Calling Evil, Good, And Good, Evil….


In the respective Biblical Books of Isaiah (Isaiah 5:20) and Jude (Jude 1:10), the Lord warned us that in the last days that we were going to call evil, good, and good, evil. Nowhere was this oxymoronic perversion more evident than to hear and witness the reportage of the successful Filibuster, executed by Wendy Davis, a Texan politician, whose efforts prevented a law that would have banned late-term Abortion to pass – you know late-term Abortion… that evil procedure where doctors are given an exception to breach the Hippocratic Oath of first doing no harm to kill viable children in the wombs of women. This Texan politician, Wendy Davis, who pulled off the Filibuster, was lauded from coast to coast and there was even talk to use those wicked coattails – of keeping in place a law that has murdered countless of viable babies in the womb – to run for higher office. It was reported and projected that Miss Davis political coffers would soon be filled with what would be tantamount to receiving ‘blood money’ as a result of her support for the wholesale slaughter of the Unborn.

One of the most conspicuous Rhinos – Republican In Name Only – Joe Scarborough, who has a show on MSNBC, along with his dozen or so panelists, belittled and castigated Texas’ Governor Perry because he dared to remind Miss Davis of her less than stellar, challenging upbringing, yet she lived to thrive and have success. Governor Perry was trying to fathom Miss Davis’ position in light of the law that she thwarted… given that what she wants to remain in place is a license to kill innocent babies. Now, to hear Mr. Scarborough and those on his panel, Governor Perry was the Devil and Miss Davis was the Virgin Mary and they went on to say that how dare that Mr. Perry get personal… by invoking Miss Davis’ childhood. To Mr. Scarborough, you do not think that it is personal to those babies who are being murdered every day in Texas and elsewhere under the late-term Abortion scheme?

Let us supposed that someone had gone out and raised money for the National Riffle Association (NRA) in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy that killed all those children down in Connecticut – what do you think that the Scarboroughs in the Liberal Media would have said about such fund-raising on the part of the National Riffle Association? Yet, this is what Miss Davis has done and the blood money coattails that are coming and will continue to come into her coffers… and capped off even with potential higher political office. All these questionable rewards are being had by Miss Davis for her positing ‘evil’ and perversely, thwarting the life saving legislation that would have banned late-term Abortion. To Mr. Scarborough, giving doctors an exception to murder babies is evil and those of us who speak out about the murders of children, who died via guns, should also critically noise about those who are advocates of late-term Abortion and call them what they are: advocates of children’s murders who have nothing morally on the renown baby killers of the world.

In the Gospel, King Herod, fearing that the Christ was going to threaten his monarchy, signed an edict which sanctioned the murder of thousands of Jewish boy children two years and under (Matthew 2:16)– do you think that the onus only fell on those soldiers who actually murdered the children or did it rightly fell on King Herod too. In our History, do we not blame Hitler for killing of the Jews, even though Hitler himself did throw any of the Holocaust victims into the ovens… why should any of us, even Miss Davis, who support Abortion get a moral pass? Once again, I say that Joe Scarborough and his panel are fulfilling the prophecy that we are indeed calling ‘good,’ ‘evil’ and verse versa… manifested in the salient facts that Miss Davis is being lauded and that those who oppose her are being castigated as the monsters.