Iron Domes and Thick Skulls



By Mr. Curmudgeon:

“Until the Israeli society feels some sort of a sense of crisis, a sense of urgency, we will go nowhere,” said Palestinian Authority diplomat Hussam Zomlot to Bob Simon of CBS’s 60 Minutes. And what, you ask, is relieving Israel’s “sense of crisis,” reducing the pressure on the Jewish state to negotiate with Zomlot’s terrorist quasi state? Iron Dome.

“Iron Dome,” so upsetting to Zomlot, is Israel’s new multi-tiered missile defense system, which has successfully intercepted and destroyed around 85% of Hamas’ short-range rockets. Zomlot’s “crisis” initiator – Hamas missiles – is a much smaller threat to everyday life in Israel. “Life is very normal in Tel-Aviv,” complained Zomlot, “People are jogging on the beaches … there is a wall separating them from what is happening over there [the Palestinian Authority].” In short, the worst thing you can do to terrorists is diminish the effectiveness of their terror.

Tighter border security (a wall) has reduced terrorist infiltration into the Jewish state by more than 90%, and Iron Dome has diminished the threat posed by Hamas, who thought their Iranian-supplied rockets would overcome that physical barrier.

Now the Associated Press reports that Israel successfully tested its new-generation Arrow 3 missile, designed to destroy more sophisticated rockets near the edge of space. “This is the first time the interceptor with all of its equipment took off and flew, achieved its velocity and did the maneuver in space,” a senior Israeli Defense Ministry official told the AP, “The Iranian missiles are the main factor to why this system was developed.”

With threats to Israel’s security radically diminished, the Arab world’s radical terrorist leaders will have to find new reasons to justify their existence. As Israeli’s go to work, jog on the beach and see their port cities open to global commerce, the region’s grievance mongers will have to explain why they waste precious resources firing ineffective rockets at an enemy that hardly notices they exist. Meanwhile, their people continue to languish in refugee camps.

We can only hope these misused people grow to hate their ineffective, thick-skulled, hate-monger leaders.