Which Man Is Lying, Holder or Obama?


holder and obama

Which man is lying about the bankers they bailed out?:

MLK was astute in pointing to the silent majority that simply refused to discuss the lynchings and Jim Crow laws in honest and frank dialogue.  Now we’re avoiding discussion of a fiscal lynching, mass criminal behavior in the banks that fleeced the saver and investor, still un-prosecuted.

The same people I see refusing to answer this question, easily impugn the character of conservatives, without hesitation, and support Democrat leaders using abusive, contemptuous,  Goebbels-like hate claims for conservatives. They are liberal with abusive language of opponents, but obviously wily with covering up their leader’s gi-normous lies, easily the biggest provable lies – in dollar amount – in American history.  The biggest lies in WORLD history.

One the these statements above is a trillion dollar lie, according to the whistle blower on 60 Minutes:

Post those two statements and ask a liberal which man is lying today.  Watch them prevaricate about how they think their trillion dollar lies are meaningless.