Is Jackson, Sharpton et al. day’s numbered?

K. Carl Smith
K. Carl Smith
K. Carl Smith

Sometime after that iconic image of Reverend Jesse Jackson standing on the balcony beside the mortally wounded body of Dr. Martin Luther King; he changed and not for the better. Where Dr. King attempted and spent his life embroiled in a contentious fight for freedom and equality of all people, Jackson became a voice for race baiting and hustling for money. Jesse Jackson has spent an entire career stirring a pot of lies and propaganda directed at his own race of people. And who can ever forget the now infamous Tawana Brawley case where Reverend Al Sharpton gained national fame?  In hind-sight; it might have been the Brawley case going down in flames for Sharpton, that caused America’s eyes to be opened to what these men were actually attempting to do. Where Dr. King spent his life uniting people of all colors, Sharpton and Jackson have made a lucrative career out of stirring division and anger.

The latest fiasco for Jackson and Sharpton happened in the trial of George Zimmerman. Once the verdict came down; that under Florida law Zimmerman was in fact innocent of the charges brought, Sharpton has receded into the shadows. He did make a futile attempt to stir up major national outrage in 100 cities across America and that has failed as well. His race baiting antics of attempting to start a race war has been squashed, but why? Sharpton even had the voice of President Obama on his side with proclaiming that “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon”.  So what has happened to the once booming voices of Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? Why are the people not listening anymore? After the Rodney King riots back in the early 90’s, it seems as if these race baiters can’t seem to garner or put together one decent race riot anymore. Could it be that other voices are now being listened too?

Enter the voices of eloquent speakers such as K. Carl Smith, Reverend C.L. Bryant, Jesse Lee Peterson, Katrina Pierson and many more. These men and many women as well are touring America and speaking at “could it be” Tea Party events.  There are some common threads about these folks that directly fly in the face of the liberal race baiting agenda of Jackson and Sharpton. They are all conservative and they are African American and Hispanic. They do not preach about the misery and mire of self pity. They do not talk about “how bad the black population has had it” and how “abused” we all are. They do not blame white America for all the woes or pitfalls. They speak about rising up based upon hard work. K. Carl gives a very passionate speech about an American Icon named Frederick Douglass. He uses his new FDR (Frederick Douglass Republican) movement to explain what real hardship was and how Mr. Douglass rose above it. He teaches about how anyone can sit down and quietly and passionately teach Democrats what true self worth and being dignified is all about. He does this with Frederick Douglas principles.

The landscape across America is now littered with Black and Hispanic conservative voices such Wayne Dupree (News Ninja 2012) spewing about how tired they are of being a victim and how to trounce liberalism. The book shelves at Amazon and Barnes and Noble are rapidly filling with books about conservative issues involving minorities.  Some of them such as Katrina Pierson are even regular contributors on the Fox News Channel and even a few more liberal channels such as CNN and MSNBC. So what has happened? Why are the perches of Jackson (Jesse) and Sharpton being toppled? Why is the once iron grip of being the voice for an entire segment of society going away?

Here is my take on the demise of the once venerated king of race baiting and his cronies. It took America about 30-40 years to see through the sham, but she finally has. Up until the election of Barack Obama; Sharpton, Jackson et al., could use the “woe is me” approach and scream racism from the mountain tops and it would be heard. They could play the Ace of Spades (victim card) and it would always  play. Not anymore! The Mt. Everest of racism; IE; White House has been conquered and the African American and other minority communities are no better off for it. If anything they are being further damaged with the victim approach. Use Detroit as a perfect example for economics and use Chicago as barometer for crime. Hundreds and hundreds of black young people are being murdered annually in Chicago and not at the hands of whites or any other group for that matter. They’re dying at the hands of other black youth. Why?

It is pretty simple actually. The voices of Katrina, Wayne Dupree, K. Carl Smith, C.L. Bryant and so many others are preaching about self reliance, dignity, honor, integrity, hard work, value of person hood, smaller government, less taxes and true slavery. The true slavery of being chained to government for ones own survival. They are preaching for America, patriotism and so much more. They are teaching America’s African American community and other minorities what the Republican Party has been unable to do for the last 40 years.

The day’s of Jackson and Sharpton owning the self appointed status of speaking for minorities is over and I say “GOOD RIDDANCE” to all of you race baiting and money hustling pimps of people’s emotions. Bring on the Smith’s, Pierson’s, Dupree’s and all the other hero’s preaching the good word today. May they live long and continue to speak with clarity for all.

The above is my personal thoughts on this topic. I am not speaking on behalf of Tea Party Tribune or Tea Party Community. These are just my thoughts alone.

Do visit Katrina Pierson’s site at ( or K. Carl Smith’s site ( it is a great site with some fascinating information available.

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