Ex-Navy SEAL Ben Smith Drops Bombshell On FOX: “Government Is CREATING Conditions To Impose Martial Law”



Ex-US Navy SEAL Ben Smith joins Fox News and drops a bombshell on the US government by revealing that the government ITSELF is CREATING the conditions necessary to impose martial law here in America.

Speaking with Bill Hemmer at Fox News, ex-US Navy SEAL Ben Smith articulated what many of us knuckle-dragging Tea Partiers have been quietly suspecting for a couple years now: all this mockery, name-calling, irrational accusations and punitive actions by the Left seem calculated to produce the very behaviors they’ve slandered us with. This is a must watch video for those who feel martial law is merely believed by conspiracy theorists. Veterans and US Navy SEALS see the same thing!

Ben: “What a great opportunity to talk with FOX News just a couple days after the DC event.  And, on the same day as another protest at the WWII Memorial.”
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  1. see this is the problem with media out lets!! im not sayin that guy is dumb but they find the guy with the least knowledge and question him … he needed to address the policys in place that they are against and inform the public. for some this will be the only thing they see/hear on the whole trucker protest and this does no justice for them truckers !!

    • That's not what this is about! This is about the fact that the GOVERNMENT IS ACTIVELY CREATING THE SITUATIONS TO BRING IN MARTIAL LAW!

    • I read much more about the truckers and that dumb kid waving around the confederate flag. It brought shame and embarassed to thousands of people. Personally I don't give a crap about the flags, it was the point to bring people the people by the fabric of these 2 groups that keep america united.

  2. Google (The Bonus Army) and see what the government did to veterans of previous wars. This is nothing new, they are attempting to provoke an action so they can take complete control of us.

    • Yeah, right! A general officer in the Air Force – are you of the "warrior" element, or the rear echelon type that exercised politics to gain your stars? My trust, and respect, is pointed to the warrior who put his life on the line, the front line. You have a right to your opinion, I just hope you are a warrior type, not just a "boy in blue." retired Navy Master Diver sends

      • HooYah MDV! Former Navy Diver First Class. Air Force general officers get to witness an aweful lot for the golf course!

    • That's the way with your kind isn't it, don't explain what's wrong with the statement, just go for the personal attack..so much easier than having to make up a lie to cover his truth. Isn't it "general". You know bupkis about this. Nam era Infantry Platoon Sergeant.

    • You are just an idiot "Gen sully". I don't believe any part of the US military would commission you in the first place. Where are you? Tel Aviv?

    • As politically correct as the Air Force is today,I'm not surprised that you think Mr.Smith is nuts,"sir".I'll bet you're a big fan of the current admininstration too,aren't you? Army Aviator/AH64 pilot,two combat tours,Iraq and Afghanistan

    • In My whole Air Force career I only found one or 2 Generals that I put my trust in and they started the way I did, on the ground maintaining Aircraft on the flightline. Sound just like one of them desk jockeys with nothing better to do then to come up with stupid things to do, like repainting things just because you can. Sounds to me like your afraid to uphold your oath of office for fear of losing your job.
      Retired Aircraft Maintainer Weapons Load.

    • I served as an infantry squad leader in Iraq and I can tell you everything I ever heard a general say was a lie.

    • I have a great deal of friends in the military and many of them are saying what Ben is saying. Maybe you ha
      ve your head in your ass.

    • he's a navy seal, i have never met one who wasn't :-)..
      he cares, he's passionate, he speaks out in the interests of steering this country in the right direction.
      an Air Force General huh?
      hows all that nuclear keys things going, since obama fired all the older patriotic guys?

  3. our government has been the catalyst behind ALL our nations activities, both foreign and domestic, which affect our economy, GDP, financial institutions and all else that has anything to do with money and power. the issue / problem is that our elected officials get their hands in that great big pot of money which sits in washington and they never want to remove that hand. once in washington, they could care less about america or the desires of the states they represent. which ever party is in charge, the other one wants back in. it's a sad state of affairs when we have this big of a disconnect between washington and america. the system is so out of control i fear there is not 'fixing' it.

