City Employee Sees Kids’ Lemonade Stand… Does The Unthinkable




At a time when politics, mass shootings and radical Islamic terrorist attacks dominate the 24-hour news cycle, it’s always refreshing to see good Samaritans doing good deeds right here in America.

Long-time Boston bus driver John Lohan recently managed to make a group of young children smile ear-to-ear after he used a little bit of spare time he had on his bus route to patronize their old-fashioned lemonade stand.

“A whole bunch of factors fell into place,” Lohan explained. “My only thinking was that it’d be a thrill for the children where they’d have a great story to tell for the rest of their lives.”

And the kids agreed, especially when Lohan generously overpaid for the ice-cold lemonade on a warm summer day for his seven passengers on the bus — shelling out a little extra for the childrens’ hard work.

“It only costs 50 cents, and he bought seven of them, and he gave us 10 bucks, so he’s awesome,” said Erin Starkey, one of the young entrepreneurs who made the big sale to Lohan.

According to People, the passengers on the bus, according to Lohan, didn’t mind the extra minute or two it took to get the lemonade poured and delivered.

“All of them went along with it so well and they were such great sports,” he told ABC. “I honestly estimated it’d take between 60 and 90 seconds to pour the seven cups and start rolling again and that’s exactly how it worked out.”

Lohan said that aside from the ecstatic lemonade-selling children, passengers on his bus who were treated to the refreshment all thanked him profusely for making their day as they exited the bus.

In our opinion, this world could definitely use a few more John Lohans.

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