Brundy Ranch War Escalating


I have been keeping very close tabs about what is going on in Nevada with the EPA and BLM rounding up and killing the rancher Cliven Bundy’s cattle and just burying them out in the desert. They want to take over the entire property of Bundy. I had written several times awhile back about what is going on in Connecticut with that state’s gun confiscation. The situation there is very serious and things could erupt there any time but a lot of the police are stating publicly that they will not enforce that law. This doesn’t mean nothing can still happen but there has been a very good smuggling operation going on to help those in Connecticut and an open letter from the militia warning them that they will fight if Connecticut cops start busting people’s doors in to confiscate people’s arms and ammunition.

First Amendment is a right, not an area

What is going on in Nevada with the government trying to steal Brundy’s property and livelihood is even more serious than what is going on in Connecticut. The big difference is that the militia is forming and on their way to help this rancher since Sheriff Gilespi of that county refuses to uphold his oath and kick those government thieves out of his county. This is really looking to be another Ruby Ridge or Waco but on a much larger scale because now the militia is involved in fighting an active government theft job. It wouldn’t take much for the shooting to start.


When asked by Sean Hannity how far he is willing to take this in reference to Cliven Brundy’s statement that he is ready for a range war, Brundy responded

“I’ll do whatever it takes”

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Apparently so are the militia. Militia from around Nevada and other states’ militias are now gathering on the Brundy ranch or on their way there. There have been protests there and violent confrontations with BLM agents and Sheriff Gilespi could easily deescalate the situation and stop things before anybody gets killed. He won’t do it though. So far when people have called his office to complain, they have been told it is not his business and to call BLM offices and get a good lawyer. The very same people that are stealing and killing Brundy’s cattle. The same ones that will start the killing of the citizens and patriots of our country in the name of a turtle. A turtle that has been living quite well out there amongst the cattle for many years. Long before the BLM or EPA were ever around.

What do they claim as their reason and right to do this? To save a turtle. The government is willing to steal a man’s property and violate his civil rights or kill him in the process in the name of a turtle. A turtle that often eats the droppings of the cattle and is actually a good source of food for the turtle. It is such a clear see through lie that it is just unbelievable. This is public property and the government has never done anything with it and Brundy has been grazing on this property since long before the BLM was ever in existence. The government is under the impression that just because they say they own any land that it actually is owned by what they consider a totally separate entity away from the people that it is actually owned by. The people own the land. Not some government that thinks it is not of the people, by the people and for the people.

Quiet Martial Law in action

The people are the creators of the creature known as the government and we have the creature that we gave life to telling the creator of that entity that is is more powerful than we are. It is showing that it no longer has to be worried about governing by the consent of the people.

Brundy has asked for help since his chicken hearted oath breaking sheriff has refused to and he is getting help. From the militia from all over the country. This could very easily turn into an event that Obammy will use to declare martial law. Once that happens, we will descend into a civil war that will make the first civil war look like a cake walk. I don’t have the funds to travel out there but if I did, I would already be there. If this isn’t stopped by cooler thinking heads, it has nowhere but to escalate into a much worse version of Waco or Ruby Ridge.

Adam Kokesh talked to a guy there to help Bundy and talked about some 120 people confronting the BLM agents and the violence it turned into. Things are heating up and Sheriff Richard Mack had something to say about what is going on and the unwillingness of the Clark County Sheriff Gilespi to uphold his oath or do anything to deescalate the situation. Nevada governor Brian Sandoval could do something but prefers to leave it in the hands of the feds and use John Kerry style policy to deal with it which means he has no plans to do anything. Unless the government can be convinced that it would be in their best interest to back down, I don’t see any peaceful way out of this and we all know where it will lead.

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