They all lied about how Ambassador Christopher Stevens Died in Benghazi


By: Diane Sori


As new information is finally starting to leak out about what really happened in Benghazi on that fateful night of September 11, 2012, NOTHING is more telling than this one single photograph…for this photograph proves that Ambassador Christopher Stevens did NOT die of smoke inhalation in the embassy compound as was claimed by the Obama administration, but was taken alive, raped, sodomized, and God only knows what else…and Barack HUSSEIN Obama, Hillary Clinton, and all those in their vile orbit knew this from day one and all bold-faced lied.

They all willfully, deliberately, and with malice LIED to Ambassador Stevens’ family and to ‘We the People’. And while we all know that some claim that Stevens was the middle-man in Obama’s gun and weapons running operation to the Syrian rebels, or that he was actually kidnapped to trade for the Blind Sheik and mistakenly killed, I believe that what I will tell you about this picture coupled with Obama’s cover-up and LIES, gives credence to my belief (one that I’ve had since day one) that Ambassador Stevens found out Obama was running guns and weapons under the table to the al-Qaeda supported Syrian rebels, and was silenced before he could expose what Obama was doing.

Before I get to the photograph we must let the lead-up facts speak for themselves.

First, we all know there was NO spontaneous mob protest outside the consulate as Obama claimed for the first two weeks after the attack. Mob violence that got out of control because of an anti-islamic YouTube video he said, but a video that few had actually seen, that is until he went on Pakistani TV bloviating and apologizing for it after the fact. And with both former CIA Director David H. Petreaus and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton both knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that NO video was involved, they both bold-faced lied to Congress when first questioned, claiming that it was the video and the video alone that caused the attack. But I hate to tell them …NO I’m happy to tell them…lying under oath is a felony…an arrestable offense.

Second, Obama and crew still continue to claim there was NO warning of an impending attack issued by our Benghazi consulate. LIARS…there were many calls fearing an attack was imminent sent out by NOT only the Benghazi consulate and Ambassador Stevens himself, but also by our Tripoli embassy. Stevens sent out numerous pleas for help in the days and hours before the attack, because he knew of and feared the significant number of well-armed militias, all with ties to al-Qaeda, that were roaming the area around Benghazi. Also, remember that just a few months before, in June of the same year, a terrorist attack on the British Ambassador to Libya was attempted (thankfully it failed) causing both Britain and the International Red Cross to close their Benghazi offices…and the Red Cross just does NOT pick up and run without justification.

Those events in June alone should have served as a warning to Washington that our consulate and our people were in danger.

Third, fast forward to September 10th, when al-Qaeda head honcho Ayman al-Zawahrin publicly called on Libyans to seek revenge for the killing of a Libyan al-Qaeda leader, and that the next morning, September 11th, Libyan so-called ‘police officers’ who were supposed to be helping guard the compound were seen taking pictures of the inside of the compound. In fact, Ambassador Stevens sent an e-mail to DC that morning stating that he found this picture taking “troubling” and received NO reply. Now add in that on the afternoon of September 11th, the Blue Mountain Security manager, whose company also provided some of the guards for the Benghazi compound, sensed something was wrong and put out an alert via radio and cellphone, and according to media reports, there were roadblocks and check points set up well in advance of the attack because of his alert.

Fourth, our response to all this was to send up an unarmed surveillance drone over the consulate compound about 90 minutes AFTER the attack started…the very drone through which Barack HUSSEIN Obama watched our people being slaughtered…which of course he claimed he NEVER did. And if you believe that I’ve got some swamp land to sell you, because (and this is my belief alone) this man had to make sure Stevens was killed one way or the other so his ‘secret’ would be safe…so rest assured he saw it all.

And now remember all the conflicting reports of orders being issued or orders NOT being issued to ‘stand down’. I say ordering forces that were prepared to assist during an on-going attack to ‘stand down’ or NOT giving go orders at all to units ready, willing, and able to assist is NOT an act of negligence as some are trying to claim, but borders on…if NOT is…an act of treason.

And so, General Carter Ham, then commander of AFRICOM whose jurisdiction took in Benghazi, testified last week about that fateful night during a closed door hearing before the House Armed Services Committee, but isn’t it odd that NO reports of his testimony have been reported on…NONE whatsoever by any of the news media…just reports on the testimony of underlings…hmmm…

What we do know at this point is that two Marine anti-terrorist teams based in Rota, Spain, were ready to go assist in Benghazi, but reports claimed that it would have taken the first team 23 hours to get to Tripoli (which is an out and out LIE for while the two locations are 1,553 miles apart they’re only 3 hours 5 minutes apart in flight time), and that the second team was NEVER deployed because they were told that US personnel had been evacuated from Benghazi…another LIE because NO one had been evacuated and NO one was sent in to evacuate anyone. And isn’t it also odd that NOT one of these supposed ‘evacuees’… survivors actually…eye witnesses to the day’s events…has been seen or talked to by any media outlet…convenient huh. Also, there was a 130-man, fully armed Marine Force-Recon unit on the ground in Sigonella, Sicily, that could have been in Benghazi in 1 hour and 14 minutes, for the two locations are only 610 miles apart, but was NEVER called to do so.

So, with General Ham testifying in a closed-door session with the House Armed Services Committee, we still CANNOT get word of what his testimony entailed, but underling Lt. Col. S.E. Gibson said his commanders…and who pray tell were those commanders…told him to remain in the capital of Tripoli to defend Americans in case of additional attacks, and to help survivors being evacuated from Benghazi…but at that time NO one was being evacuated as the consulate was under heavy attack with NO help coming to either aid or rescue them.

And even with this testimony, even if the actual words ‘stand down’ were NOT uttered, the bottom line remains that with NO help forthcoming…with all parties involved making excuses for why help couldn’t be sent…this proves there was a total lack of military response to Ambassador Stevens’ pleas for help even with what the drone overhead was showing, and that in and of itself is an order to ‘stand down’ as far as I’m concerned.