    • Yeah I would agree with that. I would add that I I'm glad this shutdown happened. I really believe it forced a lot of people to open their eyes and take a look at how our leaders don't care. When a person looks at the last 50 years of politics in this country, it is shocking to see how far left each party has moved. I think if JFK could see how things are today, he would think the Democratic party has become a socialist party and the Republican party would probably look more like his party of 1960. I would say the Republican party has become the Middle Ground party as the Independents and Tea party have moved into the right. I just can't believe that half of this country doesn't have a problem with where we are today.

      • They're too doped up, strung out with this noise pollution they call music and the media is like a 16 year old in the middle instigating it all. Can we kick these people out and start with new political leaders who are actually going to do what their being payed so much to do?

  4. Most of you speaking out are lost and thinking of yourselves. Lets protest against both of the parties, Democrat and Republican; one man didn't start this. The root of it all is in plan view. Our government is bought.

  5. He's right. If you haven't figured this out by now then you really have not been paying attention. Best be listening to these guys.

  6. This guy does NOT sound nuts, or unintelligent. He appeared to also be very "reserved" with how he was stating his view. I think he did a great job at explaining what many of us have thought at least once.

  7. The guy is crazy. Why were the memorials closed? Lets see… could it be because the park service who normally watch the memorials were NOT GETTING PAID. So guess what… they didn't go to work. The right wing would have gone bonkers if some clown with a paint spray can defaced a monument. Damned if you do damned if you don't.

    • the memorials are open air…meaning you can walk right up to them any time of the day or night…..no guards standing post. They spent our money to pay for security and the barriers to block the sidewalks……very productive of our government….spending money when we don't have any.

    • It's an open are monument you jackbutt. It cost more to put up the barrycades than if it was left alone. And the only kind that would spray paint or damage a monument would be a stupid liberal such as yourself !!

    • This guy is crazy? I think you need to open your eyes and not blindly believe everything the media tells you since they are shills for this administration. You discredit yourself when you talk about human decency and common sense using political terms like left wing and right wing. Why does it have to politicized? These guys clearly targeted closing the very things that would infuriate their opposition. Oh and by the way, they WERE GETTING PAID!!!!

    • and….yet…..they paid armed and mounted guards to come and "keep the peace". You're not very intelligent about all of this. Keep in mind…anyone furloughed HAD to know that they'd get paid at some point after the shutdown was lifted. Those Memorials are FREE and OPEN AIR….open to the public all of the time. He shut them down to be an asshole. The same reason he ordered the drinking fountains rigged in the Nat'l Parks. Educate yourself b/f you open your mouth.

  8. I was an infantry squad leader and a Airborne Military Policeman (prior service), contracted DHS security Officer. I thought our Government could do no wrong and stood for freedom but after we hit the year 2000, our country wasn't the freedom I stood for. I was wishy washy in 1990's as well. I seen our right fall to the waste side. Obama doesn't deserve the right to be call president. It's not because of skin color, it what he stands for. If were going to a One World Order as china and the U.N. wants, then America has to crumble. I can see a Marshall law coming to America. That General might be part of the plan you all don't know. I can see America's financial system failing soon and chaos happening. Look the police is more like the military now and Obama's DHS is like the military as well. What can't you believe. Bush and Obama has done what no other has, taken away the Bill of Right from Americans. S of S John Kerry has signed a bill with the U.N. to disarm Americans. Hilary didn't do that. So what's not possible in this time?

  9. This is why you people are absolutely retarded… All you political armchair quarterbacks… and apparently not a single one of you knows that in the House – martial law means something completely different. in fact – the GOP used Martial law quite a few times… just in the last few years. perhaps you dunces should do some quick googling – and realize how even Fox News knowingly (unless they want to admit to being stupid) lied to you.

  10. This is not the first time I have heard this. About four months ago, our church played a radio interview with a lady economist (non Christian) and she told things that were happening now to set up for Martial Law. And a friends son who works for Homeland Security, told us a month ago, to get prepared for Martial Law…all the conditions that they told us are coming true now. Ever see a bunch of military equipment on interstate or railroad cars? Ever wonder why the Govt has bought up most of ammunition, and freeze dried food? No most people just don't want to believe it. One thing that gives the hint is the breakdown of the ATM thing…President can call Martial Law within 72 hours so you better have money out of the bank, canned foods, water and propane on hand. Even the Boy Scouts believe in being prepared. My trust is in the Lord, but I still have to live in this world…so be prepared.

