CNN Unwittingly Proves Obama is a Unique Serial Liar.


I noticed about 12 months ago liberals started saying every president lies, or suddenly became comfortable with saying Obama is lying.  Before this, they adamantly defended Obama was not a liar.   What changed, I pondered?

Sure enough – there’s a propaganda piece from CNN where they told all the Democrats serial lying presidents was normal – 15 months ago.

“Every president has not only lied at some time, but needs to lie to be effective,” says Ed Uravic, a former Washington lobbyist, congressional chief of staff and author of “Lying Cheating Scum.”   “You might say lying is the verbal lubricant that keeps the Oval Office engine running.”

The author makes it sound like domestic policy lying is normal using these examples:

“Forgivable lies are those meant to keep the nation from harm.”  He gives ONE example from a few presidents about SECURITY related lies:

– FDR lies about promising troops would not go to war!
– Kenned lied about a secret military operation in Cuba!
– Reagan lied about secretly transferred arms to Iran!
– Lincoln lied about the civil war negotiations!”
– President Lyndon Johnson Vietnam War spending from Congress !
– Bush lied about WMD!  (But the Democrat House investigation cleared this allegation completely – so the article repeated a lie about a lie.)

He cites “Unforgiveable Lies: Those are lies meant to cover up crimes.”
He only has one domestic policy lie! :  Nixon

So upon deeper reading, the article confirms Obama’s lies are domestic policy lies unique to HIMSELF in their abundance, the author cites only one other domestic activity lie, the Watergate Breakin, leaving Obama a massively unique domestic policy liar:

” Most of the stuff (the banks did) that got us into trouble was perfectly legal ”
“we don’t have a domestic spying program”
‘stimulus will revive the economy’
‘austerity doesn’t work’
‘rights are unique to different groups of people’
‘benghazi was a riot about an anti-muslim video’
‘the irs didn’t bully conservatives’
‘conservatives hate the poor’
“if you like your health plan, you can keep it”
‘I never met my Uncle ‘
“My mother could not get insurance.”

Indeed Obama is a unique serial liar about domestic policy.

John Lofgren is the author of “Atlas Shouts”, available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and Abbott Press