The Shell Game


texasOk, students, school’s in. I’m going to delve into economics, politics, and geography today, and I’ll try not to use too many four syllable words. Ask yourself, what made the idea of “America” work? Let’s go back to square one, shall we? Way back in 1781 we’d run off the British, we’re hammering out some sort of government, and basically life was good. The average citizen could hang around New York, and make shoes or take off into the “wilderness” and trap beaver, whatever they wished. The government was in charge of making coins so we could go to the store without bringing along two or three chickens to trade, though some people still did that. The Bill of Rights came into existence a bit later, and they meant pretty much what they said. You could come and go, buy and sell, be drunk or sober, ever how you chose. Rich folks built businesses and common folks would work those businesses hoping to someday become rich folks. There was a president and congress, but they didn’t generally bother most people because they were limited. New York Harbor was choked with people who wanted to work this new system, and were sick and tired of the old ways that put them in the grave about twenty paces from where they were born. God, it was great!     The colonies were designated states. Now, let’s look at the concept of “state.” The colonies were formed by enterprising folks who convinced the crown that they could organize a geographic area such as to exploit the resources of said area and send gold, beavers and cigars BACK to the old country. It’s as simple as that! The crown didn’t give two flips about the environment, the natives, or the relocated colonists so long as the ships kept running and the coffee never ran out! The colonists could care less about the crown so long as their throne remained “over there” and they were allowed to expand, and exploit to their heart’s content. Cotton practically grew wild in the south. Mix in a few slaves and voila! Burlington Coat Factory! Everything turned to gold in America!     Now England didn’t LIKE the breaking away of her prize possessions, but she DIDN’T stop buying T-Shirts. The cotton grew in the STATE of Georgia, and was sold in the STATE of New York. The residents in the respective locales were bound only by common language, and if you’ve ever been raised in Texas, been to dinner on Long Island you quickly realize we don’t REALLY speak the same language, we speak AT it. So westward expansion began. People would filter west, plant a little corn and BAM! Ohio! The president would throw a little chump change on the table and you get LOUISIANA! Theyd survey the land and draw up “states” which were NOT colonies, where the inhabitants thereof generally were of the same breed, with a common interest. William Penn was as dead as fried chicken, these were STATES by golly! The goal was to get hooked up to something called the UNITED States. A collection of geographically different entities tied together by a common cause, i.e. the “idea” of America.     A plantation owner would grow cotton and ship it to New York. He’d get some gold coins for his cotton, whereupon he’d run down and buy more seed and grow more cotton. The cotton would sail for London and those people we didn’t like before would give us some of THEIR gold, that would come right back to the Jewish bankers in New York, who’d be looking forward to the next cotton crop coming up from the south, and the whole process would begin all over again. That WORKED! Know what happens when something works? Well everybody wants a T-Shirt, that’s what. Especially the government that doesn’t manufacture anything. What started out as ten little rules on how to go about your day without stepping on too many toes began to expand. Now there are many reasons for this.     First off you got all these folks up in Washington, all dressed up with nowhere to go. They’ve already GOT the Bill of Rights, already GOT the constitution, but you can’t make any money off that! The constitution was a hit. What happens when you get a hit? Well, eventually you have to do what we call a “sequel!” And them fellers up in Washington were real GOOD at sequels. As westward expansion raced across the plains and into the mountains, they were writing additions to the constitution so fast that a man had to come along and invent the typewriter! Eventually the words became more important than the people the words were addressed to. Then, along came Lincoln. Now Abraham was a crafty fella. He took the word “United” and changed it to “Union.” Now he had to kill around six hundred and fifty THOUSAND people to make this happen, but who’s counting, right? He beat the devil out of the cotton patch, freed the slaves and ENslaved everybody else. Now watch this shell game.     To coin a phrase the south was screwed. The north still needed the cotton, only they didn’t want to PAY for it. One part of the shell game is a thing called “misdirection.” Look here, don’t look there, and while you are so distracted the bean ends up under a different shell. The south had big problems. The cotton was going out, but no gold was coming back! It was kept up in New York or some place. Slowly, but surely the south began to put two and two together and came up with FiVE! It wasn’t them Yankee bankers who were the problem. Couldn’t possibly be those politicians up in Washington. Had to be all them former slaves! So, as the south crawled out from under that rock that Lincoln had so artfully put it under they began to see  what they thought was the REAL problem . . . them nasty ol’ blacks! Bean just got moved!     The reconstruction scam ran until about the 1890’s. By then the industrial revolution was in full swing and the Yankee bankers were too busy stealing THAT money to worry about that fella called Jim Crow who was alive and well in the remnants of the Confederacy. Grind in a couple of world wars and by the time the dust settled long about 1954 those guys up in Washington had a new plan. Now, by this time the “states” really no longer existed. No matter what a state said, when Washington said, “Jump” the states could only ask, “How high?” Quit laughing New York, you were hopping, too! Meanwhile the PEOPLE were being mentally sorted into selected camps. It was all very handy. You see, people come in different colors, I don’t know if y’all noticed that or not. So, you put all the blacks you can on one side of town, add a little crack, and whisper to the whites that THEY are the problem, but don’t whisper too loud because on the other side of your mouth you’re telling the blacks that the only reason they aren’t living on Park Avenue is them Crackers over there who keep them out! Repeat that for two generations and see how it works out for you! Tell an entire people that they are too stupid to succeed without affirmative action. Make it easy NOT to work and still get to eat. Then, turn around, jab the whites in the ribs and say, “Lookee there!” Uh, please note the gold is STILL in New York. THAT bean never moves! More about that later.     Wanna see the proof? Ferguson, Baltimore, McKinney, Trayvon, Michael, and Gray! Oh, the police are a problem too. New race . . . BLUE people! Middle America is understandably perplexed. Your black neighbor is just as confused reading the headlines while going to his job at the bank as YOU are, but he doesn’t have TIME to really worry about it because SOMEBODY has to fund this dog and pony show called the UNION, that bastard child of banking interests and their girlfriend the GOVERNMENT! Look here, don’t look there! The Feds aren’t the problem, the STATES are. Christians all belong to the Westboro Baptist Church, and every Mexican ever born is a member of a drug cartel! You see, they HAVE to do this because if we all took a breath, stepped back, and smelled the coffee, then we’d see where the real problem is. Fact: you can’t just decide to hunt beaver anymore. Shucks, you can’t even drink rain water. They’ve licensed GOD! They control information, too. Twenty-five gunships deployed to the border to stop Mexican helicopters shooting at our border patrol, lead story that day, some idiot in Washington State THINKS she’s black! That story DOMINATED the news for three days! I even fell for it!     America IS at the breaking point, but not in a bad way. Forget states. They died out a long time ago. You cant just draw a line and say, “Now y’all live here and they live there.”Think REGIONS! You think the Republic of Texas is that surveyed track of land you see today? Au Contraire! ” Think everything extending from there, west to California, north to include Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and yes, south to about Mexico City. The NATION of Reconquista! From there you can quickly identify other regions, bound by common climate, resources and language all around the country who are perfectly capable of running their own business, entering into enterprise with other regions and absolutely NO interest in the war machine currently embedded on the Potomac.     Washington drew lines of demarcation in America much the same as it was done in the Middle East, with no regard for culture, history, religion, or the people themselves, and it JUST DON’T WORK! You will see the day when the people of these regions will reach for the table, pick up ALL the shells and discover there were never any beans there anyway.  They were stolen long ago. Oh, there’s the bell! See you tomorrow

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