Conservatives fight back vs. Facebook censorship



By Drew Zahn

Political conservatives who utilize the social-media site Facebook have long complained of pages being flagged for political incorrectness, blocked by Facebook itself or swamped by leftist “trolls.”

Now a new approach is being taken to use the power of social media to fight back against itself.

The conservative news aggregator, which bills itself as “a wise choice for those looking to expand their news experience outside the liberal mainstream media,” is beta testing a new cooperative venture called Social PostUp, which is designed to give conservatives their voice back on Facebook.

According to the Social PostUp website, “Posts to your fans are now being censored, propagated with prejudice or just outright blocked due to:

  • “Facebook’s ‘EdgeRank’ algorithm
  • “Facebook’s Recent ‘Bait-and-Switch’ with promoted posts
  • “Facebook’s NSA, DOJ, CIA, Obama [administration], government cooperation and censoring
  • “‘Negative’ page feedback by paid ‘leftist’ trolls
  • “Facebook’s clear double-standard for conservative pages
  • “Facebook’s adherence to and practice of ‘political correctness.’

“It’s time for the conservative movement to join forces in the fight against suppression by Facebook, the world’s largest social network,” RedFlag explains.

The plan is to link together independent or conservative Facebook page owners with at least 5,000 page fans to commit to monitor, “like” and share other members’ posts, essentially creating a social network within the social network to “magnify our collective voice.”