There’s a Mad Man Down in Waco



“There’s a Madman down in Waco!” So were the words to one of David Koresh’s songs. I’m going to examine here who the mad men really were. We will examine the human mind, the events in Waco in 1993, and the facts! I’ve found that it becomes easy to ascertain facts by going backwards. You look at what you know happened, and work back from there. Where you surmise a theory, and then make it try to fit, the shoe invariably will not fit. Better to look at the end, and then try to find out how we got there. The end; the federal government burned alive eighty some odd men, women, and children in Waco on April 19, 1993. What led us to that point? How did the government, by the people, of the people, and for the people end up burning up the people?

You’ve been told that David Koresh was the fanatic leader of a cult called the Branch Davidians, camped out just off Highway 6 in Waco, Texas. You’ve been told that he was a pedophile, a terrorist, a danger to society. You’ve been told the ATF just strolled up to the door of Mount Carmel one Sunday morning to serve a warrant for some infraction involving paying a fee for certain weapons within the compound. For some reason the people inside the compound decided to declare war and take on the United States while their leader babbled insane ramblings about seven seals. You’ve been told American Idol is an honest show where the best of the best rises to the top. All of these suppositions are a lie!

First, let’s talk about religion. We all struggle with the meaning of life, why we are here, what are we doing, and where are we going when we leave here? Some people look to faith to explain this. Simple faith is a wonderful thing. Did you know that in order to properly hit a golf ball you have to imagine hitting through that ball? You have to have faith that the ball is going to fly properly and land in the middle of the green, and brothers and sisters, if you have that faith, why God will just miracle that little puppy into a par four quicker than spit! I’ve seen it done. Can I have an amen? It’s when you try to justify faith with scripture that things get tricky. The deeper one digs into scriptures the more obtuse it becomes. People get ideas of what they think the end product should be, and what started out as Jesus is coming soon ends with seven trumpets, seven seals, seven vials, seven headed horses, and a partridge in a pear tree. There’s even a pretty girl running off across the desert getting chased by a rattlesnake, and all of this fits into some grand scheme of “Jesus is coming soon,” but if any part of it doesn’t fit the walls come a tumbling down. Then comes along someone who connects all them crazy dots just a little bit better and starts a “religion.” Now, so long as Jesus is coming “soon,” and not “now,” you got no problem. Imminence is the problem. So long as the second coming is an abstract theological idea that’s all well and good, but when you become convinced that the next knock on the door is the Almighty Himself if takes on a whole new perspective. Every thought, every Bible read, every conversation adds to, and supports the anticipated event, but like I said, so long as said event is “out there,” and not “in here,” what does it hurt? Build a better house, cook a better pot of beans, BE your brother’s keeper, for you never know at what hour the Master will return.

When you have a group of people waiting for that, so long as it never comes you sell a lot of Tums to them and chuckle dryly. But, what happens when you have a knock at the door, and it’s not Jesus, but an out of control government with a whole new perspective on who the Master is? This Master won’t tolerate back talk from anyone, especially those kooks out there on Highway 6 who don’t want anything to do with them as they wait for that seventh seal to be opened ushering in the new Jerusalem, according to David Koresh 1:1! Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition! And, we have the perfect storm of, please excuse the pun, “Biblical” proportions.

You know, the Bill of Rights is a funny thing. Fairly simple, direct, written to solidify the rights given by God to people from time immemorial, and codified by God Fearing men who had just taken on the most powerful empire in the world. Let’s start working back from there. The right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed. Ok, the Branch Davidians were people, right. Now, it’s hard to tell after Janet Reno and Bill (send a pizza to 1600) Clinton finished cremating them, but in all appearances they were people. Consider this: If the second amendment meant what it said, could it be possible that every “gun control” law since then is illegal? You Think? Now, Google how many times the Branch Davidians attacked Waco since 1934. It is said that they failed to pay a $200 tax for a fully automatic weapon. Well, again, not constitutional, but what would the ATF do to a gun shop who didn’t pay that fee? Uh, maybe send an agent to take the license (still a crock) and MAYBE arrest the owner? So why the cattle cars at Mount Carmel that day? THERE’S your mad men down in Waco, right there!