Now to the photograph itself and remember this is NOT a newly released photograph but a photograph now seen differently, because one main point in this photograph has been overlooked by all…until now that is. Remember reports by a Libyan doctor claimed Stevens died ‘at the consulate’ of “severe asphyxia,” sometimes known as smoke inhalation, but results of an autopsy done on Stevens’ body after it was returned to the US have NOT been made public to either prove or disprove that. And then known al-Qaeda terrorist Abdallah Dhu-al-Bajadin piped in claiming Stevens was killed by lethal injection ‘at the consulate’, and while some do NOT discard that as a possible cause of death that too has NOT been proven or disproved, again because our government has NOT released our US done autopsy results. But no matter as neither of those scenarios is the truth because Ambassador Stevens did NOT die at the Benghazi consulate…he died…NO he was MURDERED… after being taken very much ALIVE from the consulate and at the direct hands of the enemy…an enemy aided by our president…and here’s the proof…

Notice Ambassador Stevens being carried by the barbarians…notice his right arm hanging down limp…now notice his bent left arm up by his face trying to either protect his face, cover his eyes, or even wipe tears from his eyes, but guess what…dead men do NOT wipe tears from their eyes nor do they try to cover their faces…NO…AMBASSADOR STEVENS WAS ALIVE NOT DEAD FROM SMOKE INHALATION and NO crap that he died at the hospital…and NO nonsense that maybe rigor-mortise had set in to bend his arm because that takes hours to happen and the time frame for that just isn’t here. This man was NOT being taken to a hospital after death as claimed but was dragged ALIVE through the streets, raped, sodomized, brutalized, and murdered by these muslim bast*rds, and this is why NO official US autopsy reports have been released. This fact had and still has to be hidden at all costs for Stevens being alive at this point could very well blow Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s cover-ups of why that night in Benghazi happened.

Bottom line…our miserable muslim sympathizing president and his equally miserable former Secretary of State both NOT only LIED to us all about the reason for Benghazi, but also covered-up the cause of Ambassador Stevens’ death and everything relating to Benghazi. And that, I believe, is grounds for immediate arrest for treason.
* The Arabic writing on the photograph says: The Libyan Media Network… meaning this photo was actually released by the Libyan media itself and is NOT some photoshopped photo


  1. I have no doubt it hat you are correct. We have been lied to and mislead on Benghazi purely for selfish political reasons. Our potus and sos should and must be held accountable for these four mud:-) d:-) ers-. They are complicit.

    • Sec of Defense Gates said that the critics of Benghazi “have a cartoonish view of our military capabilities”
      When you slur Obama you also serve ALL those who serve under him. If ANY of your fabrications were REAL than any honorable officer would immediately resign. None have.
      Now in 2015 you can see that after 15+ investigations we can see that all of your slurs are lies

      • HAVE YOU ever been in the military? You can’t just resign because you don’t agree with your superiors.. If you buck, you might end up in military prison. What are you suggesting — AWOL??? You have to finish your commitment to the United States of American.

      • History will show that the United States was conquered , from within, without a shot being fired. The UN is governed by muslims. All of the leadership postitions have been held by muslims for the past 3 decades. the UN is currently invading all of Europe, canada, and the US with islamic men who have been given refugee status, which is a lie. They are NOT leaving Syria. They are leaving Jordan and Turkey. THIS IS A FABRICATED FALSE NARRATIVE. TEN THOUSAND MUSLIMS A WEEK ARE ENTERING THE us, EVERY WEEK AND HAVE BEEN FOR 6 YEARS, tHEY KEEP US OCCUPIED WITH STUPID MARRIAGE RIGHTS AND FALSE RACIAL PROBLEMS SO THAT NO ONE PAYS ATTENTION. iN A DECADE, AMERICA WILL BE AN ISLAMIC NATION. No one will stop this in time. But as long as Walmart stays open. Who cares Right. PHOTOS ARE COMING OUT OF OUR SCHOOLS OF OUR CHILDREN BEING FORCED TO ACTIVELY PRAY TO ALLAH AND YET PARENTS ARE STILL SENDING THEIR KIDS TO PUBLIC SCHOOLS, LIKE ROBOTS, WE WILL HAVE LOST WITHOUT ONE SHOT BEING FIRED.

      • Please….I’m retired US Army 11D60/19D60/45B60. A president can be a total A _ _ and any American has the right to criticize him, and that does not reflect on the dedicated men and women who are SERVING THIS COUNTRY. While one swears he will OBEY the President, note that the purpose of the soldier/sailor/marine/airman, etc is: ” I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.” (Title 10, US Code; Act of 5 May 1960 replacing the wording first adopted in 1789, with amendment effective 5 October 1962). The President is ALWAYS a temporary occupant- our Country, our Constitution is FOREVER, G_d willing. Criticism of our President, or of any other self-serving political hack, is not criticism of our men and women in uniform. And “that’s the name of that tune”.

        • Thank you Joe for the proper factual info that sheds the much needed light on to this unfortunate situation. I’m writing this on 9/23/16…and we continue to be kept in the dark, lied to…distracted from…etc…and whatever works for the moment from finding out the truth. I somehow landed on this page for some reason ? Could just be a coincidence but I know better than that : ) Anyway, this is the first information that I’ve come across with this news regarding the Ambassador being tortured and the time line of his death. This had happened at a point in my life when I like too many others were living in an attitude that our Government had our best interests at heart LOL !!!
          It’s a different day…today !! I was fortunate enough to have been awoken to the truth, and here we are a few weeks from election day..if things go the way they are supposed to happen, so flip a coin on that one ??? But as far as the few other posts on this page. How interesting to look back on the way that people felt at the time then to see how the future all played out almost exactly like what was the most fearful of their concerns. I could go on and on but I’ll cut it short. Regarding the Military leaders.Obama accomplished his assigned task of practically dismantling our military, especially letting go a large number of upper tier officers who refused to play his game… The Muslim in Chief..
          What a disgrace to our country and now The SheBeast running for President ?? My God… How did this happen ? I pray it’s not too late for our country !!!
          Also, I’d like to thank you for your service to our country.
          God Bless, J. A. Capaldi

      • Have to agree with this statement. It’s not like the movies. And even if it were, a lot of movies nowadays portrayed the military as a type of entity that will leave a handful of people behind to worry about the welfare of a larger population. Is it sad and do we want to blame someone for not acting in the time we deem appropriate? Yes. But, unless you have served in a combat unit and been deployed, you have no place commenting on what should’ve and could’ve been done.
        As for me, I think they stalled too long but I am not completely confident that the outcome would’ve been different.

