The “Government Sold To Highest Bidder” Hoax


Good Old Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter is in the news lamenting the sold out government, as if he is unaware socialism always becomes a sellout ideology – not capitalism.

Who are the Bidders in the sellout? Let’s expose what Jimmy Carter HAS to know.

Meet Bidder #1:  The gov’t GIVES OUT $2 trillion a year, much of it printed or borrowed money, or created money they didn’t have to work for. They also provide TRILLIONS of dollars of revenue for big medicine, big pharma, big insurance, Wall Street, and big education, thus THEY can tell the industry recipients what to do with the money. PAYERS call the shots. Conversely, receivers – the voters and industry leaders – begin to act in a way to please the payers, hoping for more revenue and access to power.

The Second Highest Bidder
Who is the second highest bidder? The people and corporations gave an estimated $6B to politicians in the 2012 election cycle, all earned by WORKING for it.

Compare the Bids
So, over a 4 year cycle, the gov’t is outbidding the private sector $8 trillion to $6B, a factor of 1000:1, 3 orders of magnitude.   The vote-buying power of business is therefore 1/1000, that’s 0000000000.1%, of influence on government.

In engineering, we used the technical term “mice nuts” to disregard such minuscule influences on behavior. To cite an exertion of 1/1000 the power of another force as the most dangerous issue, is to engage in intellectual pornography.   “Conscientious stupidity”, as MLK opined about people pretending there was no racism in the laws of his day.

So Who Is Controlling Who? The Liberals Say Receivers Command The Givers?
The government is buying votes with one thousand times more spending power than corporations are buying votes: ONE THOUSAND X. Don’t let anyone try to push his “corporate influence” lie on you. It’s another victimhood play, and they know it, because they can thus claim the corporations are “ruining” their well meaning, well qualified leaders, all the while their leaders are doing what typical dishonest socialist leaders do: Mismanage. Corrupt. Disrupt. Deceive.  (We’ll fact check this point later.)

Fact Checks
Further confirmation of this subjugation of industry to government is the manifestation of oligarchy in all socialist and communist nations.   In such states, a few key industry players that do the governments bidding are kept as fake “industry”, but they are government paid vassals of the state.

A second proof of the influence behavior is found in industry partnerships.   It is well established that the majority investor in a business is the one who has the most say in citing the direction of the venture.   If the government is majority share “investor”, as it is in medicine, pharmaceuticals, education, insurance, and the stock market – easily understood primary decision making power is granted to them.

Prior to the SCOTUS decreeing federal handouts were legal in the 1930s, the nation had virtually no laws on contributions to politicians!   A billionaire or corporation could completely fund one candidate.  The election process and bribery charges were the only ways to eliminate candidates who were considered “bought” or controlled by their larger donors.   Since this period correlates to America’s most vibrant and attractive, consumer oriented, free market period, then unconstrained donations cannot be cited as being inherently destructive to good policy choices.  Quite the opposite.    The campaign donations were only viewed with alarm by the left – those pushing the handout increases – after they increased handouts in the 1960s.   Historically normal socialist fiscal decadence ensued. The left’s leaders behavior is that of propagandists pointing at false causes for issues their policies have normally created:  Indeed, America’s high schools taught that socialism was corrupt as standard curriculum up through the 1970s.  Before Big Education was created by…..the Federal Government.

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