Department of Homeland Security Goes to War?



By Mr. Curmudgeon:

It appears the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is getting ready for war. At least that’s the way it looks when viewing the department’s massive order of.40 caliber hollow-point ammunition.

According to a news release by defense contractor Alliant Techysytems (ATK), the DHS consignment of hollow points “effectively passes through a variety of barriers and holds its jacket in the toughest conditions … and avoids over-penetration.”

DHS’s Weapons and Ammunition Commodity Council says its mission is to provide “a department-wide strategy for consolidating requirements and gaining economies of scale for the acquisition of weapons and ammunition.”

In a procurement document for the purchase of .223 ammunition, DHS redacted the quantity they acquired with swaths of black ink, saying the current exhaustion of DHS ammo stores could lead to “the failure of law enforcement agents being able to effectively perform their jobs” and “could cause substantial safety issues for the government. Furthermore, the government would be severely impacted in its ability to deploy agents and officers to execute their missions which are an integral part of DHS operations … the National Firearms and Tactical Training Unit (NFTTU) are running the risk of depleting mission critical inventory.”

What is the NFTTU? According to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) website, the facility “conducts rigorous testing in labs … to ensure that firearms, body armor and ammunition carried by ICE agents exceed standards … And no other law enforcement agency has a facility like ICE’s NFTTU. Nestled in the hills of Pennsylvania, 21 full-time employees supply tactical gear and ordnance support to more than 60,000 federal law enforcement officers and agents across the world … They also disassemble and rebuild older firearms. By upgrading the stocks and sights and reinstalling pulls, ejectors and extractors, federal law enforcement agents and officers end up with hand-fitted weapons that mass production can’t match.”

In other words, they take off-the-shelf arms and customize them to new heights of lethality for Janet Napolitano’s 60,000-strong army.

Meanwhile, the guardians of America’s elderly – the Social Security Administration – ordered 174,000 rounds of hollow-point man-stoppers for their security details. CNN downplayed concerns raised by many bloggers as yet another in a long line of “anti-government conspiracy theories,” explaining that “hollow-point bullets are standard-issue items for many police agencies … The bullets expand when they hit a target and can help prevent injuries to bystanders from bullets passing through a body, according to police.”

That last news item reinforces the suggestion by many that the U.S. government is preparing to do battle with large numbers of desperate citizens angry at bipartisan Progressive Washington when the U.S. economy collapses.

Just in passing, back in 1996, President Bill Clinton gave hollow-point ammunition a new name – he called them “cop killers,” saying, “We ought to ban those bullets that are built only for one purpose, to pierce the bullet-proof vests that our police officers wear.”

In support of Clinton’s position, Time magazine insisted the round was “designed to unsheathe its claws once inside the victim’s body and tear it to pieces.” Now, the Social Security Administration and CNN say they are kinder, gentler projectiles that “prevent injuries to bystanders.”

The government and media’s rehabilitation of hollow-point ammo proves the old adage that time heals all wounds … provided the government is the one doing the wounding.


  1. I would bet the farm the dhs isn't preparing for an assault on our southern border with Mexico or our northern border with Canada. Or are they secretly preparing to better equip our boys overseas. While they plot to take away our right yo bear arms, they are arming themselves. Where are our gutless members of congress? I was taught that my government was there to protect me from foreign governments. I must have gotten that wrong…..!!!!!

    • our gutless members are in with them. have you seen congress =stand up to anything obama has done to destroy america? the most agree with this marixs president

  2. You're idiots…ICE/HSI, as shown above is the investigative arm of DHS (like FBI is "the" investigative arm of the Justice Dept). ICE HSI is comprised of legacy US Customs and legacy US Immigration federal agents, and like all other federal law enforcement agencies needs PRACTICE AMMO, since they are required to pass firearms qualifications at least 4 times each year, to maintain firearms proficiency.

    There are upwards of 10,000 armed federal uniformed officers and plain-clothed special agents in all of DHS- working for, USSS, FPS, CBP, Border Patrol, ICE ERO (the primary uniformed divisions) and ICE HSI (the special agent corps). None of these officers or agents could do thier jobs without carrying an equilizer. And by-the-way, for the most part, they love thier guns as much as you love your guns, they just have to rely on them each and every day to keep them alive and safe so they can go home to their families.

  3. You noted the problem at the Southern border…whatever is, or isn't being done, carrying a firearm while at least "attempting" to secure and regulate our still sovereign border is a must for any officer or agent assigned to that thankless job. So as many a DHS officers and agents are assigned to do that thankless job and are required to carry a firearm while doing so, they are also required to go to firearms qualifications. And they go through tons of ammo during every 8 hour qualification, at least 4 times each year. So that's approx. 10,000 officers and agents, at land borders, federal buildings, seaports, airports and interior offices who have to qualify with their assigned weapons – all in an attempt to protect America from people who wish to do us harm and break or laws.

  4. The specific photo displayed above is of the ICE / Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Special Response Team (SRT) and their "donated" armored personnel carrier (it’s actually an MRAP- Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle). Several were donated by the Dept. of Defense to various federal law enforcement agencies after a company seeking a DOD contract manufactured several proto-types but lost out to a competitor. Not exactly top of the line equipment, if the DOD chose another, better vehicle over these vehicles, but as I said, they were "donated" – no cost to the tax payer. They would have been destroyed had they not been donated, and they serve to protect SRT members when they are tasked with serving high-risk arrest warrants (warrants signed by a Fed Judge, based upon probable cause) against CRIMINALS- people you do not want living next door to you or dating your daughters…criminals who shoot at and want to kill police.

  5. HSI SRT’s (SWAT) are exactly the same thing your typical large local or state police agency might have and exactly the same as the FBI, DEA, Secret Service, etc…And just like state and locals, the ICE HSI SRT is called out to deal with hostage takers, bomb suspects, armed gang members, arms smugglers and our old favorite from the never-ending drug war, the armed narco-trafficker or violent drug dealer.

    These are just ordinary working special agents- criminal investigators- who volunteer for and then have passed the additional physical and mental standards qualifications required in order to be part of an SRT.

  6. They certainly would not turn their weapons, training or tactics on the general civilian population for any "war"- not even against dumb-asses like you conspiracy jack-wagons who think the federal gov’t would or could ever have the required ability/capacity to forcibly (or even voluntarily) collect every weapon from everyone that has one. You apparently are paying attention to your gov’t so it seems you should know that our legislators do very little, very well.

    You have the same vote the SRT guys have and they are every bit the patriots you figure yourselves to be. Stop acting and sounding so stupid and paranoid.