Socialism Increases Debts as Taxes Are Raised – A Con Game


The Good News is the national debt is unpayable.

The bad news is they never planned to pay it in the first place.    Here’s how the conclusion was formed:

In a prior column, the math shows the National Debt is unpayable under best case circumstances.

That was the good news.  The bad news is the liberals never plan to pay it in the first place.  How do we know?  Well, let’s go find liberal nations – socialist nations – that have great debt reduction records, shall we?

Surely, as the European and responsible Asian liberals raise taxes for more benefits, they will exhibit lower debt, right?


The trend is inverted – socialist, high tax nations exhibit HIGHER debt per capita – the increase in taxes correlates HIGHLY with increases in debt.  It appears the citizens that vote for high taxes, also vote for higher deficits – their appetite is less satiated by more benefits.  They increase their wants as they increase their benefits and taxes.   They appear to be……..greedy.

In other words, liberals are normal humans who are greedy, just like capitalists are greedy.  Only now they use the cover of “charity” and “benefits” and law enforcement to hide their greed.

The Graph of Per-Capita Taxes Versus Per-GDP Debt

Years ago I gathered all the per GDP debts of the G20 nations, and their per capita tax burden, and found a surprising pattern using Matlab modeling software – ALL of the socialist nations with generous benefits had far more debt than the US, and had FAR HIGHER debt burdens. The socialists appear to ACCELERATE debt as taxes are raised, they exhibit NO tendency to pay debts.

None at all.

Note how the highest taxed nations, on the right, drift higher into the high debt areas of the graph.   No high tax nations exhibit low debt.   All low debt nations are…..low tax nations.


( The correlation of debt increase with tax increase was 0.90 Pearson Coefficent, a metric which ranges from 1.0 to -1.0, with zero being no correlation at all.   One and -1.0 are strong correlation or inverse correlation, respectively.  The countries were Ireland, SwitzerlandUnited Kingdom,  Norway,  Belgium,  DenmarkSwedenAustriaFranceFinlandGermanyAustraliaGreece, United States,  and Netherlands. )

And this correlated with my findings in social media debates – liberals don’t “believe” the debt ever needs to be paid.  Reasons range from “it’s all funny money” to “we’re just paying ourselves” to “we’ve never defaulted it will get paid somehow” to “that’s someone else’s problem”.   ( See Chapter 4.9, “Hypothesis: New Moral Codes of Liberals” of Atlas Shouts.)  I bet European liberals exhibit the same disdain.

This “debt disdain” belief is religious in nature – liberals refuse to question these claims of unwillingness or disdain for loan repayment.  They will leave a conversation, or begin any number of prevarication behaviors when confronted they are in grave immoral violation of loan payment contracts, law, and morality.  It just doesn’t matter to them, they are intolerant of others’ beliefs on this.

It’s almost as if they think capitalists’ have THEIR loan beliefs, so they have their own “beliefs” about loans.

Causal and Correlating

I discovered profound agreement between international debt and tax increases, socialism, and liberals’ social media dialogue.

That can only mean one thing:  Liberals never planned to pay the debt back in ANY socialist countries.  We see the US liberals proudly claim they don’t feel federal debt is their problem, a pattern of nations exhibit it, and the mathematics confirms it.  This is not just an observation of random correlation, this is a causal relationship, according to widespread liberal sentiments.

Liberals are voting for candidates that disregard debt, just like they morally believe in disregarding government debt – it is a religious belief.