  2. We elect these people to be all our voices in one, and to settle disputes we as an entire population cannot, yet we don't realize we are the ones being used and lied to. We are their puppets and they are making a show of us alright. Not only did they sit back and allow an innocent man to get brutally murdered in the worst way possible to a man but they did not even have the audacity to respect the memory of the man to say he was murdered.
    Well Congrats U.S. this is our "elected officials".

  3. Really people!!!!!!!!!! Is this not more propaganda B/S ?????????? #1 – is this really Ambassador Stevens??????? #2 Lets get off the Obama/Clinton Administration……… WHO DENIED THE FUNDS TO THE EMBASSY?????????? Let us all not forgot that it was congress…. AND 3rd let us all NOT forget who runs Congress????????? AHHHHHHHHH maybe the Republicans………

    • While I agree that the soot around Steven's nostrils suggest smoke inhalation and the gash on the side of his forehead suggest that he was dead before he received it (no profusion of blood). I disagree about funds:

      Since 1963, the security of diplomatic missions has been the responsibilities of host countries:

      1st level – Article 31 of the Vienna Conventions on Consular Relations.(1963)
      2nd level – Status of Forces Agreement
      3rd level – Marine Security Guards
      4th level – Marine FASTeams
      5th level – Marine Air Contingency Battallion
      6th level – Marine Expeditionary Force
      7th level – Armed Forces of the United States

      All of these are routine and cost the State Department nothing from their budget. Claims that their budget was cut is as stupid as blaming it on a video.

      • I thought it was a gash too, but if you look closely, it was just a misplaced lock of hair. That actually makes it more likely that he died afterwards since the pic of him lying dead on the floor wrapped up shows blood on his face and sheet. He must have been alive after he was taken away in order to bleed on the sheet and face. If he died of smoke inhalation, why did he have a bloody face in the last pic and no blood in the one that made the front pages? Also, I am not a Republican, but cutting funds never stopped the State Department from properly protecting our diplomats in the past. It would not have stopped them this time either. It was gross negligence on the part of the Secretary of State at the time and…it makes a HUGE difference, Madam Clinton.

    • since when is congress run by republicans,,,when dems run the senate and the repubs run the house. senate has last word…harry reid shuts down and/or never brings to the floor for a vote any and all bills coming from the house.

    • You are so damn stupid, ignorant and uninformed! Low information voters like you are the reason that we have a Muslim loving piece of shit in the White House now. Go educate yourself asshole.

      • He is a disinformation specialist employed by the DNC to create disinformation. Hide the truth from American voters of what the DNC is doing to our Country.

    • Congress, you idiot, is both houses. One republican majority the other democrats. In this case, also dimwit, the SOS is responsible for foreign embassies. Moron.

    • Not at that time, dumbass. It's been run UNTIL 2014 elections by – wait for it – yeah, those good-for-nothing lying libturds aka demoncraps! Their leader being the liar in chief and Hellory clinton is a lie in and of herself! What a weakling you are. oblama is nothing but a walking lie and a treasonous one at that!

      • Beau you sound like a real he man tuff guy, It is well known that people insult others with the words that would hurt THEM the most. Did people call you those names and once hurt you?

        • You moron, people use words that would hurt anyone they were said too. There called insults and insults are offensive to everyone. Not just a select few there Doctor Dipshit. I think your missing the bottom line here. The fact is despite the cause of his death. The man’s dead period. Why is he dead? Cause of lack of common sense by those in charge of making the calls to get him the support necessary to get him out alive and they ignored the warnings from not just himself, but those their to protect him and many many others. And if you understood how a chain of command works in the military, you’d understand that you as a soldier can’t just do as you please and grab a shit load of people and rush over to protect him since our leaders of this country decided to ignore the obvious signs. These decisions come from the top of chain of command. Which is exactly why he had emailed them directly warning them of this situation and events that led to this man’s death. Doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure this out. When someone spends more time trying to cover up a situation and lies to the entire country about the facts of what really took place, and goes out of their way to make sure any evidence is either unobtainable or mysteriously vanishes. You cab bet the farm their cover up something. And let’s just say they really didn’t know there was a problem, or they didn’t get the emails, or weren’t aware of the obvious warning signs. Then they at best in their defense, werent doing their damn job very thoroughly and it cost this man his life. And that’s putting it nicely for all you Obama Llamas out their that are sucking that Muslim dick of his and hers. Those of us on the other side call it common sense and neither of those two even when working together have enough sense to tie their own shoes, let alone run this country and that’s evident judging by the shit this country has had to deal with since both of them stepped foot into office. Last thing I’d like to point out real quick. Generally speaking if the bad guys take the time to drag a body out into the streets and sodomize, brutally beat someone from head to toe and do it out in the open for the people around to see, its done with the intentions to make this person suffer a slow miserable death with as much pain beinh delivered as possible before expiring. Which leads me to believe he wasn’t dead when the pictures were taken. There’s no pain being inflicted on a man that has already died from smoke inhalation. In closing, think about this. If the entire country was asking for the autopsy reports that would clearly state his cause of death and would free your entire party’s involvement in covering up his death and drop any suspicions of your involvment leading up to his death. Wouldn’t you see to it that all that information was readily available to anyone stating these claims of your involvment? Your damn right you would. But their not. What’s that tell you? Or shall I explain again what common sense tells you about that again…wake up

    • all you rightwing idiots WANT to believe the worst. Stevens died some time after the smoke inhalation a quick look at WebMD will show you why this happens
      What I can't understand is why you are blaming the military for not doing something immediately, you know like in books and movies

      • Are you do deep into yourself that you cannot see the forest for the trees??? Good grief man… why is it so foreign to you that the obama administration can doctor ANYTHING they want so that people like you will believe it? Wake the hell up!

