Oct 26, 2016
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A man with 18 kids by 17 different mothers says he is a good father


A man with 18 kids by 17 different mothers says he is a good father.

I’d say he’s good at “fatherING,” however, he is NOT a good father.

But if you want to see what’s plaguing America in general, and young blacks specifically, this video is just one example.

Here is a handsome young black man, in the prime of his life, and his future is already written. His strategy for taking care of (roughly?) 18 kids?  To win a “scratch off” in the Tennessee lottery. Really.

Since he is an ex-offender out of a job, guess who is paying for his 18 children and those scratch off lottery tickets?

He says he coordinates to get the kids. Half at a time. He has all of them at his house at times. I wonder who pays for all this “care” he’s giving these kids?

When asked if the ladies like him, he replies, “The ladies love me.”

One would think that given his circumstance, the “ladies” would be the last thing on his mind.

Listen what this woman has to say; “What is it with black women and lying down with men like Orlando Shaw? “

Kevin Jackson

Kevin Jackson is a father of four sons, and an unlikely success story, given his background.

He is a former management consultant having some of the world’s largest companies as his former clients. Interaction with prominent business leaders, as well as being a business leader himself has provided Jackson real world perspective to politics.
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