The Principle



“Then the glory of the Lord departed from off the threshold of the house, and stood over the cherubims. And the cherubims lifted up their wings, and mounted up from the earth in my sight”

Parties are born, they grow old, and die, but the principle behind the Party can never die, and lends its light to a party only so long as the party obeys the principle. The rebirth of an eternal truth is blazing. It seems to have a life of its own. The founding of the United States was like that.  What the American Revolution was about wasn’t so much the advent of new ideas as the profound preservation of old ideas, understood by statesmen, and thinkers from far back in history. The understanding that people are born with a right to live simply by virtue of having been born, and that each should live their lives happily without destroying the happiness of those around them. These things came from something other than ourselves, something pre-existent, call it God, or the universe, or whatever, I call it the principle. These were the ideas that drove the revolution and cumulated into the Bill of Rights, where they were recognized, not formed. It was the principle.

The universe is built on opposites. Night turns into day. Mountains crumble into the sea. For all matter there is an equal and opposite anti-matter. For every principle given by that creation there is a force designed to tear it down, or dilute it, and that’s good, because that’s what reinforces, and makes it stronger! Light will always dispel the darkness. A party, such as the Republican Party is only a vehicle through which the principle can be expounded. It cannot create it, it cannot destroy it, it can only obey it, and when it ceases to do that, then the principle will destroy the party, and that’s exactly what is happening to the Republican Party right now!

The right to marry and have children, the principle. The idea of like marrying like, NOT the principle. The right to conceive a child, the principle. The theory that the child has no right to life before physical birth, NOT! To try to confound the simple purity of the principle is the definition of evil. The principle gathers and sustains, any effort to explain away, or ignore is in stark contrast. With the principle there is no right and wrong there just IS! The more you try to rationalize the more the principle condemns you.

The Republican Party was born to free slaves, and in its old age is enslaving everyone. It has abandoned the principle. Now the principle will abandon the party. The reaction of the entire leadership of the Republican Party to Donald Trump is a sign that this is so. For too long we conservatives have struggled to work within the confines of the party, knowing that it had moved left of center, but afraid to speak out because we recognized the power of it and without even the illusion of what the party used to stand for the alternative was unthinkable. The only thing left that the party can use as a threat is if Trump is allowed to continue it will destroy the party and the Democrats will run full tilt to finish the demolition of the constitution. The party has completely abandoned the principle and now seeks survival, nothing more. Donald Trump was sent to destroy the Republican Party.

After the Party is gone the principle will remain. The Party didn’t create the principle, it only recognized it. As liberalism filtered in the principle left the party. It didn’t fade, it didn’t become politically correct, it left! Donald Trump displayed it to the Party, but by this time the Republican leadership had become so depraved it could not tolerate the light. Now, Trump is not Jesus, but the dynamics of what you see is almost exactly what happened in Jerusalem when Jesus confronted the Pharisees who had been in bed with the Romans so long they’d forgotten why they were even there. The politics were much more important than the laws Moses had handed down to them, the laws they were sworn to uphold. Forty years later the Romans tired of these spineless fools and dispensed with them, and their entire nation. The principle had left them. You can see parallels all over this. McCain, Chiapas. Obama, Caesar. Pilate, Rick Perry. There is nothing new under the sun. The principle does not forgive, and it does not forget.

Will the United States survive? It doesn’t matter. Will the Republican Party survive? It didn’t! It’s been dead a long time. Jesus could raise the dead, but He can’t raise the Republican Party, and neither can Donald Trump. The United States is just a land mass with a particular government. When that government falls, and it surely will, another will replace it, the land mass will remain the same, and a few men and women will come together and rediscover the Principle, the rights of the people, and it’ll all begin again. Jesus told us to know the signs. Donald Trump is a sign. Some people hold his wealth against him, but could it be that he was placed in a position of wealth for precisely this reason, to display the principle? I can’t predict the future, I’m nowhere near a prophet, just a simple old boy from Austin pointing out the obvious. When the scales fall from you eyes you’ll see it too.


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