Jesse Jackson, liberals suggest racism played role in death of Ebola patient

B. Sevald/Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images
B. Sevald/Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images
B. Sevald/Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Jesse Jackson claims racism played role in death of Ebola patient.

On Wednesday, Thomas Duncan, the first patient diagnosed with Ebola in the United States, died ten days after being admitted to a Dallas hospital. The day before, Jesse Jackson suggested in an op-ed at the Huffington Post that white privilege played a role in the treatment he received. He also suggested racism played a role in his treatment while visiting the hospital.

“It seems the way we treated the Americans in Georgia and Nebraska is different than the way we treated a victim here in Dallas,” Jackson said at the hospital. Jackson was asked by reporters if he thought racism played a role.

“I don’t want to say that, only because that could become the headline,” he said before suggesting racism played a role. “Whether you are white in Atlanta or whether you are white in Nebraska or black in Dallas — we know there’s different treatment among blacks in this country.”

“The use of ZMapp raises the question of privilege,” he wrote in an op-ed at the Huffington Post. “Is it only those with better connections to positions of power who will get a fighting chance to receive this experimental drug?”

“When Thomas Eric Duncan first became sick and went to the hospital, he was treated with antibiotics and sent home,” he added. “Duncan did not receive screening tests for Ebola on this first visit. The question is, why did they not keep him in the hospital for further screening and treatment?”

Jackson provided the answer for that as well, and to no one’s surprise, it’s racism. Jackson informs us that “Duncan has a foreign accent, black skin, and no health insurance.”

“What role did his lack of privilege play in the treatment he received?” Jackson asked. “He is being treated as a criminal rather than as a patient.”

Predictably, Twitchy said, liberals on Twitter were quick to also blame racism. Many tweets talked about a “cure,” Twitchy said, even though the CDC said there is no FDA-approved treatment for the disease.

“You know the black brother was going to pass away,” one person said. “Save the missionaries and let the brother die.”

“I’m not surprised that out of three people treated in the US for ebola, it’s the black one who dies,” another person added. “Negligence or racism?”

“First US #Ebola patient died today, government felt that an #AfricanAmerican didn’t deserve the experimental cure,” added a third Twitter user. “Shameful racism.”

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas responded quickly to Jackson’s charge. According to a statement issued by the hospital, Duncan was treated like anyone else.

“He was treated the way any other patient would have been treated, regardless of nationality or ability to pay for care,” the hospital said. “We have a long history of treating a multi-cultural community in this area.​”

Nevertheless, charges of racism — which has become a favorite weapon of the low-information left — continue to spread. “Racism in plain view,” one person claimed.