John McCain Hangs Out with Old Pal George Soros in Switzerland



Above: Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) talks with the Godfather of far-left politics, George Soros at the World Economic Forum in Davos on January 24, 2014.  (Photo credit: ERIC PIERMONT/AFP/Getty Images)

by John Urban | Top Right News

As Republicans in his home state of Arizona were censuring him for supporting far-left policies like amnesty, John McCain was in Switzerland, reminding them why they were right to do so.

McCain met for a long and friendly conversation with none other than George Soros, the primary funder of the most far-left outfits pushing illegal alien amnesty, ObamaCare, Common Core indoctrination, and suppression of gun rights in America.

McCain’s support for amnesty for tens for millions of illegal aliens was a key motivator for Arizona Republicans to censure him in an unprecedented rebuke. Soros is a principal funder of the Center for American Progress and National Council of La Raza (“The Race”)  – the largest non-profits on the left pushing for amnesty.

Soros was also the first and largest single contributor to Barack Obama’s campaign in 2007, driving tens of millions into his coffers in an effort to defeat then-”shoo-in” Hillary Clinton, who Soros deemed not “radical enough”. Soros has been called “The Man Who Made Obama”.

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  1. This is explains it all as to why he is pushing the Russian interference BS. Every politician who has any type of relationship with this terrorists should be met with outrage in this country. Considering Soros is one of the most dangerous enemies this country has seen in a long time and has tried repeatedly to single handedly bring down this country and any politician that associates with this terrorists should be immediately be called out and confronted and called upon to resign from congress immediately. Soros is way more dangerous to this country than Russia is right now. Soros has interfered in more elections in this country than Russia. I believe that Soros is behind this Russia interference BS because Putin has declared Soros as a dangerous terrorist and I believe has a wanted dead or alive for this pig and all this Russia conspiracies being thrown around right now. It is time we the people demand justice against Soros and all the violence that has happened during this presidential election campaign and all the violence and civil unrest and riots and war on law enforcement that has all been started and financially funded by SOROS and he has publicly bragged and admitted that he is behind all the unrest in this country for the past 2 plus years and laughs about it in interviews. If anyone is an extreme danger to this country it is SOROS not Russia. It is time these treasonous politicians on both sides of the isle be called out and a loud vocal call for them to immediately resign from congress for having a relationship with this known terrorists and anti American conspirator who is trying to destroy this country from within. There also needs to be a very loud and strong call for all politicians that have taken money from this terrorists be forced to return all his blood money. It is time for SOROS to face justice for trying to bring down this country and trying to get this presidential election nullified and to undermind our new president Trump. I strongly believe that SOROS is behind all this Russia BS and is the one behind the dangerous precedent of establishment politicians doing everything possible to try and undermine the new president elect and trying everything possible to have Trump removed. SOROS must be stopped. He needs all his assets seized to pay for the millions and possibly billions in damages for all the violence he is financing for the last 2 plus years and his ass put in jail for terrorism against this country and trying everything possible to overthrow our government and trying to start a civil war in this country.

  2. So what? What was said, what did they talk about, I see a photo, did they have dinner, lunch, coffee, breakfast? I can stand in front of a commie pig and with a smile on my face call him an SOB and tell him killing you will give me pleasure, you snap the picture and have nothing to do with what went on in the meeting. Believe me I would say that to Soros to his face.

    • Eddie, are you serious that stupid? This is the most evil man on the planet. He eats countries and their finances for lunch, just for fun. He has no compassion for anyone. He enjoyed destroying his own fellow Jewish countrymen during the Holocaust – and he was only a kid when he helped do it. To associate with this evil man is to approve of his cruel lifestyle. If you think Soros is a fine, upstanding citizen, you must be just like him and you have no intelligence, or the ability to do your own deep research. I’ve known of HRC and her husband, and this man for nearly three decades, and you couldn’t be hanging with a worse crowd – unless you’re part of it. Then you are also as evil, and don’t bother responding.