Undocumented or Illegal?



By Bill Colley

A fellow called me the other day from a Latino organization and requested a meeting to clear up any misunderstandings.  He’s referring to photographs I posted at a website I launched some months ago (you could be reading from that site right now!) of garbage strewn about roads near my home.  This isn’t a unique problem.  Since I was a boy there have been public service announcements on television asking people to be good citizens and not to litter.

Ten years ago I was riding Amtrak on a late autumn afternoon and as we stopped every ten miles for repairs I had quite the view of old rusted hulks behind now barren trees.  Still, the volume of garbage I’m seeing on some local roads is stomach turning beyond anything I’ve seen past.  It reminded me of something I read a couple of years ago and written by the eminent historian Victor Davis Hanson.  A link is immediately below:


The place where Hanson grew up as a child is undergoing radical cultural changes to put it even mildly.  It’s starting to resemble what we often call the Third World.  Hanson suggests we need to consider an inward migration from south of our U.S. border as a factor.  As you can imagine he was vilified by the left for even offering the theory.  This is how the left attempts to shut down discussion.  They insist someone somewhere will somehow have hurt feelings.  This is a Cardinal (not a reference to a place where Hanson teaches) Sin for the left but people’s self-worth really has nothing to do with the charges they hurl.  The libero-socialist conquest can’t succeed without general public support and like the initial version of the Matrix the people behind the system will go to extreme lengths to protect their illusion.

Much like California’s Imperial Valley there has been a great migration to the Delmarva Peninsula from Latin America.  A building boom in the last two decades helped fuel the pattern.  The poultry and canning industries are constantly searching for cheaper labor in order to stock grocery shelves with inexpensive food.  And anecdotal evidence suggests the newcomers are no strangers to hard work.  On the latter it appears I’m an equal opportunity offender.  When I broach the topic on-air there are always some angry white men calling me in response.  They haven’t worked in two years and before their jobs were filled by the non-native born the Anglos provided for their families through constant sweat.

I knew my post would get some attention.  A name popped up in the comments section early last week.  A liberal appointed to a state board on Latino relations is angry.  When I mentioned this to one of her old classmates from Padua the old classmate acknowledged knowing the woman but wouldn’t offer a character reference.  I guess the Governor didn’t need one?  By Friday the liberals couldn’t any longer control themselves.  I wasn’t groveling and begging forgiveness for offending people who’ve taken jobs from hard-working native born Americans.  The individual on the telephone requested a meeting and then declined an offer to appear on my show.  He also wrote our corporate office perhaps hoping someone there would administer a paddling?

During the conversation he admitted I hadn’t made any blanket statements identifying Latinos as slobs and litterers.  So why the request for a meeting?  So we can foster communication between the native born, the newcomers and the “undocumented.”  The last word of the last sentence is his word.  I pointed out it’s a subjective choice.  Bank robberies aren’t undocumented withdrawals.  Back alley drug markets aren’t undocumented pharmacies.  And is this an acknowledgment people are working illegally in some local industries?  Am I clear?  Do you get the impression the left engages, at least in beginning, in soft-bullying?

What’s the point of putting millions of native-born American laborers out of work?  To build an impregnable liberal political nanny state and it’s why the liberals and Latinos haven’t commented when I’ve written about the shabby treatment of Nelly Jordan by the Delaware Republican Party.  She’s a conservative and self-reliant Latino immigrant.  She also came to the United States in a legal manner.  Does the rule of law any longer have sway?

I’m going to close by playing a card I’ve been holding a very long time.  Four years ago I had a commitment at a noon luncheon in Georgetown, Delaware.  It didn’t leave me much time to prepare an afternoon show.  So I left the meeting and driving to work shaved minutes off my trip hopscotching back roads.  One normally quiet country drive is called Lawson Road.  It’s where I encountered the three men.

They were off-loading garbage from the bed of an old pick-up truck.

A friend is a first generation American.  His father is Pakistani and his mother Turkish.  When he worked for a TV station in Houston he was often mistaken for a Latino.  Since I’m not aware of many Pakistanis roaming the back roads of Sussex County, Delaware perhaps these were actual Latinos?  I apologize for not stopping and asking them where they were originally from.  When they glared at me as my car approached I decided I best be at work.  Soon.

Yes, anecdotal information but so apparently are the claims they outwork Anglos and when working are doing so legally.  Just ask the employers and the activists.  Before they silence us once and for all.