Are Secular Progressives Losing The War On Christmas This Year?

war on christmas
war on christmas
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Looks like all of those War on Christmas soldiers will be getting coal this year. According to a new survey by Rasmussen, the vast majority of Americans still prefer signs in stores that say Merry Christmas rather than ones reading Happy Holidays.

Despite the undeniable fact that America was founded in large measure as a Christian redeemer nation, which I have undeniably proven in Our Virtuous Republic (you can read Chapter 3 section 1 on the Tea Party Tribune covering this very topic here), every single year we are subjected to the unfounded attacks on our empowering national identity from radical, Godless secular progressives.

These forces have sought with some success to rewrite the history of religion in America. While in many cases over the years the War on Christmas has had an impact, in several court cases (as highlighted on The O’Reilly Factor) and in the court of public opinion, this year they are backsliding (pun intended).

The Rasmussen Reports national survey found that 66 percent of American adults prefer Merry Christmas, while just 21 percent prefer Happy Holidays instead and 13 percent are undecided.

When we dive a little deeper into the trend, it would appear that the anti-Christmas forces are losing ground. Last year, 60 percent of Americans said they celebrate Christmas primarily as a religious holiday and 57 percent said they attended religious service during the holiday season.

To Christians, it is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and according to both Rasmussen and Gallup, from 2010 to 2012, on average between 76 percent to 81 percent of American adults say that Christmas is a religious holiday celebrating the birth of their Christ. Worth noting, when combining the findings from the two notable pollsters, between 76 percent and 81 percent — on average — believe that their faith is important in their everyday lives, a trend that is rising again in America.

In terms of gauging religion in America, it gets ever worse for secular progressives, because many Christian denominations do not celebrate Christmas, yet still believe in the Christ. In America, according to Rasmussen, 74 percent believe Jesus was the son of God and 77 percent believe he rose from the dead, which is of course celebrated on Easter.

The trend on this topic is clear, as well, because the push toward secularization arrested years ago, with a clear reversal showing movement toward God occurring over the past few years. I discussed this in a recent article that examined Gallup’s prior, seemingly contradictory findings that 75 percent in the U.S. say it would be positive for society if religion in America was more prevalent, but 77 percent believe religion is losing its influence on American life.

In a nutshell, Americans love God, even young Americans, but they do not trust the church. Nevertheless, for now, it would seem that secular forces have maximized their ability to exploit this distrust amid hypocritical scandals, because support for religion and celebrations associated with religion has been growing.

Last year, Gallup found a whopping 95 percent of Americans celebrate Christmas, with 51 percent saying it is “a strongly religious” celebration, while 31 percent characterize it as “religious or somewhat religious.” Christmas consistently ranks first as Americans most-favored holiday in both pollsters’ surveys.

Taking the polling in concert, the findings do not leave very many who oppose or are offended by the holiday, yet we are still subjected to the War on Christmas every year through lawsuits, vocal protest and attacks on our traditions. It is truly the quintessential example for tyranny of the minority.

I will update these numbers as we get more data throughout the final weeks of the Christmas season.

Merry Christmas America!

our virtuous republicRich is the author of Our Virtuous Republic: The Forgotten Clause in the American Social Contract

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