Tea Party Conference Shows How to Reach Young People



By Danny Oliver and Michael Zemen

This Saturday, December 14th, in historic Marietta, Georgia, Tea Party movement mentors will meet with youth leaders and diversity experts to discuss how to put the nation’s future back on the right track. The 3rd Annual Tea Party Conference, hosted by the founders of the Tea Party’s youth and student movements, Lyda Loudon and Danny Oliver, the event will revolutionize the way the Tea Party movement reaches out to young people.

  • Tea Party movement mentors will help show young people that the Tea Party movement is well-prepared and open to building partnerships with the students and youth. The mentors lineup includes several VIPs in the Tea Party movement, such as Jenny Beth Martin from Tea Party Patriots, Jennifer Burke from TheTeaParty.net, and Judson Phillips from Tea Party Nation. Tea Party Community, a Facebook-like social network, and iLobby.co, a crowd-lobbying startup, will show how tech-savvy young people can take their movements into their own hands.
  • Youth and student outreach speakers include Lyda Loudon from Tea Party Youth Caleb Bonham from Campus Reform, Zachary Freeman from TheCollegeConservative.com, Kurt Mueller from Students for Concealed Carry, Austin Paul from Turning Point USA, and Nathan Wilson and Michael Zemen from Students For Liberty. Rather than isolating young people from their elders, the event will be bridging the generational gap by welcoming adults of all ages as attendees.
  • Diversity experts from Jewish, feminist, LGBT, African American, third party and environmentalist specializations will help show how the Tea Party movement’s core values of (1) fiscal responsibility, (2) Constitutionally limited government and (3) free markets are universally compatible with all demographics, crossing political, ideological, cultural and religious lines to explain the obstacles and opportunities the movement has for 2014.

This event will combine the energy of youth, the resourcefulness of mentors, and the expertise of diversity professionals to make this event the first of its kind in the history of the Tea Party movement. Speakers will include social conservatives and social libertarians, showing the Tea Party movement is against both anti-gay bigotry and anti-religious bigotry. Their shared passions, disagreements, and unity on fiscal issues will surely be a sight to see, as they all convene this Saturday to discuss the best ways to fight for freedom and liberty in our lifetime. For more information, visit www.teapartyconference.org