Jason Ravnsborg picks up key Endorsement for South Dakota Senate Race


For Immediate Release

Tea Party Community endorses Jason Ravnsborg for U.S. Senate

Jason-RavnsborgToday March 25, 2014 the United States Senate race just became more interesting. Jason Ravnsborg (the Republican Candidate and Attorney) from Yankton, South Dakota picked up a key endorsement from the conservative Internet group known as Tea Party Community.com.

Tea Party Community.com the Facebook alternative for conservatism who boasts membership numbers into the six figures; formally endorsed the Yankton Attorney for the United States Senate.

Ken Crow, C0-Founder Tea Party Community.com was asked why the conservative group had selected Jason Ravnsborg for endorsement. Crow was very quick to respond; Ravnsborg was the obvious choice for anumber of reasons”. Crow then added that; too many candidates today like to “call” themselves Tea Party or conservative in order to “just” win the hearts and minds of the some 25,000,000 million Tea Party members across America. In reality, they are nothing more than just bomb throwers or moderates trying to appear conservative. Jason to me is not one of these. He is intelligent, has wisdom beyond his years and seeks to work with people, not bully everyone in his path.  

Crow then said; Jason Ravnsborg was without question the only candidate that will not only represent South Dakota with conservative values, but who is also the only candidate that doesn’t seem to have “issues” surrounding them who would then be vulnerable to the Democrats this fall.

When asked to elaborate, Crow then said; former Governor Rounds has too many black clouds hanging over his head with the EB5 scandal and that subject is still bubbling. This leaves him vulnerable to Democrat attacks and would probably cost the Republicans this much needed seat in the Senate. The other candidates in the race are just more of the problem that has plagued Washington for too long. It’s time to replace career politicians and Crow said that he loves Ravnsborg’s campaign mantra of Citizen Servant versus career politician.

Crow concluded his Ravnsborg endorsement with saying this; Jason Ravnsborg is the epitome of what we need more of in Washington, D.C. He is a hero of the first order having been awarded the Bronze Star for his selfless service in Iraq, a Major in the United States Army Reserves and he is an educated Attorney. He has NO baggage he is trying to explain and the integrity and honor to represent South Dakota with prudence and courage. The bottom line is this; Jason is not a right wing bomb thrower. He is someone that will be respected and represent his fellow residents with pride and distinction just as he did serving our nation in wartime. This in addition to his wanting to “repeal and replace” Obama-Care, rebuild our military and standing globally. There is no doubt in my mind, he would never vote for bills that he has not read and understands fully. I would be so proud to vote for Jason if I were a South Dakota resident.

Ken Crow, Co-Founder Tea Party Community.com
email: kwrcrow@gmail.com
phone: (832) 377-6807