3 Times The Obama Administration Has Been Humiliated By Foreign Leaders Since 2013



Written By: Jamie Weinstein

In Obama’s America, foreign officials often disrespect top U.S. leaders.

Last week, NBC foreign correspondent Richard Engel said he would be “hard pressed” to come up with a single country where America’s relations have improved since President Barack Obama took office in 2009.

In terms of how America is viewed by citizens of foreign countries under Obama, polling doesn’t quite yet reflect that America is viewed worse under Obama than George W. Bush, but one suspects that it might shortly. While a 2013 Pew global attitudes poll showed most countries viewing Obama’s America more favorably than Bush’s, it also revealed that America’s image in the world has been falling steadily in a majority of countries surveyed since the euphoria of Obama’s first year in office. In some countries — perhaps most hilariously Kenya — Obama’s America in 2013 was viewed less favorably than Bush’s America at the end of his term in 2008.

As for the world’s confidence in Obama, the 2013 Pew poll showed it as relatively high in most countries, but in decline since 2009.