Obamacare kills more health plans, hurts workers


Hundreds of thousands of Americans are about to lose their health plans due to Obamacare.

As Fox News reported on Wednesday, thirteen states and the District of Columbia will be hit hard in the next few weeks as health insurers drop anyone who has failed to purchase the more expensive plans required by the “Affordable Care Act.”

Virginia will be the most brutalized by this latest broken Obamacare promise, facing the cancellation of a stunning 250,000 policies. This will also force many to lose their doctors, pay higher premiums, and deal with higher out-of-pocket costs, contrary to everything we were told would happen under this law.

More than a quarter of Americans now say that Obamacare has personally harmed them.

Meanwhile, Wal-Mart has now joined Home Depot, Target, Trader Joe’s, and hundreds of others in responding to the staggering explosion of costs under Obamacare (48% higher than expected for this fiscal year alone) by imposing drastic cuts in employee benefits. Investors’ Business Daily reports that Wal-Mart is now “cutting 30,000 part-timers from its health benefit plan, raising worker-paid premiums by 19% and trimming its co-payment for health costs above the deductible.”

IBD also cites a laundry list of studies confirming that Obamacare is now crippling economic growth and raking workers over the coals:

A study by the American Action Forum…found that full-time workers at midsize companies stand to lose $935 a year because of ObamaCare’s added costs. That’s to say nothing of the 350,000 who, the study says, lost jobs due to the health law.

Another study, by the American Health Policy Institute, calculates that ObamaCare employer costs over the next decade add up to $168 billion.

Meanwhile, a survey by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia found that more than 18% of manufacturing employers have cut both jobs and hours because of ObamaCare. Another, by the Dallas Fed, found that almost half of the businesses asked said that ObamaCare is raising health costs, prompting a quarter of them to cut their workforce. Still another, by the New York Fed, found that ObamaCare “was widely seen as raising health coverage costs for businesses.”

Like other Fed surveys, it found one in five businesses saying that they were cutting workers or hours because of ObamaCare. And a study out this week by George Mason University’s Mercatus Center found that ObamaCare will push millions into part-time work, either voluntarily or involuntarily, because of its mix of costs and subsidies.

Ironically, IBD adds that this backlash will disproportionately hurt women, as they work an average of just over 30 hours per week. Yet again, we see that it is those who relentlessly gender-bait the American people and peddle the left’s bogus “war on women” smear who actually end up hurting women the most (at every turn)…this time, using an illegal health care takeover built on falsehoods, from the president who got himself re-elected by trashing his opponent as a pathological liar.

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