    • Why don't YOU just remember the awful way that this man died? And why don't YOU put yourself in his families place? Quit trying to turn it around! A death occurred…more than one! And Obama and Hilary are not taking responsibility! But by all means, please continue to bury your head in the sand about it! You are a FOOL!

    • Please stop acting like some political party demagogue. Act like a red blooded American who actually loves this country. Comunism, socialism and Islam do not fit into a free society such as America because they by definition apposed freedom. The Islam I speak of is the Islam that is more than a religious belief, but spans into a political arena.

    • don't give a rats ass who is congress, what right has the old lady to take posseession of the mans body and say NO AUTOPSY/, and for what reason. she should be shot and dragged down the streets with her good bddy obuma. the neve of those dirty pigs goes far beyond the call of duty specialy that old lady and obuma, no wonder his new imigration oath they are not commited keep our coutry free by putting their lives on the line, bet obuomass had his finger crossed when he put his filthy lie ridden hand on the christian bible taking his oath to presidency, how irresponsibe hitler & isis way of slapping America. bury the two of them in and end the hypocracy they have done………… real traitors that want to be president oh MY "GOOD GODIN HEAVEN ABOVE SAVE US FROM THESE SATAN IDIOTS" TOO DISGUSTINE AND PRIMAL

      • Obuma? Something isn’t right here! You have no concept of the English language, and would say you are probably some muslim extremist looking to stir up trouble and anguish.. Folks, watch out for this crap…

    • You're so full of crap your eyes are brown! You couldn't see the truth if it bit you in your arse!
      #1..yes the picture is of Stevens…it was the enemy that took the picture. #2 Denied funds to the embassy? Who cares? Stevens had to be killed because obama and his cohorts were sending arms over there and Stevens found out! #3 Who runs congress? Seriously? The ones that line the pockets of every person in Congress runs congress… and #4.. for once if people like you would only do your research instead of acting like sheep, believing every word that comes from your lord and dictator, obama … things wouldn't be the way they are in America today.. you're dumbed down, disinformed, lied to, and treated like and accept the fact that you're nothing more than puppets!
      You gave yourself away in your #2 statement. Anyone whom supports the obama regime is a blind, mindless droid. I only pray that you and others like you wake the hell up before it's too late! If you're not going to stand up against this tyrannical government, then you'd better get out of the way for real patriots to do their job, or get run down in the process! Now, turn off the lame stream media, shut the hell up and start doing some real research. By the way, I'm shutting off notices on my reply to you. So if you have something to say in reply to this, it's only because you didn't take my advice and do your research. In that case, I REALLY do not want to hear from you again!

    • At the time of the incident, the Democrats still had control of the congress. Remember the GOP spanked their ass in the 2012 mid-term election.

    • You are clearly an idiot. In 2012, when this event took place Congress was not controlled by the Republicans. And furthermore, if they did, it doesn't give Democrats permission to kill Americans. Yes, I said it. Clinton, Obama and Biden, all knew what was going on and did nothing. They might as well just pulled the trigger themselves.

    • You are an idiot!!!!! A true full blooded idiot. The president could have easily sent in a rescue team to save people without getting approval from congress, but he didn't have the balls to do it. He is a disgrace to this country and so are you.

    • Obama was awol during this whole ordeal and Hillary was a coward and patriots died. That's where the only blame goes. Whoever gave the command or said @stsnd down" should pay the price and be brought to justice can't send civilized people into barbaric lands!

    • Nope, it was a majority of democrats who denied funding, but that was for 2013, in 2012 the embassies got all they wanted. Regardless funding or the lack of it is no excuse for not rescuing them.

  4. Yes, because surely carrying a man on your shoulders is the easiest way to "rape, torture and sodomize" him. as opposed to dragging him through the streets. Oh, btw, there's an entire video showing him being carried from the building to a car, which was then driven to a hospital. You, sir, are an idiot.

  5. His arm being bent proves he was sodomized in the street? What are you on? Where is your proof he was sodomized? The truth can stand on its own you don't have to make up your own version. Where is your proof. All this picture proves i he may have had some life still left in, people die all the time slowly it is not always instant, esp from smoke damage.

    • Í can only wonder why there is a photograph of him being carried upside down, naked from the waist down- without any evidence at this point of the wounds to his head and side that were reported later. Why would he be carried out without any pants or underwear on ? Muslims have strict hijab / modesty for men as well as women. Muslims would’ve covered up his buttocks., thighs and his front as well. He actually looks to be bending his one arm in front of his face. There is no soot or blood on his body here. Then there are YouTube videos of multiple men shooting videos of him with their cameras -delaying with moving him. There is another photo posted of him with men holding him by the arms while he is laying in a supine position limp on the ground with head flopped backwards with mouth open and his body is covered with soot and blood..Without any other evidence , one must supposed that something happened between these two pictures. The results of the autopsy still have never been released which would’ve dismissed any speculations. The photos were secured from Libyan News Agency which reported along with other Middle Eastern news agencies initially that Ambassador Stevens was raped and tortured before being killed.

    • You are a fucking moron. Why don't you go live with those fucking camel humping towel heads. Or actually pull your head outof the asses of Obama and his people. Either way the was a cover up and lies. Which is treason, Why have they not arrested the president? Because this country is being run by idiots like you.

  6. I don't think she said the picture proves he was sodomized …. But it does stand to reason, given the company he was in, that's what Muslims do. I think the main issue, the driving force of this article is this. WHY HASN'T THE AUTOPSY BEEN RELEASED? Because that asshole OBAMA thinks we are going to forget about Benghazi, guess what? NOT HAPPENING!

  7. Total Bullshit. This was based on a false news report that has since been retracted. The only lies being told are by the tea party and their kind. Remember it was the GOP controlled congress. If you're going to make such heinous statements, you should at least confirm they're true.

