Colorado Recall Election and 9/11

Colorado State Senate President John Morse stands conveniently
near an exit while announcing his loss in recall election.


By Stephen Z. Nemo:

There could not have been a more fitting commemoration of 9/11 than this morning’s headline in the Denver Post: “Colorado Senate President John Morse, state Sen. Angela Giron ousted.” The ouster was a consequence stemming from the aforementioned politician’s support for strict gun-control measures that followed in the wake of mass shootings committed by madmen. Law-abiding Coloradans refused to allow their state representatives to lump them in with criminals.

“Tonight is a victory for the people of the state of Colorado, who have been subject to the overreach of a Democrat agenda on guns, taxes and accountability to the people,” Tim Knight, founder of the Basic  Freedom Defense Fund, who led the recall effort, told the Post.

It was also a victory for the National Rifle Association.

According to press reports, friends of the gun-grabbing legislators (which included billionaire New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg) raised nearly $3 million on their behalf. The campaign to oust the gun-grabbing pols raised a paltry $540,000 – $360,000 of which came from the NRA.

Saving the unalienable right to bear arms proved more compelling to Blue State Coloradans than demagogic anti-gun ads.

On the Rush Limbaugh radio show, he noted that Colorado’s Republican Party kept its nose out of the controversy, allowing grassroots Second Amendment advocates to lead the recall.

The Tea Party should take a valuable lesson from the Colorado recall effort: Carrying water for a dysfunctional and confused GOP risks soiling your message and credibility with people who would never, ever vote Republican. Unalienable rights, you see, are not a right/left, Democrat/Republican issue.

There is a reason I describe Colorado’s recall as a fitting commemoration of 9/11. That September morning twelve years ago, average citizens aboard United Airlines flight 93 fought the first battle against jihadists in America. The terrorists were determined to destroy our way of life, the freedoms we enjoy – our rights as individuals. American freedom is in direct conflict with the jihadist’s submissive, dictatorial ideology.

“Are you guys ready?” telephone operator Lisa Jefferson heard United passenger Todd Beamer say. “Let’s roll.”

Jihadists piloting the airliner were so alarmed by the unarmed but determined Americans charging them, they crashed the hijacked airplane into an open field in Pennsylvania in a last desperate act. It’s believed Beamer and his fellow warriors stopped al Qaeda terrorist from crashing the commandeered craft into the Capitol Building or the White House. Beamer led what our Founders defined as a “well-regulated militia.”

At the Battle of Lexington in 1775, American militiaman John Munroe told a fellow soldier, “I’ll give them the guts of my gun” as he lifted his musket to fire on the advancing red line of British troops. The Red Coats, you see, were under orders to confiscate the “guts” of Munroe’s gun in order to secure the conceits of a petty, royal tyrant.

Thomas Jefferson said, “The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.” Colorado’s petty tyrants tried to take a cherished right from their people and paid the price for their conceit at the ballot box.

Coloradans from every walk of life, crossing party lines, said “No” to the gun grabbers …

… and “Yes” to unalienable rights.


  1. It's a couple of days later and we now have another workplace incident. Do not think for a nano second that the man behind the curtain, the wizard of gun control, will not seek to make use of this horrendous act. The Al Quida leader asks for an attack and bingo, this happens.