio and 29% read it in newspapers. The remainder – low information Americans – rely on entertainment industry giants (George Clooney, Jay Leno and Lady Gaga) for news, information and moral instruction.

Whether it’s actor Samuel Jackson or NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams, popular culture’s Pez dispensers spit out the same, soft, chewy content … albeit from different plastic heads. The essential ingredients making up all that sugary goodness, of course, are lies.

The results of last November’s election proved lies, big ones, were a necessary part of its outcome. That America’s entrepreneurs “didn’t build” the businesses that once employed so many of our people, “someone else (government) made that happen”; we were told our economy is in “recovery,” when in reality we are in an economic depression that, for now, is masked by unsustainable government debt and spending; that ruling by Executive Order is a much more efficient system of government than that provided by a superfluous Congress as mandated by an even more superfluous Constitution; that Americans must accept their station as mere thrawls in service of a government-run health care system as the price of citizenship, lest they face the fury of the IRS or worse … prison.

But as past practitioners of the “big lie” were well aware, big lies require big enemies. Unfortunately, the so-called enemy is rather small and must be magnified through exaggeration. This collective straw man is today’s GOP.

Realizing this, one Republican looked at his party’s recent presidential debacle and assessed options to overcome popular culture’s big lie. “… Fundamentally we sort of have to accept the fact that we are in a permanent political environment and that nine-month operations aren’t going to work anymore, obviously,” said Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus to Newsmax.

He said Republicans must convince the country “that we’re community-based, that we’re based in the grassroots; that it’s not about buying ads on television over the next few years. It’s going to be all about growing the base, espousing our conservative principles.”

Priebus’ suggestion that Republicans engage in a permanent political campaign to combat the Progressive information tsunami by way of better grassroots organization, is an empty pursuit. What are the principles Republicans will organize around? Priebus does not say.

Listening to media reports regarding establishment Republicans, one might think them rabid, right-wing conservatives. However , if John Boehner represents the full measure of modern Republican conservatism, as the media and Democrats suggest, my eight-year-old beagle is William F. Buckley.

Priebus unknowingly concedes the field to modern Progressivism by concluding that all reality must be viewed through the prism of politics; that countering the Marxian notion that man is no more than an economic unit requires a better approach to organizing them.

And this takes us back to the big lie.

I have a few simple questions: were the nation’s Founders liberal or conservative? Were they Progressive wealth redistributors or low-tax, fiscal conservatives? I have no doubt that if they were alive to face these questions they would look back at us with pained expressions.

They were none of the above.

They were imperfect moralists who believed individual liberty was an ingredient mixed into the rude clay used to fashion us; that the divine breath that animates our existence entitles us to life and liberty, which no man may take away. When their imperfect natures allowed them to enshrine slavery into the Constitution, the divine moral perfection underlying the document eventually undid their folly at a great cost in blood, reaffirming the supreme, “self-evident” moral truth penned by Jefferson, himself a slave owner, that “all men are created equal.”

That Judeo-Christian moral truth withstood and outlasted the cruelty and depravity of the Greco-Roman world. Organizing for the sake of organizing won’t undo the cruelty and depravity of modern Progressivism.

By abandoning moral principles, Republicans condemn their party to oblivion. The airwaves are awash with popular culture’s Progressive evangelists who advocate on behalf of a moral system governed by an absolute, unforgiving god – authoritarian government.

The reason for its growing success is obvious. As G.K. Chesterton observed, “When people stop believing in God, they don’t believe in nothing — they believe in anything.”


  1. Touche'…There are rights and wrongs. Everyone has their own. As that great philosopher, Randy Houser states, when anything goes, everything's gone. This I believe is true.