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Well, let’s talk about Confederate flags, racism and dogs today. Why should you people have a calm day? When I was growing up in Louisiana, anger over the loss of the Civil War was still very much alive. The adults didn’t much mix with black folk, but they HATED Yankees. I never even saw a Yankee until I moved to Texas, and she was married to a soldier. I remember being fascinated that she looked pretty much like us, all but that hair. She had this short haircut. My mother told me that was because she was a prostitute, and Yankee marriage didn’t mean much because they didn’t know who their fathers were anyway. She also smoked cigarettes in public. Southern girls didn’t smoke in public, they dipped Garett snuff in private. Kiss that!

The bitterness over the loss of the war was drilled into us at a young age. Even our teachers schooled us about it. Them bastard Yankees came down and beat up on all the southern gentlemen, raped all the white women, and outlawed whiskey, all in the same breath. In my young mind the north was this huge boiling pot of people who talked funny, and the south was about the size of Louisiana. I didn’t really know much about black people, they cooked meals at school, but I KNEW a Yankee was just about as low as you could get on the food chain if you discounted monkeys. Then, there was this flag!

Now, the state flag of Louisiana had a bird on it, and the Confederate flag was not waved around much. The last time it got waved around all them Yankees showed up. The Confederate flag symbolized defeat! People in Louisiana had a hard enough time swallowing a whipping without having something waving above the statehouse reminding them of it on a daily basis, hence the bird! As I grew older I was set back by other states having that thing on display. Didn’t anybody tell them we lost? The Confederate flag wasn’t a source of pride for us it was an embarrassment, as useless as Confederate money.

Over the years that flag came to mean hill billy, countrified, inbred, stupid, and beat. The Dukes of Hazzard! Texans clung to the Lone Star, much as they do today. They viewed the Confederate flag with about as much disdain as they did the stars and stripes. The Yankees rolled over Louisiana as if it were a freeway, they asked permission to enter Texas AFTER the war! The Confederate flag meant nothing to Texans. At any given moment Texas was ready to take its star back and let the Nortés keep the change.

For people to use the Confederate flag as a rallying point for racism is alien to me. The Yankees whipped us. The Confederacy lost, Texas did not. Don’t wave something in my face reminding me of a butt stomping. That’s like keeping you ex-wife’s panties in a drawer hoping she’ll come back some day and put them on. I hear all the time, “I never owned any slaves, why do you keep reminding me of it?” Well, I didn’t fight in the Civil War, let it go!

There are two species on this planet that hang together but have little in common. People and dogs. Think about it. Most other animals look pretty much alike. A Zebra is a Zebra is a Zebra, but a DOG? I submit for your approval a Chihuahua and a Saint Bernard. Connect THEM dots! Now, people are mostly the same size and shape, but unlike dogs, color messes us up. Dogs, well they just sniff butts and take it from there. Dogs have it all figured out, and I will remind you that dogs usually won’t fight until after the obligatory butt sniff. People are the only species that has its mind pretty much made up beforehand.

I watched a lot of video yesterday about white supremacy. David Duke is a bit of a segregationist, but he HATES Jews! Now David is as crazy as an outhouse rat. He’s from Louisiana, by the way, and I suppose that means something, but the one that really tripped me out was this professor giving a lecture on the dominance of Caucasians over practically every other race on the planet. And he made his case, too. At the end of that lecture I was ready to sew up a sheet, and burn me a cross, but I ran out of beer, and his logic fell apart.

All men are created equal, but then their mamas bring them home from the hospital, and therein lies the problem. You have to be a THINKING human being. Did you read all that stuff at the beginning of this article? In my first ten years on this planet, adults were really pounding that lunacy into my still forming mind. As I grew older, and more data was brought in, I began to see things as they truly were. THAT’S why I have no sympathy whatsoever for people who grow up in the projects and think THAT is the way the world is! If you crack open any human head chances are you’ll find a brain. A child will listen, and accept what it’s told by adults right up until this thing we call puberty kicks in, and then that brain starts formulating its OWN ideas. By the age of sixteen I had rejected practically everything my father ever told me.

This kid in South Carolina was a sick little bastard, still fighting the Civil War, probably could not find a woman, and was living a mindset I left back in Louisiana in 1962. You take a Norté like that, give him a gun, pump him up with Prozac and CNN has a field day. If David Duke has a son I’ll bet he looks like him! What amazes me is intelligent people trying to UNDERSTAND him. Pat Garrett did NOT try to understand Billy the Kid, he shot him in the back of the head. Wyatt Earp did NOT discuss the second amendment with the Clantons. You cannot micro-analyze a fool! And the cops are STILL studying this idiot. “Uh, why’d you go and shoot all them folks?” “I was trying to restart the Civil War!” He was looking at all them Confederate flags  a flying and just couldn’t figure out what that really meant. I figured that crap out when I was ten years old.

Follow the money, folks. As long as the flag waves the main stream media will make sure the winds never die. They will find SOME deranged red neck who’s willing to say “nigger” on national TV. Al Sharpton most likely opened a whole new bank account just to hold all the money he plans to make from this. Kids will stream out of the projects and burn every Mercedes they can find, and Obama will get his trade agreement passed while we’re all staring at a Confederate flag. Wouldn’t it be much easier if we all just sniffed each other’s butts?

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