Karl “Kickback” Rove: Tea Party Principles vs. Establishment Corruption


Karl "Kickback" Rove: Tea Party Principles vs. Establishment CorruptionBy Tim Selaty Sr.

Well, you gotta hand it to the establishment Republican leadership, and their obnoxious sense of entitlement, with ignorantly blaming The Tea Party for their dismal record these past few cycles to regain control of the U.S. Senate. How about we look at the facts, and then make a fair proposition for the man appropriately nicknamed “Turd Blossom”, presumably because Karl Rove is so full of you-know-what.

Establishment Republican efforts these past two cycles to regain control to the United States Senate have been incompetent, as we previously mentioned here a few weeks back. Rove and his buddy Sen. John Cornyn had a string of epic failures these last several years;

Because of the NRSC ineptitude to learn from the NRCC, they continued that same old, same old flat-world mindset and rolled out another roster of so-called “electable” establishment candidates for 2012 in red or battleground states: Tommy Thompson in Wisconsin, Rick Berg in North Dakota, Denny Rehberg in Montana, George Allen in Virginia, Connie Mack in Florida, Pete Hoekstra in Michigan, Heather Wilson in New Mexico (a candidate so flawed that even Rove stated under oath Wilson lied about her involvement in a U.S. Attorney firing), and former governor Linda Lingle in Hawaii. All of these establishment favorites lost – many badly for open seats. As a result of the grassroots Tea Party movement, we now have rising stars like Rand Paul of Kentucky, Marco Rubio of Florida, Mike Lee of Utah, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania – all of whom had to initially clear establishment-moderate-NRSC choices. They joined 2010 conservatives like Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Rob Portman of Ohio, as there was inarguably a lot more triumphs in that cycle because of the Tea Party.

House earmark vigilante and social conservative Jeff Flake of Arizona won his open seat race in 2012. Flake’s fellow conservative Congressman, and Tea Party advocate, Tim Scott of South Carolina has been appointed to Jim DeMint’s seat as he now heads up The Heritage Foundation. Tea Party candidates Ted Cruz of Texas and Deb Fischer of Nebraska now join those ranks as underdogs who beat the establishment odds and won in 2012… does anyone else see a pattern of success here and an epic failure by the Republican establishment?

As also mentioned here at the Tea Party Tribune;

According to the Sunlight Foundation, [Rove’s] Crossroads had a massive political war chest of $300 million but saw no more than 1.29% of its candidates win in 2012. Majority PAC, a liberal organization that supported Democratic candidates, saw a success rate of 87.88%. It had a mere $180 million.

Mark Levin properly called out Rove and his comrade’s meddling with “Get the hell off the stage already, will you pal?” and here for his lack of accountability, bizarre behavior, and narcissism. Rove’s credibility is certainly in question now, as Jeffrey Lord of The American Spectator brought to light, especially In light of past and recent deceptions by him;

There is concern that what Rove is seeking to do is build a Shadow Republican Party — a decidedly Establishment GOP. An Establishment GOP that is effectively built in the image of all those repeatedly losing presidential candidates, not to mention the Establishment losers supported by American Crossroads in recent elections. When in fact the Tea Party — and the conservative movement in general — is the only reason Republicans have been winning in the first place.

So it is very well established that Rove has 1) a lousy track record, 2) a megalomaniac complex that he cannot back up, and 3) can’t seem to get a consistent truth out there to defend either himself or the establishment failures.

Rove even continues to shamefully slander Christine O’Donnell for her grass roots victory against King Republican In Name Only (RINO) and career politician Mike Castle back in 2010, while still not taking any responsibility for his destructive words and ways again as noted below by FOX News’ Sean Hannity and here at the Tea Party Tribune;

Hannity responded [to Rove in 2010] by saying, “This is probably one of the few times we’re going to disagree here, because I’ve met her [O’Donnell], I’ve interviewed her a lot over the years, I’ve found her quite impressive, and more importantly, she is a solid conservative.”

So here’s the kicker for old Karl “Kickback” Rove. If he delusionally continues to self-appoint himself as kingmaker, and dare accuse the Conservative grass roots movement for establishment/moderate Republican failures, then we should be able to challenge Rove’s claim that he is a Crossroads “volunteer”. For an entity that raised $300+ Million, and in light of what we ALL know akin to Morton Blackwell’s article titled “The GOP’s Consultant Problem”, Rove get’s his money from somewhere as former New Gingrich aide Rick Tyler challenged recently to The Washington Post;

Tyler wrote. “I have no way of knowing if his assertion is true. Only Rove knows and given the responsibility he had with resources under his stewardship and that he was presented as an honest broker both on Fox News and The Wall Street Journal, he should provide some assurances that his assertion is true. We know that media buying precipitates commissions (kickbacks). Who got that money or where was it spent and why was it not disclosed?

Several experts noted that Rove could be a part-owner of one of the media or fundraising companies that were paid by Crossroads — what Tyler had called “kickbacks.” For instance, one company loosely linked to Rove’s old Texas firm received money from Crossroads, but we can find no financial connection between Rove and that firm today.

All U.S. Senate candidates have to file their full annual earnings/holdings with the Senate Select Committee on Ethics, and of course Presidential candidates have to file several years of tax returns for public disclosure. If we are to believe someone who has arguably sabotaged the GOP’s chances with his incompetence and ineffectiveness since 2004, and continues to wage war on the Tea Party/Conservative movement and all it stands for, is it too much to ask why won’t Rove show IRS filings and domestic/offshore bank accounts?

Yeah, yeah, one of Rove’s lackeys denied the kickbacks, but frankly these people lie before they are even vertical on a daily basis – that’s what they do for a living. As FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly concluded to O’Donnell, “The old boys don’t want to give up their power.”, to which she astutely added, “…they would rather control the way they lose than lose control of the party.”

In my humble opinion, even with a denial by Rove and his associates, the common thread seems to be Carl Forti of Black Rock Group, who many including Rove have called his protégé, or as Reuters reported here “Karl Rove’s Karl Rove.”

Forti ran Mitt Romney’s Restore Our Future PAC, and was also lead consultant for American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS as noted here. My educated guess is Rove may have gotten his money from Forti/Black Rock Group fees, which again as a 501(c)3 do not have to be disclosed. Forti is a known shell-game guy, and it should be fair game to question that, taking Tyler’s claim one logical step further as stated here;

Forti proposed a plan intended to evade contribution rules while also implementing a coordinated strategy. Black Rock would be used as a middleman, crafting a comprehensive game plan and then advising individual donors on how and where to spend their money.

Maybe this is all just as well, as Rove’s horrible track record continues to this day, so if FOX News is crazy enough to keep rolling Rove out and losing core viewers, we’ll gladly welcome them here and here as we continue to grow. Either way, we won’t give up the fight!