Hey Liberals, tell me again about the lack of diversity in the Republican party?


One of the lies the left loves to tell is that the Republican Party has no women, no minorities, and no diversity. They say it is an “old white mans party” which is not only ridiculous but also discriminatory and racist.

So far, the first Republican candidate to declare his candidacy for President in 2016 was Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a Cuban. Now as I write this Florida Senator Marco Rubio also a Cuban-American has decided to also run for president. Next month it is widely expected that on May 4th Dr. Ben Carson will also announce he is running for president, an African-American.

It amazes me how the left has been able to get away with the lie that the Republican Party lacks diversity. The Republican Party was founded on an issue that dealt with that very subject, slavery. The Republican Party was the anti-slavery party. A Republican President freed the slaves and it was Republicans who supplied the critical votes that gave Blacks the right to vote in the lead up and passage of the voting rights act.

The Democrats have been on the wrong side of history. It was Southern Democrats that passed the horrible Jim Crow Laws. It was Democrats who founded the Ku Klux Klan. It was Democrats that treated Blacks as 3/5th a person.

The Democratic Party has been able to survive on lies, deception, class warfare, and identity politics and they are damn good at it. Why would anyone with even half a brain be a Democrat especially in the year 2015? The party of Jefferson and Kennedy has been hijacked and held for ransom by the likes of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson.

The party that believed in America has now grown to hate it. The party that believed in free speech now tries to silence those that do not agree with them. The Party that claims to be for everyone now goes out of their way to bash Christians and Jews while embracing ideologies of hate like Islam.

So far, the Democratic Party has one declared candidate. An old, washed up, White woman with more baggage than a loaded 747. The left should be so proud that a lying, thieving, evil, old hag like Hillary Clinton is the best they have and the most diverse. Where are all the minorities? My guess is Barack Obama has been such a disaster that maybe the Democrats will become the old white rich party instead?

So while Hillary Clinton self implodes or better yet is eaten alive by her own base the Republicans will continue to be inclusive of all minorities and may even have a minority as our nominee in 2016.

So much for the old white party…

Josh Bernstein is a top rated Conservative Talk Show Host, National Spokesman for AMAC, and The Director of Communications for The Tea Party Community. His fire breathing style behind the microphone can currently be heard in all of Obama’s 57 States and as many as 192 Countries around the world. For more on Josh visit his website at www.joshbernsteinpoliticalwriter.com