    • ^I agree with you. She posts a pic , that may be the ambassador, yes, but maybe not. I watched a video that this picture came from; it probably was him. But the video shows the man being carried to a car and put in it after being pulled from a building by rescuers that were glad to find him alive and then possibly being taken to a hospital. So she bases her whole rant on misinformation. And she is just as guilty of promoting misinformation.

    • because your an idiot and half of what is written in this article is made up BS from someone who clearly lacks formal education or understanding of conviction.

      • People, when is enough going to be enough? If even half of this is true, we ALL, no matter what party, should be demanding the results of the autopsy and all information instead of contemplating running Hillary for President for God’s sake.

  8. Lol, this picture proves that he was carried through the streets and raped/tortured? Combined with the videos of him being pulled from the house looking half dead. It seems like they carried to him the hospital where he died of smoke inhalation like the doctor said. Seriously, how do you get rape/torture from this picture or any picture or video? You have to really WANT that to believe it.

  9. You are so morally corrupt and sick that I actually pity you. In the first place you can't tell anything from this photo. The idea of Obama running guns is so preposterous it's really not worth commenting on. I am willing to bet that you are a closed minded little racist who should do your homework before you open your nasty mouth.

    • The cia has been running weapons to the middle east for decades being a bad president has nothing to do with race read and study qui
      Listining to msnbc and toby Keith this is how
      it is world leaders will always be shady

    • No you need to wake up your closed mind! You need to do your research on your president. Read his book! He tells you what he thinks of America and what he's going to do when he becomes president because his real father was a Communist! I ask you. Did you vote for him because he's half black? That's racists!

      • I voted for his black ass just because he was black. I regret that decision. I do not vote Hillary either Ms. Benghazi.

  10. The amount of conjecture, supposition, and basic hysteria in both this story and the comments is unnerving. How one can determine that another one was raped from a photograph showing anything OTHER than the act is ridiculous. Second, BHO considers this matter "closed" when he and the Administration has provided little information to actually dispel so many rumors, innuendos, and gross speculation.

    It is a tragedy and will likely not be resolved before BHO leaves office.

  11. I was totally unaware of the attacks on the Embassy until many hours AFTER it was over. The only news cut ins were brief with the messages that an American Embassy was being assaulted. I am not sure that the Ambassador was still alive in the photo because like the photos of Bigfoot, all the ones I have been able to see have been blurry or very grainy. I am not disputing anything here, just making an observation is all. The bottom line for me is simply that the President of the United States of America, the former Sec. State Clinton, Betrayous et. al should all be arrested, tried for treason and executed on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial or the Halls of Congress.

  12. This article on so many levels flies in the face of journalism quality, fundamentals, and ethics. I'm a journalism student right now and we use a lot of material from this site as "what not to do". If I can get payed more than this lady gets payed one day than something is seriously wrong.

    • The only "journalism majors" given decent grades are ones like you who write liberal biased articles. I'm sure you get an ""a" every time you write an article blasting anything the Tea Party prints.

    • I'm pretty sure that this is an op-ed piece. So ……yeah. #1: It's not a professional journalist, #2: An op-ed piece is just that, an *OPINION* editorial. and #3: we don't apply journalist ethics to an opinion. Opinions are subjective.

  13. wow. this whole ridiculous, psycho-babble rant is predicated on the fact that you seriously believe that the person in the news video/photo is actually former Ambassador Stevens. and you believe it must be true because it comes from such a "trustworthy" Libyan media outlet. so you must feel that in no way, shape, or form would the Libyans produce anything to discredit the American Government or its people.
    Sure hope you are not using all these "facts" to hold up the magical soapbox you perched yourself on because they surely cant support your article, let alone you.

  14. Yup. That picture, right there, proves he was sodomized, brutalized, and murdered. You're right. Even though it shoes nothing but a man who may or may not be Christopher Stevens slung over the shoulder of another man. It couldn't possibly be a random man who needs help and is being helped. It couldn't possibly be Libyans attempting to save his life. And even though it shows NOTHING in the way of rape or murder, (or even a definitive image of Christopher Stevens) it absolutely HAS to be Christopher Stevens getting raped and murdered.

    Damn. Guess the wool has been pulled over my eyes.

    • Yes, the wool HAS been pulled over your face, by a man who claims to be a Christian, but then I could say I'm a NUCLEAR SCIENTIST, but that does not make it so. Wake up! Do your own investigating, this man has been proven to not even be an American Citizen by the most revered Law Enforcement Officer in the world, Sheriff Joe ARPAIO OF Maricopa county in Arizona. Perhaps the only thing that got him elected was the soft hearted citizens who felt sorry for him because he is black, or maybe because he is a Democrat.( My brother hates black people but voted for Obama because he is a democrat).

      • Guess we’ll never know ? Just curious… would you prefer that we didn’t know ?
        Fact is that he’s dead ..we have proof of that…don’t we ? So if it wasn’t him does that somehow let the despicable Hillary Clinton off the hook ? Like the cold hearted bitch said “what difference does it make”…
        Bottom line…it was on her watch that 4 innocent AMERICANS were murdered that evening !!!!
        Incidentally, were you there? Can you absolutely 100% be sure to make a statement that there’s not proof… The answer is NO !
        But once again “at this point, what difference does it make” ??????

        Have A Good Day….

  15. Look closely and you will see one of him and how many of them whose limp body is being carried like a sack of potatoes. He was standing on the roof waiting for a helicopter to deliver him from the depths of hell. The victims of Katrina screams were heard when the water was rising and copters were deployed so they could become survivors and not drown . We need to have compassion for our fellow man who is a wounded warrior and not pay our respects to assassins who have his blood on their hands. There is no honor just horror among thieves who rape, pillage and pummel our citizens. The photo was released by the Libyan Media Network for us to see with our very own eyes. His tombstone should read deliver not deceiver of people.