    • Hi Linda, I have thought this will happen for awhile now. I constantly see military equip. on I 95, and elsewhere. I have seen video of FEMA camps in TN. Just heard they are being built by Halliburton. I knew something was up with all the ammo bought by gov. They bought billions, compared to our military, a few million in a year is used.
      Christians will go to camps first, perhaps Jews, especially Catholics and Evangelicans.
      I pray we can stop this. God Bless America!

    • " Ever wonder why the Govt has bought up most of ammunition, and freeze dried food? "

      Ever wonder why one conspiracy by the government after another to take over the government doesn't happen? Ever wonder why there's still food in the supermarket and lots of ammo available to any gun owner who wants some? Ever wonder why every time you have "seen this coming" it hasn't?

      It's because you latch onto one ridiculous, wingnut sky-is-falling conspiracy theory after another. The only preparation you need is a new tinfoil hat.

  11. I have no faith in the "General" who posted above… GO's have been getting fired left and right under this administration. Anyone who doesn't swallow hook line and sinker the BS spread by the Thief in Chief gets jettisoned… you gotta put down the insurrection before it begins I guess.

    This one is particularly ironic given the Bengazi thing….

    All fall guys and scapegoats and this is just some of it…

    Ive been saying exactly what this guy did for many years now…. We are being destroyed from within.

    -22 year vet of Iraq and Afgan – still serving and scared to death!

    • Thank you for your service and insite. When you know where you will spend eternity, there is no need to fear or be scared to death. I pray you know Jesus Christ as your Savior because at the end of the day, He will be the winner. I pray you are on the winning team. God's blessing on you.

    • Thank you for serving. I will be praying for you to come home safely. God Bless you.
      And peace to you. -Debbie

  12. I found it more than odd that the Govt had signs posted at the memorials and the national parks stating the reason for the closure was due to the govt shutdown. These signs were put up immediately. Doesn't it usually take a few days or weeks to have signs made? The Dems had this shutdown in the works for months (IMHO) to make the Republicans look bad. I agree with this former SEAL ~ something smells fishy and the odor is coming from the WH.

    • Whew! There's a conspiracy for you! When I get signs made, it takes a couple of days. Presumably, anyone in Washington reading the papers could see the shutdown looming as a possibility a couple days earlier and got signs made. I suppose you and your kind aren't used to even the simplest sort of thinking ahead, but people with at least half a wrinkle are capable of advance planning.

  13. Distrust in government has hit critical mass. ANY news agency- liberal or "fair and balanced'' ha ha, reports this truth. The prez lies straight to our faces..and we yawn. Our bleary eyed response is "vote em out" or "well, they all lie". Our liberties are slowly being stripped away and we do nothing. hands in pockets and heads down we grumble and go back to work. And no one is held accountable. Ever. What's a government to do with such defeated people? Anything they want, that's what. And it's happening right now..as we watch..and turn away. In the end, we get what we deserve. And WE DESERVE BETTER THAN THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Attn: Urgent Injustice/Corruption

    It is a matter of Life and Death

    This flier is being sent to all Washington DC Officials,
    State Legislators and Officials from all 50 States
    along with News Medias and other Professionals:
    Journalists – Lawyers – Religions – Activists – etc.
    Please read. Thank you. https://sites.google.com/site/thefactsofthebbosto

  15. Seven signs that the country is doing well:
    1. Economy is growing.
    2. Unemployment is falling rapidly.
    3. Stock market has soared this year.
    4. Significant cuts in federal spending and growing economy resulted in a government surplus in the last month reported.
    5. Domestic oil and gas production rising so much that full energy independence is predicted by 2020, and we'll be the world's biggest natural gas producer by 23016. (This is without the Canadians shipping oil via Keystone through the U.S. to foreigners, by the way).
    6. The national crime rate has fallen every year since 1991.
    7. Domestic unrest is virtually nonexistent, not counting the wild ravings of right-wing nuts on the Internet and that gigantic 30-not "Ten Million Man March" on Washington last month.
    8. The better things get, the wilder the conspiracy theories emanating from the fevered imaginations of you right-wing crazies.