ACORN, SEIU, Planned Parenthood activists get $48/hour as Obamacare ‘navigators’



By Robert Moon

Members of Obama’s professional voter fraud machine will now be getting paid up to $48 per hour (plus benefits) to sort through the personal medical files and tax records of millions of Americans and steer them through the endless maze of bureaucratic dysfunction that is Obamacare…with no background checks and only 20 hours of training…on a 2,700-page law that no one has read, with 10,516 pages of added regulations.

From Matthew Vadum at The American Spectator:

United Labor Unions (ULU) Local 100 in New Orleans, which is run by ACORN founder Wade Rathke, announced on its Facebook page that it’s gearing up ‘to do mass enrollment and help navigate people into the marketplaces in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas under the Affordable Care Act!’…

…Among the other left-wing groups hopping on the Obamacare navigator bandwagon are the Democrat-friendly Planned Parenthood, National Urban League, and Virginia Poverty Law Center Inc.

Other left-wing groups have signed up with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as “Champions of Coverage.” They vow to promote enrollment by emailing their members, hanging posters, giving out fact sheets and brochures, holding conference calls, or promoting enrollment in other ways.

Among the Champions of Coverage are Families USA, League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), NAACP, Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and U.S. PIRG Education Fund.

And of course, Obama naturally made sure his trademark anti-white hiring practices were embedded in this process as well (see video).

As if we didn’t already have plenty of reasons to want this Constitution-shredding disaster of a law urgently defunded, repealed, and those who forced it through immediately removed from office, now we also have the added insult of tens of thousands of known criminals and rabid left-wing fanatics accessing our most sensitive personal information without any oversight.

What could possibly go wrong?

Never mind the obvious identity theft concerns or the fact that Obama’s corrupt, scandal-plagued IRS (the enforcer of this economy-killing train wreck) has already been caught using such information to target conservatives and rig elections. Or that Obama himself has relentlessly abused his power to silence dissent at every turn.

Democrats have elections to win, so there is nothing more to think about. Massive, unaccountable bureaucracies must continue to be created at maximum taxpayer expense (all on borrowed money) and staffed with wildly-overpaid card-carrying Democrats who will all then join government unions (which shouldn’t even exist) and then promptly turn around and channel that money right back to elected Democrats.

Around and around we go. And of course, this is all happening as the rest of the country struggles to get by with whatever low-paying part-time jobs they can find–jobs made so stunningly mediocre and scarce by Obamacare…the cost-exploding, choice-destroying nanny state power grab that no one wanted, but that was forced down our throats anyway to solve problem that didn’t exist.

Again, liberals stand for absolutely nothing other than Democrat power. And everything else simply gets thrown under the bus as Rome burns.

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