  16. the tea party keeps telling me we are at war with these folks. if that's the case, isn't stevens and co. the enemy? no? he was "first liaison with the libyan opposition."

    let me understand…we can kill them, they can kill each other…but….they can't kill us? seems like a whiny-war fought by good ole american pussies and wimps….or…stated differently…politicians! stevens was a smiley-faced covert operator. EVERYONE knows that!

    if we go into a country during wartime….and choose sides…we get what we deserve. perhaps death.

    • So you were there to confirm this ? With all your knowledge on this subject why haven’t you been subpoenaed yet to give testimony before a Congressional hearing ? You could be very valuable at tying up those nasty little loose ends and maybe this could all go away..just like anyone on the wrong side of the Clintons miraculously “goes away” !!
      Please find another site for your idiotic debates… One preferably where the participants are dumbed down to a level on the equal with you !!!! Better yet, how about one where your superior to the Morons !!! Your not going to find it here !!!! People here actually have some intelligence and knowledge on this topic and also have an ability to see through BULLSHIT !!! Can’t you recognize when you’re out of your league ???
      Probably not…. Just like the rest of your crew !!!!

      Acceptance Is The Key….

  17. Wake up America, the truth is right before your eyes, if only you want to dig deeper to believe what is really happening to us! Hold on, the ride is going to be one you've never experienced before nor will you ever again. Lives are on the line, threats, killings, bombings, have incurred . . . yet you still don't see the truth. Shame on you! Your poor kids and grandkids….

    • I'm happy to SEE the truth, when I actually do SEE it. Articles like these are the biggest problem in America. The spread of hate and anger, making others hate and be angry, and without one single shred of evidence, or even a source for crying out loud! So many are willing to read things like this and become outraged and pass judgement, or even God forbid, take action, without doing research, because they unfortunately believe that if it's from a news article, it must be true. People that write these articles have a RESPONSIBILITY to the people to either tell only the truth that can be proven, or make it very clear that what they're saying is their opinion. She mentions a couple times that it's her own theory about Obama being behind Stevens's death, but she states everything else as fact. Again, without giving one single source or shred of proof. A hypocrite in the truest sense of the word, to bash the media for misleading and then to go on touting her theory as fact. And there are numerous things in this article that are blatantly untrue. The rest, I don't know about, and that's because she didn't give anything other than her word to back it up.

  18. Wow! I decided to research this issue because my church leader had mentioned it in a Bible course. Thank you for getting the truth out.

  19. There are many other pictures. The terrorists had cell phone cameras and took many pictures and proudly sent them to friends and relatives and posted them. Comparing these to big foot pictures is disingenuous. Or the work of a paid provocateur.
    Why is everything being kept secret if there is not something wrong?
    At the very least, even the most liberal supporter of Obama and Hillary will have to admit they should have had ten times more security in Syria, of all places.
    Google Vince Foster and learn a little more about how Hillary and the Social Democrats deal with dissenters on their team.

  20. You are exceptionally sick…no one sodomized Chris Stevens, but BOTH REPUB AND DEM ABANDONED HIM TO DIE

    Reichstag911 the day the state of isreal and traitors here in US mass murdered our firefighters for biblical borders and pipelinistan

    Anyone who supports palins comment that waterboarding is a way to baptize our enemies, or enrage people with lies tha Chris Stevens was sodomized….is just sick

    you people have no empathy, you dont love jesus and you certainly do not believe in the founding fathers and their attempt to establish REAL REPUBLIC in this world via the true and firm foundation of GOD given rights for ALL, all the time, no exceptions, no debates, no qualifications…you folks want your rights but if someone you call a foreigner is around all of a sudden you are happy as hogs in sh*t to trample their GOD given rights, call them terrorists for what bush and his jew banker pnac cabal did on 911 and ‘baptize’ them sarah palin version….

    absolutely pathetic…you people celebrate the triumph of ignorance over widom

    you are not tea baggers you are douche bags…period

    • Very Well Said, Thank you

      The only people being sodomized are those that believe the insane lies and propaganda the ultra right spew about the President. It is such a cliche but is truer now than ever before: Fascism is alive in America,it has always been here but not like it is now. They want civil war,against the poor, or people of color. They want chaos,they don't want democracy,they want power. Do not get fooled by words,the Nazi's called their movement National Socialism. As if. They can call themselves anything they want,but at the end of the day they are simply fascists.They seek Permanent War,which they call fighting for freedom. They say "we want our country back"-which translates: We don't want a black president. Got it?

    • You are completely wrong about your assertion that the founding fathers held the belief that god given rights were for all, all the time, without exception, debate, or qualification. 100% wrong. The proof of your idiocy on this subject is written down in easy to read and understand language throughout the constitution. Here are several examples, I will not list all of them because they are many and it would do you good to actually go and read the constitution many times over until you comprehend what it is actually saying. The constitution was ratified on 9-17-1787. Example number 1. In Article IV Section 2. The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States. That clearly states you must first and foremost be a citizen of a State in the US. At that time, there was no such thing as a US citizen. US citizenship did not come about until the fourteenth amendment was ratified on 7-9-1868. If you were a slave or were a woman or a male not yet 21 years of age, even after the fourteenth was ratified, you did not yet have equal rights. The fifteenth amendment ratified 2-3-1870 is when citizens not caucasian received the right to vote. But still, if you were a woman at that time, you did not have the right to vote. Not until much later upon ratification of the nineteenth amendment on 8-18-1920 did women receive their right to be able to vote.
      Consider yourself to be slapped along with the idiots who agree with your uneducated ramblings concerning rights. You have no idea whatsoever of what you are talking about and until you do a lot of research and study on the matters of rights, jurisdiction and the actual meaning and definition of words used within the constitution and other statutes and codes of the States and the United States, you should really keep your mouth shut because it only shows your ignorance without any doubts.

    • Liam: how do you know he wasn't sodomized? Were you there? Lot's of people there with cameras. But, they'reprobably long dead.

  21. We all know this cover up was so Obama would be re-elected. Just admit it. Just for once admit it. I hope Hillary and Barack rot in hell. Don't care if the NSA looks at this post or not. I just don't care. The truth hurts.

