American Sniper: If you are Going to Win a War you need Heroes



By Dr. Phil Taverna

American Sniper is a great book. It explains how a war should be fought and what a real hero looks like. It is easy. Obama is not a hero. He has never put his life on the line and he never will. And the art of fighting a war is always a problem for liberals. If you vote to go to war like Hillary and Colon Powell, then you must have the desire to win. You can’t win with liberals’ Rules of Engagement.

Clearly the Great President Bush won both wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. President GW is a hero. Obama could have won the war in Syria. The king was using Saddam’s chemical weapons in battle. That should be seen as a global atrocity not global warming. But Obama did nothing. The only thing he did do, was give weapons to our enemies!

And if the liberals would have kept their phony big mouths shut, President Bush would have taken out the threat of Iran as well. Obama and Kerry have no clue. They must be reading the handbook of war written by Jimmy Carter. Run Jimmy Run! Kerry can only limp!

Unfortunately we have lost Chris Kyle. All the times he could have been killed on enemy soil, he was killed here at home.  One of the observations he made was that once the  tribal leaders feared U.S. more than terrorists, the battle for the cities was over. Then the tribal leaders were cooperative with the coalition members. These leaders did not have to be paid off, they knew they would die if they did not cooperate.

One thing Rush has said for years is that the military purpose is to kill people and break things. And  this goes back to the beginning of time. Very few real wars have been won without killing people and destroying things. Japan was probably one of the toughest militaries the United States ever faced.  We wiped out 2 of their cities and the war was over. Why was the war over? Because they had nothing to fight for. The purpose of war is to protect your women, children and your sovereignty.  If they are wiping out your cities one by one there is no longer a purpose to fight.

The same with Iraq. Instead of going door to door to kill terrorists, wipe out the whole city. What do you think would happen if Ramadi or Fallujah was leveled? Even though the Iraqis and that would include folks for other places like Tunisia and Iran, lost hundreds of thousands of folks, they really didn’t lose any real estate. Now things may be different with ISIS. They are taking over the real estate.

Mr. Kyle writes about the Rules of Engagements. And this is always amazing. The goal is simple kill as many of the enemy that you can until they give up. And they will give up when that point is reached. And the liberals will claim they will hate you. Who cares, it is not about love or hate, it is about respect. They respected President Bush, they laugh at Obama and the Clintons.

Kyle writes about a swamp that was being used by the enemy. They requested that the swamp be napalmed. The request was denied. Probably by a liberal environmentalist! And the military is being run by a bunch of cowards. You need folks like Kyle and Patton who will go in there and kill the enemy. We can talk about peace later… After the enemy is dead!

Instead of heroes we should have all the liberal politicians, judges and big mouths fight the wars and protect our cities.  Imagine Obama and Kerry protecting you at night?

Kyle had to have all sorts of proof if their was a questionable kill. He probably killed hundreds of enemy combatants. Should he be concerned more about paperwork, or getting the right results.

Chris mentioned that most of the enemy were not fanatics, they were just doped up. As he stated half way to paradise. Just think most of our cities will be loaded with doped up folks soon. Do we arrest them, institutionalize them or send them to rehab! The great American way of the commie liberals. Maybe we should just make them work! That might be considered slavery. But they think being addicted to drugs is not slavery. It is probably a right!  It is always a Liberal Right when the taxpayer must pay for it!

Chris mentions that this is a great way to fight a war when you need to defend yourself for winning.

Deep down Chris was probably a maniac. He knew how to win a battle. He was properly trained. Could think on the run and faster than the enemy and he won most battles. And it takes a little bit of crazy to put yourself in the line of fire, just because you are an American.  It is kind of funny as he portrays it. It just seemed every time he picked up his sniper rifle, the loons would come out of the woodwork. And as a great solder he sent them back to hell where they came from.

And the last thing we should do is rebuild these cities. If they want to pay for it with their oil and will protect the contractors, great. If not let the Chinese do the rebuilding.

You might think twice before you vote for a liberal again!


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