The Tea Party Community endorses Nick Wukoson for Congress


Tea Party Community and Tea Party Tribune are proud and honored to endorse conservative candidate, Nick Wukoson for Congress.

Washington, DC is completely broken. It has always been known as a place where good intentioned men and women go to change America. But often times the opposite happens and Washington changes them. However, there have been many shining examples throughout our rich political history where ordinary men and women are able to fight the demons and remain unchanged.

That is why we need to send Congressional Candidate for Florida’s 18th District, Nick Wukoson to Congress.

As a former police officer, Nick knows what is like to sacrifice for the betterment of the greater good. Nick has bravely and proudly served his community and put his life on the line for the security of others. As a small business owner, Nick has seen first-hand what excessive taxation and burdensome regulations can do to private businesses.

So why should Floridians pick Nick?

Nick owns, runs, and operates HR Blue LLC. HR Blue helps other small business owners who can’t afford to carry a full time Human Resources Department by providing less expensive alternatives and work place safety directors. Nick consults with these business owners and helps them increase productivity while simultaneously increase their profits and reducing their expenses.
As a small business owner Nick has the executive experience needed to make the tough decisions. With his law enforcement background he knows how to keep people accountable. With his experience owning and consulting with small businesses he knows how to solve problems. And with his tenacity and vision he will exceed at doing both.

Nick believes in holding those who spend our tax dollars accountable. His Accountability 101 plan is exactly what is needed in Washington. Nick’s plan follows the money. It brings transparency to Government by revealing and tracking where and what is being spent. It also shows who and why sponsored the legislation and tracks its success or failures so that you the voters can see its effectiveness or lack thereof. Rhetoric is no longer needed in Washington. We need real solutions and not just hyperbole. Nick Wukoson has the passion, the tenacity, and most importantly the experience to solve complex problems with common sense solutions.

Nick is a Husband, a father, and a patriot. Nick will be another one of those shining examples who fought against the demons in Washington and remained unchanged. It’s our pleasure and honor here at The Tea Party Community to endorse Nick Wukoson for Congress.

Tim Selaty Sr.
Founder, Tea Party Community


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