Socialists’ Reward System Promotes Failure – They Know It


Reward System is Different In Socialism

Capitalism is a reward system for building something right the first time.

Socialism is a reward system for building something wrong the first time, and then fixing it the second….or the third….or the fourth time.   Examples are legion of socialism’s failure, so much so that it was mainstream teaching before the schools became federalized by federal funding expansion and rules in the 1980s.

Recently, Obama acknowledged he hasn’t accomplished anything, and …. it’s not his fault:

“When I ran in 2008, I in fact did not say I would fix it. I said we could fix it,” Obama said, according to The Washington Post. “I didn’t say, ‘Yes, I can.’ I said, ‘Yes, we can.’”

These are the sentiments of someone aware they are not responsible for manifesting fixes, they are only responsible for pursuing fixes.  Liberal anger over this response will be completely missing. Obama is fully aware he does not have to fix anything at all. )

Don’t let Them Fake Stupidity

We know the liberals know  this because they used to complain about defense contracts burning cash as the second sorry version of a weapon got even more money than the first sorry version.  (DIVAD) .

Now – with the government funding more civilian matters, the SAME PRACTICES apply more broadly: We see Obamacare software was an abortion, then it got a boatload of more funding.  We agree with the Democrats on abortion in this case : Obamacare needs to be aborted, it will NEVER work ANYWHERE close to the free market.  It was NEVER intended to work the first time, nor the second, nor……they didn’t even want to explain how it worked.  We can easily see it implements four clear WILLFUL lies on EMTALA, insurance, welfare, and affordability.

No liberal I know can explain how Obamacare works or improves the old, also corrupt systems, Medicare and Medicaid.  They AVOID talking about how Obamacare is not like insurance at all: For instance it’s not just for catastrophic events, its a maintenance system – it was sold as such.   So it’s NOT insurance.   And it contains no language for reducing spending at all – it’s main selling point.   It’s a fraud scheme masquerading as a certain failure.

So if a liberal claims “stupidity” about not expecting their policies to go badly, use MLK’s famous quote, because Democrat liberals are faking stupidity about their policy failures just like the old south Democrat leaders faked stupidity about discrimination in public laws:

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.“- Martin Luther King, Jr.

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John Lofgren spent over 10 years researching US economic history, identifying best practices, and exposing findings in public forums in researching his well reviewed book, "Atlas Shouts". John earned degrees from the University of Florida and the University of Central Florida. A computer engineer, he holds five patents and has thirty years of design experience in electronics and design automation. He is also an accomplished lead singer and guitarist in a Motown/Classic Rock band.