You think David Koresh was crazy? Give a cop a set of circumstances, a study, a few bugs on a phone, a snitch, and watch out! You think the Davidian belief in the second coming was out there? Try a theory that a bunch of zoned out religious nuts making cornbread and beans are about to over throw the government, AND, they DID owe $200 for God’s sake! “Oh, Wilbur, they was little girls involved and he was a raping on them!” Uh, were those the same little girls the ATF opened fire on in the initial assault? In the next fifty days they fixed that, now didn’t they? You can get all them there raped little girls very comfortably in an ash tray! Swat them bees! I’ve spent the better part of a week studying video, and reading reports and I SAW the ATF shooting during that initial assault. I SAW them firing indiscriminately into the building with PISTOLS! Boys and girls, now I don’t want to go all Texan on you here, but them Yankee Nancy boys weren’t THAT good of a shot. There were CHILDREN in there!

The REAL problem! The Branch Davidians did not submit, nor conform. And one more thing, they really believed. It doesn’t matter if their belief was sound, they believed. Now I’m going to tell you why they died. Be prepared, you will be shocked. You will disagree, you will hate, then you will think, and cry. They died because they all believed they had to die to announce the end of the world. David Koresh suddenly realized that he, and his people would never come out, that they were to be an example to demonstrate a maniacal, out of control empire that would kill children if need be to achieve their means. Mount Carmel was the Davidian’s Garden of Gethsemane, and their beliefs would not allow them to refuse the cup. Good or bad, that’s what they held to. David and all his people knew that the United States had become corrupt and knew that if they stood up that seventh seal would be opened and you would see the “beast” for what it really was because those FBI, Cops, ATF, and all the rest would KILL those children before they would relinquish one iota of power back to the people! They made the free choice to drink the cup of poison. They KNEW that they had done no wrong. What if there had been no raid? What if David had just been arrested at Walmart? Why the attack? I’ll tell you why. Maybe that “Beast” David saw was real. Maybe that beast was intolerant of everything not conforming with its abomination. It would have been more convenient to just cut Jesus’ head off the night before as King Herod had done to John the Baptist, but a crucifixion would send a clear message to anyone out there who was of the same mind as the itinerant Rabbi from Nazareth.

There were mad men in Waco that day. They made sure the ashes of Mount Carmel would never be sifted. They made sure the truth would never be known, but there is one truth. For all the rhetoric, all the talk, all the spin, could it be that David Koresh was more afraid of his God, than he was the ATF? And those mad men. . . they’re still among us, and we still have to finish the job. Perhaps the seventh seal David warned us about has been opened, and with all we are seeing now, Ruby Ridge, Mount Carmel, ISIS, Ebola, and all the rest, is the result of that seal. The lies are ever present. Wanna see one? Consider this; If the government is of the people, by the people, and for the people, why did it become status quo that only the government has the right to have to bear ceertain arms that the people can never have? At that point the government ceases to be the servant, and becomes the master. You only need superior weapons when confronting an enemy, or a slave! Where is your freedom of religion when the government can decide who can marry whom. Where’s your separation of church and state now? How private is your property when long after you own it you must still pay the King’s ransom to keep it? And your freedom of speech? Tell that to the kid thrown out of school because he said he didn’t like the president. All these questions smolder in the ashes of Mount Carmel.

Think about this; What if that “beast” raises its head again, and this time the people also raise their heads, and twenty or thirty truckloads of militia come over the hill to confront the AFT, FBI, CPS, and all the other S’s. What then? Oh, you say that won’t work, the government will just bring more and more, until it enforces the “law?” Well, friend, if you accept that, then we are truly lost! Here’s YOUR cup of poison.

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