  22. Diane Sori how can you live with yourself? Sleep well? I though the teapartiers were a god fear'n kind'a folk ya'll? what happened? no ethics ? certainly not when it comes to making a living ,right Diane? as long as you get a pay check and it puts food in your belly, all is justified, right? Prostitutes also rationalize their work as well

  23. You say that the Arabic writing proves that the image is not photo shopped. But that is false as the writing is superimposed upon the image. Also we cannot see this mans face clearly enough to make a positive identification. Also we have no idea of when or where this photo was taken or who took it.
    On it's own it is just a photograph of a group of men carrying a man.

  24. What a crock. If it' true they lied about the way the man died, why wouldn't they?!?! I sure wouldn't want to tell their family all that stuff you say happened or may have happened to the Ambassador. The fact that people WANT to is masochistic and sickening.

  25. This is one of the most inflammatory, unchecked, biased, sick stories I've read. If you can't prove it you try and write as nasty a story as you can. Barf!

    • Well if we cant prove whether he was raped or killed point is he is dead . God rest his soul. Lets get back to what really needs to be fixed in our country as most people on here are closed minded. There is a ton of actions that go unsaid on television also known as brainwashing media… I guarentee oboma sells all kinds of weapons, as well as whatever he wants because a) he can get away with it b) he has the power and outlets to do so. Obama is a great public speaker and that is indeed his job. Who he is working with is unkown because it is smoke-screened through his politics. They all are plainfolking americans on tv, and through their baby reforms, or our expensive medical. The rich get rich as the poor get more poor ! Its common sense, that we spend $$$$$ too much on war, not enough on education , as our educational system is only teaching you basics to the systematic schemes of life and well controlled by paying more to the government for your loans, as they are the ultimate controller of our monetary system// meaning that theybare indeed republican—>please due research that meaning of a “republican” , congress and the house can only do so much. As a unit they all get paid rediculous amounts to bullshit you … As a pyrimad that simply watches you with one eye through a crystal glass, whether republican or democrat , set aside the politics to understand that the government simply has divided categories also known as gangs that are going to do what gangs do. That is to survive off the people, it is a hustle that of course boils down to the flesh of millions… So was the man torchered !!!!highly possible……
      So continue on your systematic way of living understand the system, and obtain as much knowledge as you can. As of course your opinions are all valued, please instead of reading online which is also propaganda, you find your own realization . You are not writting an essay so you dont need sources to gather knowledge or to prove that wikipedia os even credible. Let the frustration disapate and hopefully this comment does not reach the white house bit if it indeed does whats up obama keep your huslin going player dont involve me #stayblessed

      • Sells weapons? Name a President that HASN'T sold weapons to somebody in the middle east! I agree with you on everything else. It's not just democrats, it's all politicians.

  26. your all crazy their covering it up and you cant see that Obama is destroying this country now he even has us fighting with each other the morals in this country are gone they do anything and say its alright or what Hillary Clinton said what difference does it make well im sure it made a difference to the ambassadors family. he wants to take god out of this country, and our pledge what is wrong is all our fault because we need to demand proof of what happened and prosecute the guilty

    • I didnt read the comment above ^ wonderful we all agree as they are lost in politics (smoke-screen) 🙂 stayblessed

    • Yes, plenty of Bread and Circus to distract the uninformed. We will need to spoon feed the truth, avoiding anything that sounds the least bit like conspiracy. We don't need to make up the truth: From Uncle Frank to the Muslim Brotherhood, it's all there in plain sight.

  27. I don't blame Obama or Clinton, and especially not GOD. I blame US, the people, because we have the courage to speak through a blog but not to stand up and scream ENOUGH. The founders of this country died so that one day the United States of America would be the most powerful country in the world. And we were, until we allowed a circus of clown govern it. I am not talking about Obama, or Bush, or Clinton. But about ourselves. We allow our children go to war, we allow criminals pay fines for their crimes, and above all, we allow the world to make fun of US. Syria, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, the massacre on Boston, and now this? When are we going to realize that the next war, WW3, will be taking place in our land?
    Next to our children's schools, or our work place… I believe it is time to wake up, before someone splashes a bucket with cold water on our faces, or even worse, a grenade…

  28. You’re a fruit-loop. A person with any real research skills would not believe this load of crap. The problem is that what types of conspiracies you believe say more about you than they do about the news you are distorting. And what this belief system says about you makes you look like a mean and spiteful nitwit. Thanks for perpetuating hate and delusions you freak political fringe ignoranus.

    • Must remember anything online is propaganda and news my friend . Good luck finding a credible source as well. Sinply because no source is 100% so think outside the box.


  30. We continually hear about our "two party system" and how there is constant rangling between them. If one takes a really close look at how our present political system works, what we really have is a one party system with "two faces". A steady diet of finger pointing keeps the general public looking in the wrong direction.

    We are being fed what leads us down the desired thought path, regardless the supposed side making a statement. Politics: poly means many, tics are blood suckers. Politicians are crooks, cheats, liars and thieves. All come from the "one party system" with two faces!

  31. Funny, I'm not seeing any authentication of this picture anywhere. Hold on, let me post up a grainy picture of someone and say it's Elvis…cause you know, he's alive…..

  32. Go to YOUTUBE and enter "James and JoAnne Moriaty Reveal the Truth About the Libyan War – Corbett Report Interview 849 " this is covered about 40 mins in.

  33. Your sick to look at a picture and say he was raped and sodomized proves to how low you guys would go to destroy people the scarey part is for his family to hear this bs go to hell

  34. So if all your right wing, biased bullshit is correct, Bush was also guilty of treason ? Four Americans tragically died here. Bush killed thousands.

