Decency. I like the sound of the word. Take a look at that word. Now think about wholesome, upstanding, pure, words like that. I want you to notice that you rarely see those words in the mainstream media. In fact, those outlets seem to flee from such words, and home in on stories about tran-sexuals “coming out” into their new life. Heaven forbid one should marry the word “white” with any of the above. With all the ISIS stuff flooding the news, Bruce Jenner, and Hilliary’s love affair with Yono Ono, I was dumbstruck by one image that was put up on Facebook. The lame brain media will never touch it, of course, but to me at least, it empathized what was right with America. It was the image of a lovely young lady being baptized in a river in Texas. A lovely white young lady, and I purposely used that word “white” because it has been more maligned than that other word that even I am afraid to include in this article because I don’t know what crazy laws have been passed since I got drunk last.

Contrast this: Bruce Jenner, posing like a super model on some magazine cover as opposed to a bright, decent young woman giving her life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Oh snap! There’s another word we aren’t supposed to use. Pretty white girl, decent, getting baptized, and mentioning the name of Jesus, too? Jade Helm is just gonna come, arrest me and kill my dogs. I’m done. The young girl is decent. I would suppose she is on her way to college. I would think that she is most likely not pregnant because she just may be (dare I say it) saving herself for marriage. Probably doesn’t smoke or drink, which puts her head and shoulders above me, and obviously attends church on a regular basis. I am not worthy to loose the sandals on her pretty little feet.

Now let’s look at Bruce Jenner. Vile, ugly, pervert, deceptive, liar, deviate, media hog. . . is there anything I missed? And the liberals parade him as a “hero,” for telling us all how he feels. People, this is not a hero. Chris Kyle was a hero. Davy Crockett was a hero. . . Martin Luthur King was a hero. Bruce Jenner is a . . . well, what’s the word I’m looking for, help me out here. . . faggot comes to mind. Darn, there’s another one of them words that I’m not supposed to say. I just need to wash my fingers out with soap, but you know what? I’m not about to try to tell my grandchildren that this piece of whatever is anything other than what he/she/it is. An animal!

One other event cemented my opinion this morning. Three classes of Kindergarten children reciting the pledge of allegiance to the American and Texas flag. They had the words down right, with their little hands over their hearts, and parents standing up with tear in their eyes. We owe these little guys a country, not an Obamanation. We owe them this because if we don’t save it for them, then they will have to fight for it all over again. And tears came to my eyes, too, because I know with the way things are going all these little fellas are gonna have to take up arms some day and win it all back. As I watched them I glanced to my side at all the others, like me, who were obviously considering this also. Decency. I like the sound of the word.

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