Dreams from My surrogate Father



There have been numerous stories on the peculiar relationship between Frank Marshall Davis and President Barack Obama. There have even been reports that Frank Marshall Davis is in fact Barack Obama’s real biological father. I am not one to subscribe to conspiratorial theories. Whether or not Frank Marshall Davis is Barack Obama’s real father is not the point of this article. What is the point is there is no doubt that Frank Marshall Davis was the only father figure that Barack Obama truly had.

We have all heard the heart warming leftist propaganda story of how a Black Kenyan student and a White Kansas girl met in a Russian language class at the University of Hawaii. The two fell in love and had a baby boy who later would grow up to become the most powerful man on the planet. We heard the stories of sacrifice and hardship and how Ann’s selflessness was paramount; allowing her husband to continue his education at Harvard University. How a young mixed race child made it the top with hard work and perseverance. This was the narrative the media told the masses and they believed it.

Even if Barack Obama Sr. was Barack Obama’s biological father he was not an influence on his life. He did not shape his ideological world view. He did not fill young Barack Obama’s impressionable mind with anti-American rhetoric and Communist sympathizing thoughts.

That job was given to Frank Marshall Davis.

Frank Marshall Davis was born on December 31, 1905 in Arkansas City, Kansas. He was a journalist, political activist, community organizer, poet, photographer, and pornographer. He was a writer and editor for numerous underground and Communist sympathizing newspapers including The Chicago Star and later The Honolulu Herald.

Frank Marshall Davis was also a Communist. This is not opinion. This is a fact. His Communist Party Id# was 47544. He was a radically militant Black Communist. He blamed the start of World War II on American Capitalism. He denounced the Marshall Plan calling it, “White Imperialism” and “Colonial Slavery”. He preached wealth redistribution and nationalization of industry as well as government run and controlled healthcare.

Some of his articles were titled, “Free Enterprise or Socialism?” or “Yankee Imperialism”. He was also a hypocrite. For all his inflammatory language and writings aimed at the oppressive White people most of his closest friends were indeed White; including his pot smoking buddy and Barack Obama’s grandfather, Stanley Dunham. But perhaps his ultimate act of hypocrisy was the fact that his second wife was actually a White woman.

Frank Marshall Davis was such a threat to America’s interests and its security that the Federal Bureau of Investigations had a 601 page file on him and even classified him as an “Index A”. This meant that if in fact a military crisis should occur that he was to be immediately targeted for detainment.

This poor excuse for an American citizen was also the current leader of the free world’s biggest influence and mentor, our President Barack Obama.

Frank Marshall Davis was more than a mentor; he was like a father to a young Barack and helped shape his world views. He mentored Barack Obama in a child’s most formative years from age 11 to 18. It is in this period of Barack Obama’s life that he became less and less Barack Obama and more and more Frank Marshall Davis.

Those were the years under the sun drenched skies of Hawaii where Frank Marshall Davis taught Barack Obama about the things that would later shape and define who he is and what he believes. This is where he first learned about Black Liberation Theology and Militant Black Power. This is where he was taught to always be skeptical of Whites and to see himself as a victim of White America. This is where he embraced the theory of redistribution of wealth and class warfare. This is where Frank Marshall Davis instilled his Communistic ideology into his young pupil.

Barack Obama’s 1995 autobiography, Dreams from My Father really should have been called Communist Teachings that Frank Marshall Davis taught me. That would have been a more appropriate title. It is no secret that “Frank” was mentioned in his book 22 times, and the “Frank” in the book is in reference to Frank Marshall Davis.

Here are some of those excerpts:

Obama’s grandmother, (Toot) and grandfather, (Gramps) were having an argument over whether Gramps should give Toot a ride to work after being threatened at a bus stop by a panhandler. He looks to Frank for a solution. (p. 89-91)

When Toot is having difficulty convincing a drug abusing Obama to apply for college, it is Frank who convinces Barack that college is necessary. (p. 96-98)

Frank Marshall Davis tells Barack that “Black people have a right to hate Whites. (p. 91) He advises a young Barack to “keep his eyes open” and “stay awake” otherwise you could be “trained” against your own interests. (p. 97)

Obviously Barack Obama took his mentor’s advice to heart. In Dreams from My Father Barack Obama writes, “I chose my friends carefully. I chose the more politically active Black students, the foreign students, the Chicanos, the Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk rock performance poets.” (p. 100)

The leftist media never did their due diligence in exposing the relationship between an admitted Marxist Communist and Barack Obama. They never bothered to even ask Barack Obama any tough questions, while vilifying his Republican challengers and humiliating them for their Conservative beliefs. If the leftist media even had a shred of objectivity Barack Obama would have never even been a Senator much less the President.

So now it is plain to see why he refuses to put his hand over his heart during the pledge of allegiance. Or why instead of trying to fix the country’s economic problems he instead has opted to make them worse by forcing government run healthcare down our throats.

Whether or not Frank Marshall Davis is Barack Obama’s biological father at this point is somewhat irrelevant. What is relevant however is the undeniable fact that Barack Obama undoubtedly sympathizes with Communistic ideology. The truth is the only real father figure Barack Obama has had was Frank Marshall Davis. It is for this reason that he is Barack Obama’s father.
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    However, fortunately, I copy/pasted the information to make comment on the latest
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    There needs to be million upon millions of people commenting in protest
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