  35. The most likely explanation for what happened to poor Ambassador Christopher Stevens, and to the three other Americans who died with him, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty (the last two were former Navy SEALS) , is that somehow Christopher Stevens gained personal, first hand knowledge of something that could be extremely and permanently damaging to Hillary Clinton, and she had to find a way to erase him. How else would you explain a Secretary of State neglecting an Ambassador, who allegedly was a FRIEND of hers, to the point that neglect was the direct and proximate cause of his death. Knowing how terrorists have treated our countrymen and countrywomen, in the past and the diverse kinds of torture and degradation,and quite often deaths they've inflicted on them, NOTHING surprises me anymore. People closely connected to the Clintons have disconcerting way of DYING before their time. I was only a B student in graduate statistics. Someone with a doctorate should perform an actuarial study to see the probabilities of so many people dying at a relatively early age connected closely to 2 persons married and in league with each other are. I bet the probabilities are ASTRONOMICAL, as are those for Bill Clinton's late Mother having buried five (5) of the husbands she was married to. Boggles the mind, doesn't it?

    • Absolutely believe the Clintons are evil and will stop at nothing for money and POWER. I've researched so much its hard to believe all that is out there. But get tangled with those two and I'd have my back watched. I've worked in the legal arena for years and we go by facts – but, often the facts are covered up, lost or filled in with BS. Then we have to go by simple instincts and common sense. Watching 13 hours by those men that were there fighting – told the truth and not one American plane was there to fight or pick up our people dead or alive. I can only shake my head because this evil is on our soil and coming faster and most Americans are so ignorant per a close friend who died in Beirut protecting us. What is happening today he pretty much said = no, he did say, they are born, bred and raised to hate us and its only beginning to happen to a point people are finally listening because they are scared to death.

  36. But according yo a shrill scream from Hillary herself "WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?!!"
    She took Christiopher Stevens, an only child, and ripped his mother's heart ot with her damn "video" lies, because "WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?" Mrs. Clinton HAS. NO. SOUL!
    Repend, or burn in the lake of fire in hell forever and ever!

  37. I used to keep a civil tongue, but no more. You, Diane, are are a typical Teabag asshole. You and your depraved grassroots bowel movement have done NOTHING BUT lie and encourage the nasty disparity that prevails in our current US society. You don’t like the US, you don’t like the way it’s run? Get out! Really, just go. Go to the middle east, destroy the terrorists on your own, and then stay there.

  38. I believe that the U.S. Embassy Building is in Tripoli. The Benghazi location is just a meeting place. It’s not a place that the U.S. government would spend millions of tax dollars fortifying with a lot of security. The question the public should ask is, “What was going on inside that building?”
    It was reported that Chris Stevens was a possible middleman in helping arm and support anti-Ashad rebels in Syria. Supposedly, some of these groups were terrorists that at one time attacked or planned attacks on the U.S.
    Anyway, the shady deals that took place at Benghazi is at the heart of the mystery. This is what the public is so eager to know.

  39. Ambassador Stevens WAS running guns…why else do you think Obama and all the other nazis would let him be left to his own defenses? If he was killed that would solve the problem of explaining why he was doing it for them to begin with. We should all remember that the CIA annex was about 2 miles away from the area where this all happened. Looking at their track record shows that they could have would have and most likely did start off the whole chaotic environment which Stevens was caught up in. Why else would all the troops be told to stand down? He was murdered for being there and became the instant scapegoat. I saw a video shown the day after he was killed, and when they were raising the blanket to cover his face again he blinked his eyes. I'm not convinced that he is dead…we've seen so many false flags in the USA over the past 70 years, it makes sense that this is another of them. It's been established that it's uncertain as to how he died, i think it's safe to say that since we can't see actual proof of it we can't be certain he is dead. Just like any pictures of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev being old outdated, never a new updated one, courtroom sketches as opposed to live pics, all to make him seem more dangerous, the terrorist…he was set up, and the US government had their patsy for the Boston marathon sham. Just like Jahar was most likely killed in Watertown after they took him away in the ambulance, Stevens became the patsy for Benghazi. Here's where all the idiots mention the jail cell video of Jahar giving the middle finger…ok well if it really was 3 months after the sham where is the neck wound the cops admitted to putting there?

  40. "Osama Bin Laden determined to fly planes into buildings". "They (Cheney and Bush) were planning to take 7 nations in 5 years". Libya was one of those seven. Hillary's greatest political blunder was voting for President Cheney's Haliburton wars. The fake patriots, fake Christians, and fake Constitutionalists, of the Republican cult, are really pathetic when it comes owning their own elected officials. The Bush tax cuts and President Cheney's wars have cost this nearly ten trillion dollars and countless lives, both American and innocent Muslim civilians. If only there was a god in heaven, all Republican cultists would be sent to hell for their pathetic cowardly failure to embrace the consequences of their voting as a cult following of Fox News and women haters like Limbaugh, Hannity, and Savage. Pathetic is all I can say, you are all pathetic cowards.

  41. I worked in a Secure Facility. I was in an Operations Coordination center during this event. We happened to cover CENTCOM and AFRICOM among other areas.

    I personally heard the Commandant of the Marines at Camp Lemonier in Djibouti, Djibouti contact DC to report that every combat ready Marine on the camp that was available was fully armed and ready to go. They were all in a C-130 on the airfield. The aircraft was being fueled and the engines were warmed up. All the Commandamt needed was approvals from DC.

    Who it was in DC I do not recall, but I clearly remember that when he responded to the Marine’s request he said only two words, “Stand down.”

    Everyone stopped what we were doing in the Ops Room. The Commandant came back on over the channel saying something to the tone of, “Say again, I did not copy your last.”

    The individual in DC repeated, “Stand down.” Then disconnected the communications line.

    It was as quiet as a tomb in there.



  42. With the track record of unscrupulous policians, who knows, it may have happened, it may not. We the sheeple are not entitled to the truth

  43. Wow, can hardly believe the responses to this article! Americans are truly oblivious to the evil of this situation and the evil of this past administration. Have you people not looked at the bold faced lies of Hillary like being under attack when her plane landed in Bosnia and having to run and duck for cover but stopped to talk to the little girl on that Tarmac who wanted to meet her while guns were shooting all around them? Hillary lied and lied and repeatedly lied about that incident (and much more) that could be proven to be lies by videos taken. Americans have their heads in the sand and their unwillingness to search for the truth will be the destruction of our country eventually. Wake up before it is too late.