ObamaCare and Boiling Frogs



By Stephen Z. Nemo (a.k.a., Mr. Curmudgeon):

If placed into a pot of boiling water, a frog will immediately jump to safety rather than boil. However, if the frog is placed in a pot filled with room-temperature water, which is brought to a gradual boil, he will happily do the backstroke until it’s – lights out.

When President Lyndon Johnson expanded America’s welfare state with his Great Society programs, the legislation included a provision requiring business owners to withhold a slice of their employee’s paycheck each week so they would hardly notice.

It was a masterstroke.

Taxpayers no longer had to write a huge check to Uncle Sam at the end of each fiscal year and boil, like the proverbial frog, at the sight of their massive tax bite. And if Washington withheld too much of their annual pay, the hard-working taxpayer was “given” a “refund.” We’ve become conditioned to feel as though it is a gift from a loving, compassionate Uncle Sam.

In reality, the extra money seized from our paychecks by Washington gives are tax-and-spend politicians a little financial wiggle room before they hand it back to us … with not a penny in interest.

I have often felt that if Republicans were serious about reducing the size of government and its spending, they would work to do away with employer withholding. This way, every American would have to write a fat check to Uncle Sam with lots and lots of zeros. It would likely start a massive tax revolt.

Unlike Johnson, President Obama is not so crafty. ObamaCare will soon make its in-your-face debut … and individual Americans will feel its boiling pain.

Ed Rogers, a Washington Post contributorwrites, “I don’t know if Members of Congress will be hearing about it in town hall gatherings and other meetings back home over the Fourth of July recess, but the rolling thunder of the approaching ObamaCare train can be heard in the distance.  Smart Democrats are beginning to get frantic about the need to suppress the confusion and hide the cost of ObamaCare between now and the 2014 midterm elections. We are just three months away from the October 1st enrollment start date and so far, nothing about the ObamaCare implementation process should be politically encouraging for Democrats.  In fact, the more people learn about ObamaCare, the more frightened they become.”

Rogers notes that employers are formulating plans to reduce employee work hours to avoid having to pay big ObamaCare premiums, something I’m sure struggling American families will appreciate. Still others see ObamaCare’s financial penalties as less punishing than ObamaCare premiums, and plan to drop employee healthcare insurance all together.

“The healthcare pink slips will start raining down in late summer and early fall. This will push people into the healthcare exchanges, where, in some cases, people will be writing health insurance checks for the first time,” says Rogers.

Democratic Sen. Max Baucus, the Senate’s government-run healthcare architect, called ObamaCare an impending “train wreck” and hastily stepped off the tracks – deciding not to seek re-election.

Last April, a Kaiser Family Foundation poll found, “Fewer than six in 10 Americans know that the ObamaCare law is still on the books. Seven percent think the Supreme Court struck it down; 12 percent say Congress repealed ObamaCare.”

The “low-information voter” is about to get two lessons in ugly reality. Lesson one: ignorance is not bliss. Lesson two: there is no such thing as a free lunch … or healthcare … or anything else for that matter.

America, a nation of unsuspecting frogs, is about to get tossed into a boiling pot of ObamaCare.


Tuesday, the White House announced it “delayed for one year a requirement under the Affordable Care Act that businesses provide health insurance to employees, a fresh setback for President Obama’s landmark healthcare overhaul as it enters a critical phase,” the Washington Post reported.

By “critical phase,” the Post meant the 2014 midterm elections. The reason for the delay, of course, is to keep the “low-information” voter (the frogs) oblivious.


  1. Stupid is stupid forever. Who will get the blame for this debacle?? The ones who will need to clean this s?!t up……